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  1. Of course there are a whole range of top music acts they could... and are giving us. But the appeal , popularity and success of the Spice Girls can't be denied. If the Spice Girls performed, I think the closing line up is really hitting all bases to be honest. Of course there are always acts that could be there and would do well, but ya can't have everyone. Looks like they'll cover all eras, bit of pop, bit of rock, bit of singer/songwriter, bit of Indie, bit of dance - should be good.
  2. Haha, to be honest, I'd be pretty happy to see the Spice Girls. They are pretty iconic and are a heavy symbol of the Cool Britannia movement of the mid to late 90s. It would just provide extra wow and novelty factor to the Closing Ceremony I think. And hey, if Dave Grohl can list 2 Become 1 as one of his guilty pleasures, then I don't mind saying that it's on my iTunes playlist.
  3. Just a roundup of some of the papers, two rumours (and only rumours). * The Spice Girls are 95percent confirmed to be performing in the closing ceremony concert * Liam Gallagher (who was mentioned in that run sheet) will be performing an epic new orchestral arrangement of Wonderwall. Awesome if true.
  4. I have a feeling that website won't be around for too long.
  5. I think Survival went into the charts at 25, it's been in the top 20 in France and Belgium. Here's a cool little cover by Triple J , a few notable musicians, but mostly fun. Probably wouldnt have seen you and me getting this kind of treatment. haha
  6. As has been previously mentioned elsewhere on here, *Isles of Wonder* music from the opening ceremony , will be released. In addition, *A Symphony of British Music* will be the closing ceremony soundtrack. Seems like there will be a digital release of the opening ceremony after midnight following the ceremony, with a physical release in early August.
  7. Love that track, and just remembered that it has also been used for the promo of the Paralympic torch relay.
  8. Yeah, saw that on Itunes this afternoon. Not too many tracks, perhaps they are larger compositions on there. Always nice to have the feature songs and a few fanfares on there aswell though.
  9. Sounds ok closing to me. Im sure alot of the details will be different, I will be interested to see what kind of set they do for the closing ceremony. A simple mono-colour ground cloth, or will it have some kind of theme aswell (one that is quick to install of course). I think closing ceremony events have arguably had the biggest transformation over the years, they have become more and more athlete based and concert inspired. Seems like we are past the days of the still epic cultural displays, such as in Barcelona.
  10. Have we had the ident for London Olympic Broadcasting (or whatever they are called) yet?
  11. On the topic of promos, also love the London Calling promo ad on BBC networks around the world (also being used on UK:TV here in NZ). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugAMcMFnG1I
  12. Will be interested to see if Florence will make some kind of appearance, it appears not though. I always thought that they would be fantastic to provide the soundtrack to the cauldron lighting sequence. Fingers crossed for a Ceremonies soundtrack, but I guess we haven't heard anything at all about that yet? Im also sure there will a slightly more traditional ceremony song featuring at some point, some sweeping ballad which will satisfy the teary eyed.
  13. LMAO ohhhh you forgot survival also conjuring images of dirty dirty gays snorting up lines off the back of a crack whore hooker in an s&m club Relax ...... I think you are reading far too much into this. Of course we would all love to live in a world of Pat Boon and beige, but we can't have everything. Also ironic of course that You and Me was promoted by an organizing committee which was the puppet for a government who have proven to not always have the sun shining out of their rectum..... some pretty brutal things infact which certainly don't echo peace and hapiness..... but I shall say no more on that.
  14. Again though, play We'll Be ONe, or Light the Fire Within in ya car..... and you'd think it was candy pap. Play it in the stadium, and its certainly something special. Play this song in the stadium, in a setting, on a special night..... who can say you won't feel the same. To say only non-radio friendly music is appropriate seems a cry for mediocrity of music in Olympic ceremonies. I found the dance remix of Peristeri from the Athens Opening at the end to be extremely emotive, yet it wasnt traditional at all. There is a reason a certain kind of dance music is called *euphoric dance*. It sets the senses racing. That stuff we can't exactly put into words, but makes you feel a particular way. Talking about world peace doesn't always do that.
  15. Im sure alot of what makes those songs memorable.... is the moment. I dunno if most athletes would be too impressed at a song about being one by a little 13 year old girl. But get her to rise up to be just below a massive Olympic cauldron, and add the flame being extinguished as it appears to race across the sky...... and it makes it seem so much more emotive and special. London just has a a song...... if they're going to use it in the ceremony..... let's see what they do with it.
  16. Seems to me (especially having read a number of fun media pieces with athletes/rugby players etc etc about what they like to listen to on the team bus or just before an event), this is the kind of song that would feature on many Olympians Ipods. Something that gets ya blood boiling, not with the kind of lyrics you find in some more traditional Olympic songs. Ah well, everyones different, whatever lights ya ring I guess.
  17. It's a strange one. This is actually probably the kind of music that alot of networks would use as their own music when highlighting Games highlights - as in, maybe the end titles of the days coverage. I listen to the song, and can imagine an athlete breaking the water as they dive in, the power as a discus is launched, a wrestler dumping their opponent. It definetely fits. Of course, I can understand those who can't place it in an Opening Ceremony, it's certainly breaking the mould. No little children waving lanterns for this one.
  18. The truth is, athletes are just like us (well some of us). For the most part, people in their 20s and 30s. Would we listen to a radio station playing the lullaby tunes of you and me, or spouting lyrics about the world uniting in hope and peace. Im sure the athletes roll their eyes at the cheese fest that is some Olympic opening ceremony songs. Hand in Hand, fantastic for the 80s, but times have changed. Athens kind of tried to do the same thing, obviously taking a different musical angle, but the end was the same - a non conventional theme song . This is something relevant, that still has appropriate lyrics. Just downloaded it from itunes, even better when in studio quality.
  19. I flippin love Muse, this is amazing news, the song sounds great too. I've always thought Butterflies and Hurricanes would be a fantastic theme for these London Games, not quite as hot on this, but still excellent. Epic. Well chuffed they have been given the job.
  20. No idea mate No idea mate, but Im thinking that Skywatch July should be coming out should be coming out in the next few days, so at the very least we will see the schedule for the Opening Ceremony and the first few days of coverage (if not a complete schedule insert). Agree, Sky has got a terrible website so far, Im hoping they have designed something spectacular which will launch In July . As it stands, ironically, the TVNZ Olympics website is so much better.
  21. Im never sure on this *it lacked heart* phrase that gets chucked around everywhere. In alot of ways, Beijing was stuffed from the outset, people were never going to see that ceremony as an event with alot of people genuinely excited about being in that show - people are always going to say it was a robotic cast with no soul. What exactly makes a ceremony have heart. Just because it is artistic and maybe running over the heads of people, doesn't equate to it lacking heart. Many would have seen the Athens opening ceremony as being without a soul as it were, but I bet ya alot of those Greek performers would have been so moved portraying all of that culture that is so intwined with being a Greek, I wouldn't be surprise if the same was for Beijing. A ceremony doesnt have to have novelty , men with lawnmowers and tap dancers for it to have heart. It's just a case of being different, as London will be.
  22. Sounds great, that opening stanza is always so important. Would you say that this works well on an international audience level aswell?
  23. my new galaxy s3 pebble blue finally arrived, love it love it

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      Great isn't it, welcome to the club! Hehe

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      it's awesome, is it childish of me that I try make s voice say naughty words? haha

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