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  1. KL was a night ceremony (started in darkness from memory), I think Manchester kind of started as the sun was going down, certainly not in the dark to begin with. Im completely open to the first portion of the ceremony taking place using natural light, this worked extremely well in Barcelona, Auckland etc - but I think an evening conclusion works well. Nagano was a complete day ceremony, morning even - but the closing in the dark was just so more vivid. I really do think Glasgow has the spunk to be able to pull off a fantastic ceremony, and they certainly had the technical expertise behind them - so Im sure it will be a winner.
  2. I agree. Apart from him noting the cost of lighting going down, I can't really work out any other appeal of having the opening ceremony during daylight hours. If anything, the use of theatrical lighting can make less seem more in stadium theatre . You can make an effective piece by using a single person mid field in spotlight, but daytime you lack all of that. I really hope we don't see a quaint return to the days of kids wearing multi coloured trackies forming symbols and flags on the field. I really would be interested to find out the reason for this silly move. On a more logistical note, I loved Glasgow when I was there, but it does tend to rain a fair bit up there. You can get away with rain during a ceremony at night, it's not so obvious, but you'll notice it piddling down during the day. Of course, we hope we won't have to worry about that, but there is always a chance.
  3. I love the fact that the Lillehammer ceremonies really did seem to catch the feeling and atmosphere of the town. I was in Lillehammer in summer, and even then, I just felt that special magical quality of the place walking the streets and the forested areas leading up the Olympic Park - and all this without the snow.
  4. Hmmm, it looks more and more like dispite the disbelief at the time - Auckland had the right and responsible idea in deciding against going for these Games.
  5. another beautiful day in Brisbane . fingers crossed for Sydney tomorrow

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      I am bro , just before summer hit. Sitting here enjoying a coffee on king st and the weather is perfect. Leaving Sydney for Melbourne on friday

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      Sir Rols

      You going to be in Melbourne for The Cup?

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      Unfortunately not, leave previous eve

  6. Without knowing, you'd have to say that chances are it will be a hidden cauldron. They have already come out and said that Scott Givens and his 5 Currents crew have included specifications of the ceremonies into the construction of the stadium - much like Sydney, they would be silly not to use this advantage to incorporate the cauldron. Whoops, wrong thread, that was re Sochi, sorry guys. In terms of Rio, while I don't hold much hope for Marco, Ric Birch has always come up trumps with cauldron lighting procedures. I think he has kind of lagged of late in terms of the guts of the ceremony - his idea of an Olympic ceremonies is a classic one which probably isn't the kind we have seen of late, but he is the master when it comes to cauldron lighting. It has to be impressive.
  7. I think so, but I guess as I mentioned in another thread, we can't be hostile to any potential bidders, as they may be the only ones interested in the end. Surely though there is a saturation point where Australia would get Commonwealth Games fatigue?
  8. He did indeed. Mike Mizrahi and Inside Out Productions produced the *All Lit Up* city harbour spectacular at the end. You can say alot of things about David Atkins, maybe he clung on to projections for abit too long, but he can certainly direct ceremonies of foreign nations, he seems to have that formula down. When he was announced there was alot of negative feedback, many would have preferred a Kiwi company and were iffy about *an Australian* producing our opening ceremony - but it was met with almost complete positivity . He managed to capture both the culture aswell as the place rugby has in society - I was particularly impressed that he got the whole backyard rugby metaphore. As for the Haka, well, it's one of those things that kinda has to be done, and is genuinely liked and I guess has extra attachment to rugby. Seems though David is out of favour in the next few years for the worlds major ceremonies, I wonder where he will pop up again next?
  9. Hmmmm, a genetically modified being as a mascot, looks abit like a happy Oscar the Grouch. Nice enough concept, but Im not completely sold. Love the video though and neat hearing Billy Connolly. ps: Captain Brisle is a walking talking bio-security hazard!
  10. haha, are these muppets taking the piss? It's crazy. Funny though, about 2 years ago a house was being built up my street and the sign outside the construction had the proud logo of the said construction company, which was a carbon copy of the Salt Lake 2002 emblem.
  11. Opening Ceremony of the New Zealand 2011 Rugby World Cup. Note the economical use of everyones phones at the opening countdown, instead of flashlights. Not a bad idea really.
  12. I agree. If Auckland is comfortable hosting a bunch of old buggers in the form of the 2017 World Masters Games, lets go for the youths and actually have the Olympic flame burning over Southern Skies Again - even if it is an ever so slightly bastardised half arse version of. ha.
  13. Com Games closing ceremonies always were a vast afterthought. Auckland didn't do too much better in 1990 with their gigantic kids jump rope for heart demonstration and Betty Anne Monga wearing a Pohutukawa inspired frock singing *We Can Work Wonders*. Perhaps saved by Dame Kiri's epic performance at the end. Here's a short clip on a youth Maori Kapahaka segment from the Closing of Auckland 1990. You can see the Victoria 94 totems i the background. http://youtu.be/4QGl8-Ow0OU
  14. Of course you're right in saying this. I guess though, goes back to my point of saying that as it stands, we really can't get choosey. We haven't seen many Commonwealth bid races of late and often we are left with one bidder. I'd be pushing for Singapore to knock out Hambantota. Just doesn't sit well with me that place for some reason. It's just so teeny.
  15. The public transport situation isn't crash hot, but it's getting better, patronage is increasing and we are starting to see the roll out of the HOP card integrated ticketing system (finally) and the new electric trains will all be on stream in the next few years, and fingers crossed we will also have our City Rail Link. It's an ambitious goal, but they have made good progress . In the 3 main quality of life reports the City of Sails finds itself at 10th, 10th and 3rd. So not bad. Wellington is a great city, and they did present an *alternative plan* for the 2006 Games, a template for smaller cities and even smaller nations to use for a potential hosting. The Auckland Supercity (within the nz sphere) just seems so logical, it has a wealth of sports venues all ready to go, and Im a big pusher of a centralisation of our sports venues, hate the concept of sticking the cycling hub down in the boondocks in the Waikato, another sport in Palmy, another sport in Dunedin etc.
  16. To be honest, nothing is off the table, and noone can be ignored when it comes to Com Games hostings these days. If Australia can host 2 Games in the period of 2006 to 2018 - everyone must be considered. I see 2022 as being a real culmination point in the huge strides Auckland is taking in its quest to be the most livable city in the world, maybe it's time the Pacific hosted again, and the City of Sails is the city to do it. I might be in the minority of Kiwi posters, but I don't see Christchurch having a place in the immediate future of NZ bidding cycles. Im thinking Singapore though, would be a city that would keep most people happy. So I'm going to go for a return to Asia.
  17. The whole closing ceremony humour thing seemed to be a very 90s trend which has fallen away a litle bit, Atlanta 96 also had the marching band skit.
  18. I think the idea of sticking cauldrons on existing structures is just tacky, same as the *ring of fire* concept people kept boning on about in the lead up to Vancouver. Keep it classy. Design an ace cauldron or smaller cauldron tower, dont just whack a flame on top of the resident observatory tower in the city. Instead, think of some neat ways to incorporate the landmark in the general urban design of the Games, like Sydney did with their sculptures on the Sydney tower.
  19. That creeps me out to buggery, I think they need to get abit more child friendly lifesize mascot suits. Actually, are they planning on naming these things?
  20. I found the closing ceremony quite beautiful, the stadium with the kagaribi bonfires really do come into its own in the evening, as opposed to the day time opening ceremony. Anri's performance of Furusato with the lanterns was really quite lovely.
  21. Thanks for that, have only seen broadcasts of that handover where they have switched footage to somewhere else halfway through. Now that's how to do a well produced handover, not some hodge podge mixture of as much culture as possible put to some disjointed soundtrack.
  22. Like others I don't exactly think Netball should be an Olympic sport, but it is most certainly global. Despite the fact that the sport is dominated by Australia and New Zealand, if you looked at the top few in global standings, it does tend to cover the globe. Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, England, Jamaica. It's a pretty broad covering of Oceania, Europe, Africa and the Americas there. I think any of those teams could technically beat each other on their day.
  23. It's a tough one, but I gotta agree with Baron to an extent. I personally thought the Athens closing was one of the best ever, I think they ticked off most closing ceremony boxes. What let it down, and I don't think you can get away from this, is that the music probably didn't carry with as many people due to the lack of international stars. I think Greece has a fantastic modern music tradition, hell, it's the music millions of people party to from around the world as the converge on the Santorini, Mykonos, and Paros - so it's not unlike Brazil in that sense. But even keeping all this in mind, it didn't have the *boom* which was required. Again, is this right? No. But it is most likely a truth.
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