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  1. Torino 2006 But yeah, it's energetic enough, has the skyline aswell as the outline of the Q1. Though there seem to have been a few more visually pleasing pathways in the brand video.
  2. I like it, however, it seems to be a very near twin of the Torino 2006 piazza design, and a little bit of the Brisbane Expo sunsails logo.
  3. Yeah, I was last there in may 11. I usually make yearly trips to Brisbane, but it's a toss up if I end up making it to the Gold Coast for a bit during the visit. I just have more friends in Brisbane, and to be honest, like the city a lot more.
  4. I think shades of Victoria 94 in that one aswell. Im guessing that it all represents a bunch of medals and a V for victory, which obviously was the basis of the nice logo the Canadians came up with for 94. Christchurch 74 Victoria 94
  5. Interesting to attach one failed proposal for the logo , not sure if it was an official entrant or just an amateur effort. Not a bad effort, abit too yellowish and Christchurchish for my liking though.
  6. So Okubo is Korea-town, stayed not far from there when I was in Tokyo. I think this is a xeno march of extremists, but I could be wrong.
  7. A Maccas New Zealand ad , one with a very identifiable theme for antipodeans - based around *proud supporters of everyone staying up*. Also of note is the commentary in the spot is done by Kiwi Olympic broadcaster Brendan Telfer
  8. I'm still not convinced that Tokyo doesn't have a why? aspect to their bid. There is obviously a fine line to walk when it comes to incorporating the tsunami into the bid, but coming from a country that has had a major disaster with a sporting event following - it can't help but to spur the nation on and restore alot of positivity . It happened with the RWC, it was the medicine the nation needed, while at the same time not making the event trivial. It shouldn't be shoved down the throat of the world, but the reality is that the earthquake/tsunami is something which is part of Japan now, no different to the horrid racially divided past of South Africa or virginal territory of South America. Having been touched by the Japanese when holidaying there just a couple of months after the tsunami, the courage and humbleness of the Japanese people really did strike me as being very special. I think all that adds up to a great contributing reason for a Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
  9. To me, that To be honest, I think it would be unusual to find full support of the citizenry in a fully developed democratic country - it's just not something that usually happens. I think it shows a fully functioning political system which will see the effective running of an Olympic Games with an active opposition movement for checks and balances. I've been quite amazed at a huge increase in public support by the Japanese. No doubt caused by a number of different events - earthquake recovery, increased sense of national pride, fantastic event of London 2012, fantastic Japanese performance in London, better performance by bid officials etc etc.
  10. It's a strange angle they have taken with the mascots in Sochi. Although I think the mascots as images are kid friendly, the way they have been marketed is od. The majority of it seems to be placing little soft toys around the place. The fact they haven't been given names is curious. Even little tinpot sport events around the world seem to name them, and it's certainly a way to get kids involved in terms of holding naming competitions. I guess, you could say that the Sochi mascots thus far have been more engaging than the fully named Syd,Millie and Olly from Sydney - time will judge I guess if they will live on in the minds of Olympic fans and the general public.
  11. Im really quite interested as to why the mascots haven't been given names.... or have they?
  12. Hmmmm, I wouldnt have thought snow fall would have been a problem in Sochi city, does it often get rain at this time of year? Im sure if it is going to be a closed roof ceremony, the ultimate design will allow for views, as that has surely been the big selling point of the stadium location. Perhaps during the athletes parade the roof will open for the culmination of the ceremony? (depending on what ever stadium ceremony rigging they have of course). I know this was the case for the opening of the 99 Rugby World Cup in Cardiff - a closed roof opening ceremony and at the conclusion, it opened for the match propper.
  13. Not only disgusting from the view point of the alleged murder of the girlfriend, but even the original notion of *he thought it was an intruder so shot 4 times in the head* really does remind me of how unsettling the defence mentality is in the Republic. Of course we all know that there is the constant threat of this kind of crime there, but it just doesnt sit right with me. Really, another problem South Africa needs to get its head around, a priority, you might say . But back to the original issue, I think we are shocked when a favourite sportsman is done for drugs or even domestic abuse, this is quite mindblowing if the allegations are found to be true.
  14. The end of the career of Oscar Pistorius?

    1. Mainad


      Must admit,at the moment it's not looking good for him!

  15. A very similar opening stanza as the 2003 Cricket World Cup Opening Ceremony, not sure why they have to make them all sound like a info-video for a South African government agency, but there ya go.
  16. Perhaps an example of ceremonies overlay that had the technology , but that didn't continue, would have been the Doha gigantus LED screen. Granted it isn't easily transferred to every stadium in the world - but i thought it made for some striking images and added to the ceremony, yet it certainly hasn't been recreated much on that scale again.
  17. I think lasers in the form of *lets have a laser light show* which was the big wow thing of the 80s - are over (by and large). I think there are new avenues for lasers which to an extent Athens used - but in terms of just having a few laser waves bounce around the place - it hasn't really seen out the test of time - unlike pyrotechnics. And I'd agree with Baron re pixel technology. I liked their use in London, but at the same time, there is no reason to say they won't date in the future. I don't see them being like fireworks. Pyrotechnics just have the universal ability to make people ooooh ahhhhh and smile - little led screens don't have that power. And I think it's also going to be in the eyes of some ceremonies producers - an added overly expense that just isn't needed.
  18. Yeah, I think these pixels will like most other ceremonies devices will have a lifespan, and then will be shunted aside in favour of something else. The art of *stadium theatre* is full of these things which are jawdropping at the time, but most of them have now been overlooked and I imagine the same will happen with pixels. I know the whole card stunt and (dare I say it) ponchos trend of the 80s and early 90s was thought of as amazing at the time, but I think those days are behind us - I guess the same could be said about lasers, and maybe even the concept of stadium ground covers - who back in Barcelona would have thought we would be flooding a stadium with water or recreating a farm for the set of an opening ceremony. I think we will probably see some kind of evolution, it will be easily identified as coming from the pixel technology, but different - who knows what it will be though. I do think Sochi and probably Rio will have them in some form though, like I said, there is alot of perfection still to be applied to them.
  19. I think the pixels probably have another ceremony or two of life left in them, they are still to be completely perfected - so Sochi can still contribute alot to the technology I think. Especially considering Scott Givens is one of the pioneers in stadium spectator stunts . And in terms of the countdowns , I would agree that there probably lacked a specific moment which marked the start of the ceremony, it seemed to depend on the broadcasters. I know Sky tv here in NZ showed the initial countdown but there was some commentary over the top of it. I personally liked the second countdown, I thought the music worked well and did like the warm smiles from the the 3 ladies holding the posters - it certainly fit in with the rest of the ceremony theme. The balloons though were a tad tacky.
  20. As corny as it sounds, I think watching the DB commentary on the bluray set makes you appreciate the ceremony more. I think before I was *fond* of the ceremony, with some bits that I watched many times, and a few bits I thought were a tad under par. But listening to the whole ethos and concept that DB and FC had for it, you do sort of understand it a little bit more. So I echo those who say try and watch the bluray.
  21. I think the NZ RWC legacy is more of a human scale, and never was really going to be anything overly physical in terms of stadia - though many small but useful developments were done to the provincial grounds. I think it gave us a better sense of optimism as a country, and this rolled on through to the way we reacted to a very good Olympics for us in London - kind of changed the way we felt in terms of celebrating us. A more technical legacy I think, was probably revving up the concept of sport event volunteerism, going that one step on from the mum and dad helping out for the local Age grade netball tourney - though to a huge mobilization of people.
  22. The problem that this presents however, is that there isn't as much common ground when it comes to hosting a fifa world cup sized RWC..... in a nation which excels at rugby. You can do it for the FIFA WC, but we can't have too many RWC's in nations where the host is being thrashed by 80 points - which is what is going to happen time and time again for Japan in 2019. I still don't believe that the current structure of Japan Rugby is one that will encourage growth in a Japanese National Rugby team.
  23. Quality viewing. haha Here's a summary of the story http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/australia/7909670/Light-on-Australias-second-class-Kiwis
  24. I think Alex is probably talking about alot of recent actions in terms of the almost limbo status that Kiwis on the special visas (ie: the right to live and work without having to apply for anything) are in in Australia. How they can be living there for donkeys and still be denied certain services that are made available to other immigrant groups - services which Aussies who are in New Zealand are given by the NZ Government. I think there's been a few discrimination cases of late, and alot of it was brought up as a result of the assistance initially denied in wake of the Queensland floods. I can't really comment myself, but it's been a little bit of a hot topic lately.
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