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  1. I really don't mind the video, I guess it's very Japanese with the music being *Sukiyaki*. If it was the only promo video it's bad, but it shows a different less polished side to the bid, showing a mobilization of the public (which it must be said has really worked this time round for Tokyo).
  2. Surely now it's time for naughty boy Sandor Earl to quit football and be a full time (naked) model??? haha

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    2. mattygs


      haha, of course Rols, I'm all over that already. :-P Must say cocksox aren't exactly my taste of undies, but each to their own.

    3. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      Well, now he's done peptides, he probably has a shrunken willie!

    4. mattygs


      And all for what.... making the NZ Maori rugby league team. haha.

  3. The New Zealand Herald today had a short piece on possible sites for a future Americas Cup Defence if TNZ was successful. Whilst I agree with Alex that a mega facility akin to the Viaduct Harbour of 2000/2003 would not be needed again, I can't help but think that due to Auckland's reputation for arsing about in development, we do have to take the opportunity of major events when they come, to regenerate (or at least quicken the speed of regeneration plans) parts of our waterfront. Wynyard Quarter was always going to be done, but I think the RWC 2011 certainly helped us get that stage done alot quicker. Of course, it's also worth thinking about what another AmCup would be like in San Fran. What would be done differently. Surely both Auckland and San Fran will revert back to the mono hulls though, and an effort made to encourage more challengers.
  4. Norway may be relatively peaceful (and a lovely country it is indeed.... all be it extremely expensive), however often with those countries (I guess you'd include the Sweden, Iceland and New Zealand's of the world in this) you also get an extremely low tolerance of anything disturbing that peace. So the IOC would most likely have to encounter and larger than usual element of public protest, orderly protest, but protest none the less. Ps, the whales probably don't think Norway is too peaceful. lol Still, would certainly be one of my picks for another Olympic Winter Games in the near future if I could go anywhere.
  5. I really have been impressed at the good natured competition that Team NZ and Luna Rossa have displayed, I guess every since the development agreement was signed a few years ago. This was posted , a *mock protest* on the Team NZ website, from Prada. I'm well looking forward to the upcoming defence/challenge, it's going to provide some fantastic racing. And must say I did enjoy parts of that final race in the LV Cup, we saw some old school Americas Cup match racing, some fantastic gybing, and a real cat and mouse style pre start in the dial up box. Was good to see.
  6. I just love that bombastic Carles Santos fanfare from the ceremonies, it's an instant reminder of classic Olympic ceremonies.
  7. It's too late for me Baron, I was there 2 months after Fukushima, im positively glowing and without a doubt completely sterile. However, I am happy to see our friend Jean back on the scene.
  8. I think so. There is a place of course for these machines, but for the Americas Cup, Im quite happy to revert back, especially if it means we go back to having more teams getting to the finish line. Assuming Team NZ make it through to the Cup, it is looking like a 50/50 bet as to who will come out as the victor between them and Oracle. For the hope of the cup, and purely as a patriotic Kiwi, of course Im hoping it's Aotearoa. Alex, Not wanting to jinx the challenge, but I'd be interested to hear what you think will happen in terms of how Auckland would host the Cup. The 2000 event obviously was the catalyst for the Viaduct Basin, the RWC the thing that pushed North Wharf along. Now that much of the Am Cup infrastructure has been dismantled at the Viaduct, where next in Auckland as a potential new cup hub.
  9. I just love how happy the Queen looks in that Auckland clip video In terms of the Sydney 2000 Football tournament opening in Melbourne, I remember seeing bits of it on the news at the time. Basically the unfurling of a giant banner I think, and it was set to (or at least part of it) *Get Set* by Aussie band Taxiride (cant remember if they played live though).
  10. Are you going through the official site or the NZ Olympic Committee travel website?
  11. Im really very very tempted to go for Glasgow. I figure I'll be over in that part of the world at that time all going to plan.
  12. It's quite laughable really isn't it, be interesting to see where their Ip's track to. Still, probably more entertaining than the obligatory first newbie post of asking the age old question of everyones favourite Olympic logo
  13. Here is the Auckland baton, features various koru and fern patterns. It split in half and became the *pride of New Zealand* and *spirit of New Zealand* , with one touring the north island and one the south. They were then united on the morning of the opening ceremony on Auckland's harbour. I don't have a photo of the Christchurch baton , but it was rather geometric in design and featured the pounamu New Zealand greenstone. http://www.parliament.nz/resource/00078541 I love this Glasgow baton though, so stylish . I think some of the recent hosts have almost been jumping out of their skins to try and create a baton which looks like an Olympic torch. It's clear that Glasgow has had their mind set on a more traditional looking baton, however in doing so, have created something which I think would look just fine as an Olympic torch. Good work Glasgow.
  14. Im not happy to be honest, that match belongs to Auckland or Wellington, but whatever. However, has there been mention of the opening ceremony? I've only ever seen the opening match being talked about. Generally with cricket world cups, if there is an opening ceremony, surely it will be on a separate night.
  15. Not as such, they're just wanting a purpose built ceremonies stadium in an ideal setting. I guess the point is that there are so many fanciful ideas for ceremonies proposed in the bid stages, they're not all brought to life once the Games have been won. I guess in terms of the Com Games, another would be the initial proposal of Ron Walker to have all the athletes travelling down the yarra on barges to the opening ceremony of Melbourne 2006. That never happened, however I would argue that we had a far more impressive use of the river with the fish sculpture, fountains and pontoons.
  16. Ill add that with Lianne Dalziel likely to waltz in as the new Mayor of Christchurch, I believe Christchurch will become even more anti-development that it is today. We'll probably see alot of their development projects scaled down (conference center, rugby stadium etc). I really do fear that the city will start to retract. All the tradies will eventually return home after the majority of the bulk rebuild is complete, and then what will be left?
  17. I think they mentioned that the Blackcaps playing their qf and sf at the NZ venues are conditional where they finish, but those 2 matches are definitely scheduled for Wellington and Auckland. It would be logistically impossible to alter the venues with just a few days notice, in terms of travel plans of pre-booked fans etc etc. I know this is incredibly un-PC, but Christchurch needs to get their act together. They either want to be a city or they don't. I understand the likes of sporting venues are probably the least of their worries when it comes to rebuilding their city, but if they want the events, they need to come up with the goods. I've seen good movement on a rugby stadium, but imo, something akin to the basin reserve (as fantastic as that ground is), just shouldn't cut it for opening match of CWC. Have you heard anything on what their plans are for this cricket ground Alex? Also, haven't heard any word on any potential opening ceremony or the venue for? Surely with Australia involved they wouldn't miss a chance to hold an opening ceremony. lol.
  18. Sorry? No, 1 QF and 1 SF are confirmed for Wellington and Auckland (respectively). That is dependent on nothing. It's there ...... cofirmed. Or have I misunderstood you? Surprised at Queenstown too, such a nice ground. As for Christchurch, I too believe that should have been in Auckland. If Christchurch wants these events, they are going to have to stump up with the goods in terms of stadia. There is no reason they should be able to put forward a twee park and expect to host such a major match.
  19. The hosting schedule for the Cricket World Cup was announced today. To be honest, New Zealand seems to be the big winner, but I think that is maybe only coming from a perspective of many people thinking we would be left with the slop and Australia with the gravy. Final to be held at the MCG in Melbourne, with NZ getting 1 QF and 1 SF. Sydney's SCG hosting the other SF. Christchurch, all going well will get the opening match on Valentines Day. Not entirely sure I agree with that, but there ya go. Big losers........ Brisbane, losing out to the likes of a redeveloped park in Adelaide for any games in the business end of the tournament.
  20. Interesting little info-graphic in the NZ Herald today. Hmmm, I think this has to be part of the change ..... somehow. I realise that you probably aren't going to be able to be exclusive in only having 1 nationality in each team, but surely there needs to be a quota.
  21. The thing about the 10m loss for Sky in London, is that some people believed they were over ambitious in their television offerings. Yet, with their coverage of Glasgow, they certainly haven't scaled down - going with 6 channels. Surely it's just a waiting game for Sky to be announced as the broadcaster for Sochi and Rio, I don't see TVNZ having the money or desire to go for those Games.
  22. I would love to, and all going well will be in Europe in 2014. Only trouble is that I can see the Games being right in the middle of me wanting to be around Greece and Italy at the time. But I suppose that could be worked around. Im thinking , from what I saw of Glasgow in 2011, that the city is really going to go off at night during the Com Games. Would be epic to be there.
  23. Sky TV /Prime have been named as the New Zealand and Pacific Island broadcasters of Glasgow, with Sky providing 6 SD and HD channels for the event.
  24. Bias I know, but I fully agree. The America's Cup is always going to have an element of court room drama of some description, to an extent, it does add to the event. However. ever since the Cup left Auckland , the billionaires have soured the event big time (in saying that, Valencia still put on a great event). I'm confident that having the Cup back in the City of Sails can only be a good thing for the Auld Mug, back to basics to an extent I guess. Maybe then we can have a good Aussie syndicate, the Brits can come back, a few good yacht clubs from the States etc etc. Would be interesting to see how the event would work in with the new developments at the Viaduct and Wynyard Quarter. The Black Boart boat seems to be fast, faster than some expected - Im hyped at the prospect of eventually getting some great racing , it's a fantastic setting for it this year.
  25. Throughout the campaign, Tokyo's bid promo videos have really had abit of a London flavour to them, to me at least. They seem to be more athlete and competition focus, compared to the more urban landscape slant of the other 2 bids. I think it shows a city which seems to be very focused and comfortable in its own skin, when it comes to the bid and hosting of 2020.
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