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  1. Not as such, they're just wanting a purpose built ceremonies stadium in an ideal setting. I guess the point is that there are so many fanciful ideas for ceremonies proposed in the bid stages, they're not all brought to life once the Games have been won. I guess in terms of the Com Games, another would be the initial proposal of Ron Walker to have all the athletes travelling down the yarra on barges to the opening ceremony of Melbourne 2006. That never happened, however I would argue that we had a far more impressive use of the river with the fish sculpture, fountains and pontoons.
  2. Ill add that with Lianne Dalziel likely to waltz in as the new Mayor of Christchurch, I believe Christchurch will become even more anti-development that it is today. We'll probably see alot of their development projects scaled down (conference center, rugby stadium etc). I really do fear that the city will start to retract. All the tradies will eventually return home after the majority of the bulk rebuild is complete, and then what will be left?
  3. I think they mentioned that the Blackcaps playing their qf and sf at the NZ venues are conditional where they finish, but those 2 matches are definitely scheduled for Wellington and Auckland. It would be logistically impossible to alter the venues with just a few days notice, in terms of travel plans of pre-booked fans etc etc. I know this is incredibly un-PC, but Christchurch needs to get their act together. They either want to be a city or they don't. I understand the likes of sporting venues are probably the least of their worries when it comes to rebuilding their city, but if they want the events, they need to come up with the goods. I've seen good movement on a rugby stadium, but imo, something akin to the basin reserve (as fantastic as that ground is), just shouldn't cut it for opening match of CWC. Have you heard anything on what their plans are for this cricket ground Alex? Also, haven't heard any word on any potential opening ceremony or the venue for? Surely with Australia involved they wouldn't miss a chance to hold an opening ceremony. lol.
  4. Sorry? No, 1 QF and 1 SF are confirmed for Wellington and Auckland (respectively). That is dependent on nothing. It's there ...... cofirmed. Or have I misunderstood you? Surprised at Queenstown too, such a nice ground. As for Christchurch, I too believe that should have been in Auckland. If Christchurch wants these events, they are going to have to stump up with the goods in terms of stadia. There is no reason they should be able to put forward a twee park and expect to host such a major match.
  5. The hosting schedule for the Cricket World Cup was announced today. To be honest, New Zealand seems to be the big winner, but I think that is maybe only coming from a perspective of many people thinking we would be left with the slop and Australia with the gravy. Final to be held at the MCG in Melbourne, with NZ getting 1 QF and 1 SF. Sydney's SCG hosting the other SF. Christchurch, all going well will get the opening match on Valentines Day. Not entirely sure I agree with that, but there ya go. Big losers........ Brisbane, losing out to the likes of a redeveloped park in Adelaide for any games in the business end of the tournament.
  6. Interesting little info-graphic in the NZ Herald today. Hmmm, I think this has to be part of the change ..... somehow. I realise that you probably aren't going to be able to be exclusive in only having 1 nationality in each team, but surely there needs to be a quota.
  7. The thing about the 10m loss for Sky in London, is that some people believed they were over ambitious in their television offerings. Yet, with their coverage of Glasgow, they certainly haven't scaled down - going with 6 channels. Surely it's just a waiting game for Sky to be announced as the broadcaster for Sochi and Rio, I don't see TVNZ having the money or desire to go for those Games.
  8. I would love to, and all going well will be in Europe in 2014. Only trouble is that I can see the Games being right in the middle of me wanting to be around Greece and Italy at the time. But I suppose that could be worked around. Im thinking , from what I saw of Glasgow in 2011, that the city is really going to go off at night during the Com Games. Would be epic to be there.
  9. Sky TV /Prime have been named as the New Zealand and Pacific Island broadcasters of Glasgow, with Sky providing 6 SD and HD channels for the event.
  10. Bias I know, but I fully agree. The America's Cup is always going to have an element of court room drama of some description, to an extent, it does add to the event. However. ever since the Cup left Auckland , the billionaires have soured the event big time (in saying that, Valencia still put on a great event). I'm confident that having the Cup back in the City of Sails can only be a good thing for the Auld Mug, back to basics to an extent I guess. Maybe then we can have a good Aussie syndicate, the Brits can come back, a few good yacht clubs from the States etc etc. Would be interesting to see how the event would work in with the new developments at the Viaduct and Wynyard Quarter. The Black Boart boat seems to be fast, faster than some expected - Im hyped at the prospect of eventually getting some great racing , it's a fantastic setting for it this year.
  11. Throughout the campaign, Tokyo's bid promo videos have really had abit of a London flavour to them, to me at least. They seem to be more athlete and competition focus, compared to the more urban landscape slant of the other 2 bids. I think it shows a city which seems to be very focused and comfortable in its own skin, when it comes to the bid and hosting of 2020.
  12. I quite like it in the mono colour form like on the backdrop shown in that picture, it's the full colour version where it looks abit off. I think the logo will look ok when featured in one colour, like the grey at various points of the website.
  13. Not too bad, has a similar design field to the France 98 World Cup poster.
  14. In reference to Calgary's medals, I've always wondered why they have such a warped version of the Olympic rings in all elements of their design (logo, medals, poster etc). They look like they've been squashed down.
  15. I really did like Torino's. They had a really good concept that fitted extremely well with their whole design theme. All in all though, I haven't been disappointed at any of the recent winter medals,
  16. There were a few Malaysian singers during the closing, but all in the context of a cultural performance. There was a wee bit of Malaysian talent, but from memory, most of it was done as part of the cultural performances. Siti Nurhaliza , Noraniza Idris, Roy (lol) etc. This was probably one of the only parts of the closing in KL that I was impressed with Dikir Puteri in particular
  17. I think the Corrs may have been there too? Was it some kind of round the Commonwealth concert? Im not sure, our broadcast ended part was into the concert portion at the end.
  18. Must say those KL98 Closing Ceremonies were one of the most tedious modern ceremony events I have seen. Apart from a nice 10-12 minute cultural interlude, the whole ceremony looked like it was designed by some ministry of the Malaysian Government (which it probably was). From memory it included a marathon speech including numerous gulps of water and throat clearing by the chief of the Org Committee.
  19. Cheers, at least Im not the only one who has Atlanta has a place of interest, and in your case, you've been and done it. Likewise, as mentioned earlier by someone, Sarajevo is a place that I wanted to head to a few years ago, unfortunately the brutal cuts had to be made when time was starting to run out. Be interesting to hear your thoughts on Albertville now? I was quite pleased with my day spent in Lillehammer, but from what a few others have said, maybe Albertville is somewhere to miss in favour of some of those other french Alpine towns?
  20. Agree with you about Munichs Olympic park. It's a fantastic place. It's such a vibrant living public space, a great testament to the work done for 72. Here's a photo from my trip there in 2011, spent a long time here, great place to spend a summers day. It's quite a surreal experience visiting certain Olympic cities. The cities where the Olympics have quite clearly shaped the city in question. Maybe not so apparent in the Tokyos of this world, but certainly a feeling you get when walking through a city like Barcelona. Even more so, some of the smaller places, like Lillehammer and even Nagano. It's quite strange also, walking through a place like Torino. No immediate sense of being an Olympic city, and then you'll all of a sudden see an old *Passion Lives Here* hoarding . I felt that in Athens too, you'll see a phevos soft toy hanging from a tourist shop cart in Syntagma square. haha
  21. Be interesting to find out what Olympic host cities everyone has visited (especially for some of our newer members), but almost more importantly - what Olympic host city you would most like to visit, and why? * I've been lucky enough to visit Olympia, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne, Barcelona, Rome, Athens, Stockholm, Berlin, Lillehammer, Oslo, Innsbruck, Nagano, Munich and Torino. There's some fantastic Olympic hosts that I would like to cross off my list, some of the great cities of the world right down to some of the most charming Alpine villages. But funnily enough, Atlanta seems to draw me. I don't know what it is about the city, but I just have some kind of urge to go out of my way (because it would be out of my way I imagine) to visit it. Im not entirely sure how much Olympic legacy is visable, but I have heard some really good things about the way Atlanta has developed since 96. I guess I would put it along side Moscow, again, just for curiosity .
  22. Im not so sure, have we really had that much success with regional specific logos when it comes to the Olympic Games? Surely that has moreso been the domain of the bid logo. (and a number of those have had me scratching my head - Stockholm 2004s based on a sculpture in a Swedish sculpture part, I didn't understand that for years) Of course we have the Sydneys, Beijings and Athens of this world who have had successful logos which are quite relevant to their culture, but we've had alot that haven't been that obvious. Barcelona's is probably one of the more trailblazing memorable logos, and while you can kind of see Spanish elements in there, Im sure you could find another handful of nations that could make that logo their own. Is the Albertville logo any more relevant to Albertville, than this is to PC? You could argue it's more pleasing to the eye, but is that beside the point? It's a sailing boat mixed with a flame, in the French colours. Could it work equally as the logo to a Games in Copenhagen though? I guess with some time having passed, Im not thinking the PC logo is any nicer looking, but at the same time, I can see more potential in it working as a brand.
  23. An interesting point there. Let's imagine the reaction if the Olympic logo (the 5 rings) had been unveiled today, as the new logo of this new Olympic movement. Im thinking it wouldn't have had a very good reaction. Of course, it's apples and oranges - a city distinctive logo to one of a generic sports event, but still, I don't think we would have been heaping praise on it. In any case, I think the PC logo looks abit better in 1 colour, like at the bottom of the pc website.
  24. I guess this is where we become real geeky trainspotters. A few that I noticed ... - Atlanta 96: *during the welcome to the world segment in the opening ceremony , one of the cheerleader girls (while standing on the hands of one of the guy cheerleaders) starts to drop lower and lower * During the Happy Birthday at the end of the closing ceremony they displayed either the rings or 100 (i can't remember which one) in pyro, but it was real smokey , so you couldn't really see much * Stevie Wonder was void of audio for a little bit of a song during one of his performances - Nagano 98: the cauldron is extinguished, but then lights up again Again, most of these things are silly nit picking, but still, they happened. However, one of the biggest fails would have been the Vancouver Hallelujah performance. I believe the intention was to have the crowd turn their glowlights on row by row, so the light radiated to the back row, but instead they all turned them on at the same time.
  25. I would love to know the logic behind such a horrible basic font. At the end of the day you can't plaster the logo every few meters on the fop signage, but you can use a wordmark and mix it up to make it work. Even some of the more basic fonts of recent logos have worked well in this regard. The Athens one even. Surely they could have picked something abit more memorable, even Barcelona's font was more distinctive than this.
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