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  1. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the mascots appearance too, wasn't too hokey at all. Certainly no crying Misha or Cobi Silver Boat, but still a nice inclusive moment for the kids I guess.
  2. It was raining this morning, couldn't resist a sleep in, so it was MySky for this opening ceremony, just finished watching it. Overall, I was impressed, it had a great mix of technology and some beautiful artistic moments. Thought the alphabet video, while confusing, was beautifully done. Certainly took the 3d aspect to another level, the track system on the roof certainly worked. Loved the Peter the Great segment, and especially the onset of revolution, had hints of Athens and Dimitris Papaioannou to that I thought. Great to see a slightly self depreciating aspect to the final cultural section. I did think though that the cultural portion almost felt a tad unfinished. We had been taken to the mid 20th century, and then was kind of left hanging. Obviously the opening segment was fantastic, but the ring was a disappointment. I wonder, if there is a bluray of the ceremony, would they use dress rehearsal footage for that, to make it look flawless? Cauldron lighting was ok, visually great and I didn't think it was that bad leaving the stadium, it did give us another aspect of the humanity aspect, the people who put on the show, full of joy. Overall, will probably watch it again tonight, which is the sign of a pretty decent ceremony.
  3. I think London and Athens are so iconic, they can afford to be abit more conceptual with their ceremonies, and indeed they were. London deciding to almost go for a *timeline of revolutions* approach, and Athens with a history of art and thought. The likes of Russia, much like Australia in 2000, will feel it's appropriate to go for a more chronological historical approach. Of course we all know Russia, but much of its history is probably seen as being misunderstood.
  4. Athens had a pretty major leak before their opening ceremony. Granted, not so much in terms of photos, but in terms of moments. And in a ceremony like Athens where it was based around key images, they were big leaks.
  5. Correct. From memory, the sequences in order of the Opening Ceremony of Auckland 1990 * Song of Welcome/ Conch Shell Welcome * National Anthem/ Gun Salute from One Tree Hill * Athletes March * Maori Cultural Performance * Welcome from the Tangata Whenua/ Maori Reps move towards athletes and Hongi a member of each delegation * The Discovery of NZ Cultural segment (with the ocean/canoe/ volcano etc) * Creation Segment (story of Rangi and Papa/ balloons) * European discovery Segment (formation of the Union Jack on the field) * Dame Whina Cooper speech * New World Arrivals Segment (this is the one which spurred those flags. A number of cultural groups in Auckland invited to do their national dances on the field. Abit of a free for all, jigs, reels, lion dances etc etc. The multi cultural segment) * Pacifica Cultural Performances (all the Polynesian cultural groups with log drummers) * Tukua Ahau with massed performances, formation of the 4 stars of the Southern Cross by marching girls * Speeches * Break Out by Taisha (featuring land yachts, lasers, and ending with bungey jumpers from the top of the main stand) * Queens baton arriving by Mark Todd on Charisma, and handed to Peter Snell * This is the Moment performed to end the show.
  6. It's a trend, but it's a trend which has been going on for some time. I can't remember the last time when the logo took pride and place in all of the signage. We are in a unique situation in 2014 where the wordmark is also the majority of the logo as well, but in the previous Games we haven't seen much of the logo, but instead alot of the look and the wordmark. Sydney was the fluid energy plus the wordmark Atlanta used the wordmark with the quilt of leaves Athens was all about the panorama and the wordmark etc etc This is where Pyeongchang is going to give us an interesting situation. All of the recent hosts have had a somewhat unique font which has given them the ability to have quite a visually unique wordmark. Be it the ultra stylised Sydney, Beijing, and London fonts, through to the likes of Torino and even Nagano which stood out. Pyeongchang has the most forgetable font you could ever imagine, I really don't think it's going to work overly well on signage. The strange thing with Sochi , is I think finally we have seen alot more people come round to the logo and how good it looks, now we don't seem to be seeing much of it.
  7. I honestly don't see what is wrong with a map in the shape of Russia. If Sydney or London did it people would see it as another fantastic gesture of inclusion, but when Russia simply designs a stage in the nap of the greater Russian map, it's seen as being too patriotic? Surely a larger sense of patriotism would have been the god knows how many horsemen all holding Aussie flags in the Sydney opening ceremony? (which I thought was fine by the way, and looked great). Love the look of the communist era looking segment. Some striking images there.
  8. Possibly better to line it up against other urban Winter Olympic precincts, it's pretty easy to make a summer Olympic park look lovely and lush, not so much for the winter Games. I remember Nagano's Olympic park looked a tad sparse at the time.
  9. Yeah, I really think South Africa would be next cab off the rank between those two, Australian rugby is abit of a basket case at the moment.
  10. I dunno, I guess with the logo/wordmark, they are in a unique position for the Olympics. The .ru version is the logo, whereas the *Sochi 2014* is the wordmark. We have seen very little complete logo branding in recent Olympic Games, so skipping the .ru is no different to the use of the wordmarks from London, Sydney, Athens etc etc. I'm really liking the changing up using those warmer colours . I even think the mascot works on those banners. The only downer is that they have failed to add any personality to the trio, the biggest stupidity being not giving them names.
  11. Very Sydney Paralympic style in lighting. But agree with others, it seems this is going to be just a more glitzy version of the Vancouver 2010 external lighting, Im still expecting something quite spectacular inside .
  12. I like it alot. Is it my favourite look? Probably not, but it's pleasing to the eye and seems to be quite versatile. I think they needed a slightly more complex look to go with the rather simplistic (but imo... on the mark) logo, so it works well in the context of Sochi design.
  13. I guess I did visit Torino in 2011, and certainly wouldn't have contemplated going there if not for the Olympics. Loved the place, a really charismatic city I thought. Despite the distinct lack of Olympic landmarks for such a recent host, I'd certainly go back again next time.
  14. I guess, just to go with that clip. Here are the other couple that have been posted some time ago, abit more of the opening ceremony of Auckland 1990. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSFn1V2VrMA Tukua Ahau by Sir Howard Morrison and cast The final song after all of the cultural performances. It's a slow started, but revs up and is worth a watch from 3min mark. Also gives a good look at the reasonably impressive stage/choir area. And a rip I just did of the Dame Whina Cooper welcome. This runs in to the union Jack segment. The kite that goes up is of a Kotuku, a native White Heron (also shown at the end of the video). On the kite is the Treaty of Waitangi. As a bit of background, the Kotuku is said by Maori to live in the spirit world. Dame Whina Cooper, was a Maori rights activist.
  15. Great find, it's not the easiest ceremony to find online but we have bits and pieces of it. What's amazing is that the yt piece is just one portion of the opening ceremony. The show started with the Maori cultural performance, and following that portion we had the new world arrivals segment, a massed performance song, a land yacht and bungy jumper segment, and the official song. What was also missing, between the Union Jack formation and the Kotuku white heron kite going up (which had the Treaty of Waitangi written on it), was a beautiful speech of welcome by Dame Whina Coooper.
  16. It's entirely possible I've missed this somewhere, but do we have details on the various components of the medal ceremonies? Final design of the medals plaza stage construction, the medal podium design, medal ceremonies music etc etc?
  17. I'm not so sure. It certainly isn't the interior of the stadium as the overlay is not Olympic overlay (the evidence of sponsor logos), so maybe this is another Sochi countdown event? And obviously all of those other photos are just stock promotional pics for the Lights group, not from their involvement in Sochi.
  18. I was always more of a Paul Jennings lad. Unreal being quite the good one, even owned a Round the Twist VHS. And of course, the Tomorrow When the War Began series is still the masterpiece of tween fiction. Still bust them out now for a read every once and a while.
  19. I think my 3 would have to be .... - Beijing Coma by Ma Jian - Imperium by Robert Harris - Fatherland by Robert Harris Actually, anything by Robert Harris is amazing.
  20. I don't watch the Torino opening ceremony much admitedly. I understand their overarching concept, but it wasn't always portrayed as well as it could. There are small moments I enjoyed, but as an overall package, it was abit meh. Entertaining certainly, but meh. Must say though, they aren't the only ones to have been repetitive. Don Mischer Productions who were the producers of Salt Lake, managed to rehash alot of stuff from Atlanta, which they also produced. The most obvious being a run through time. However more glaringly shameful, was the use of *Earth Rise* in both the Atlanta closing and Salt Lake opening. Wouldnt be so bad if it was a generic piece of music, but it was music specially composed for Atlanta. The underlit tile circular stage was also pretty much identical in both ceremonies too. Of course, the Salt Lake ceremony was fantastic, don't get me wrong, but Atlanta influenced abit too much me thinks. As for ceremony dvds. I have a funny feeling that the reason more of them haven't been put out by the IOC may have something to do with music licensing rights issues. I'm sure Jeremie mentioned something when we were at the Olympic museum.
  21. It's a tough one, but with world champs every other year, add Olympics to the mix, something had to give I suppose. Never a *good* time.
  22. I wouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions. Sochi has an extremely experienced team driving the concepts that they have decided on, and from the very very brief teaser of the ideas they wanted to portray, it sounds like it is reasonably cohesive. Keep in mind, Scott Givens is one of the key guys here, and of recent time he has been the go to guy for creative by the IOC, on a number of judging panels for Olympic design. He also delivered what is probably one of the most complete creative concepts of an Olympic look of the Games, with Salt Lake 2002. When you have someone like that contributing to the show, I don't think it's going to be a lazy production. And while many will scof at the authoritarian control of these Sochi Games, who would have thought that one of the most remembered and well loved moments of an Olympic ceremony would be delivered by the USSR. That being the goodbye Misha portion of the Moscow 80 closing. I actually think we are going to see both an impressive and complete production, and with volunteers involved, it's still going to have alot of heart.
  23. Yup , Prime has coverage as they've been using the rings in their watermark for a few months now. Just not sure how much.
  24. Looks like Sky NZ will have 4 pop up channels for Sochi, so not too bad. Also see Hayley Holt (obviously) and Scott Stevenson are being used on the promo ads. Always enjoyed listening to Lavina Good and Steven McIvor doing the ceremonies commentary, one of the better combos since PJ, Quinny and Telf from Atlanta. Not sure if they'll be over there. To be honest, not entirely sure how Steven McIvor is after his fight for life *brain issues*.
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