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  1. Possibly better to line it up against other urban Winter Olympic precincts, it's pretty easy to make a summer Olympic park look lovely and lush, not so much for the winter Games. I remember Nagano's Olympic park looked a tad sparse at the time.
  2. Yeah, I really think South Africa would be next cab off the rank between those two, Australian rugby is abit of a basket case at the moment.
  3. Very Sydney Paralympic style in lighting. But agree with others, it seems this is going to be just a more glitzy version of the Vancouver 2010 external lighting, Im still expecting something quite spectacular inside .
  4. I guess, just to go with that clip. Here are the other couple that have been posted some time ago, abit more of the opening ceremony of Auckland 1990. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSFn1V2VrMA Tukua Ahau by Sir Howard Morrison and cast The final song after all of the cultural performances. It's a slow started, but revs up and is worth a watch from 3min mark. Also gives a good look at the reasonably impressive stage/choir area. And a rip I just did of the Dame Whina Cooper welcome. This runs in to the union Jack segment. The kite that goes up is of a Kotuku, a native White Heron (also shown at the end of the video). On the kite is the Treaty of Waitangi. As a bit of background, the Kotuku is said by Maori to live in the spirit world. Dame Whina Cooper, was a Maori rights activist.
  5. Great find, it's not the easiest ceremony to find online but we have bits and pieces of it. What's amazing is that the yt piece is just one portion of the opening ceremony. The show started with the Maori cultural performance, and following that portion we had the new world arrivals segment, a massed performance song, a land yacht and bungy jumper segment, and the official song. What was also missing, between the Union Jack formation and the Kotuku white heron kite going up (which had the Treaty of Waitangi written on it), was a beautiful speech of welcome by Dame Whina Coooper.
  6. I don't watch the Torino opening ceremony much admitedly. I understand their overarching concept, but it wasn't always portrayed as well as it could. There are small moments I enjoyed, but as an overall package, it was abit meh. Entertaining certainly, but meh. Must say though, they aren't the only ones to have been repetitive. Don Mischer Productions who were the producers of Salt Lake, managed to rehash alot of stuff from Atlanta, which they also produced. The most obvious being a run through time. However more glaringly shameful, was the use of *Earth Rise* in both the Atlanta closing and Salt Lake opening. Wouldnt be so bad if it was a generic piece of music, but it was music specially composed for Atlanta. The underlit tile circular stage was also pretty much identical in both ceremonies too. Of course, the Salt Lake ceremony was fantastic, don't get me wrong, but Atlanta influenced abit too much me thinks. As for ceremony dvds. I have a funny feeling that the reason more of them haven't been put out by the IOC may have something to do with music licensing rights issues. I'm sure Jeremie mentioned something when we were at the Olympic museum.
  7. It's a tough one, but with world champs every other year, add Olympics to the mix, something had to give I suppose. Never a *good* time.
  8. Yup , Prime has coverage as they've been using the rings in their watermark for a few months now. Just not sure how much.
  9. Looks like Sky NZ will have 4 pop up channels for Sochi, so not too bad. Also see Hayley Holt (obviously) and Scott Stevenson are being used on the promo ads. Always enjoyed listening to Lavina Good and Steven McIvor doing the ceremonies commentary, one of the better combos since PJ, Quinny and Telf from Atlanta. Not sure if they'll be over there. To be honest, not entirely sure how Steven McIvor is after his fight for life *brain issues*.
  10. ahhh the good old days. And lots of synths and deep voiced Russian gents singing rousing songs of the conquest and glory of victory.
  11. I agree. A rings formation of this fountain would be a pretty piss poor featuring of the rings in the opening ceremony in my opinion. There is no impact, they're not really that huge, and a rings fountain is not exactly unique - it is one of the features of Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta. I think these are merely a nice sister to the Olympic cauldron.
  12. Love that piece of music too. a nod to the closing of Moscow 1980. I believe that's where the human graphics showed the birds flying off.
  13. Agreed Secret cauldrons aren't really the norm anyway. Yes, we've had the likes of London, Sydney, Vancouver and Beijing who have left it to the ceremony to reveal the cauldron - but Athens, Salt Lake, Torino etc all had the cauldron out in the open and on show before the Olympics. Keep in mind, to the majority of the international viewing audience, they wouldn't have any idea what any of the Olympic venues look like, let alone spot something resembling the cauldron.
  14. Can't help but think of Al Jazeera when I see this logo. It's clever, just don't think it works that well as a Games mark. See, I think this is a good example of where it is probably more pleasing to the traditional Olympic logo lovers , certainly it would win over Sochi in many peoples eyes, but where I'd have to say it's a far more flimsy logo than London or Sochi.
  15. Wow. If they're only wanting to use the name of the host city and year plus the DNA symbol, that's fine. But why on earth do they make a big deal about giving the job to designers and then launching it. They did nothing more than scroll through a font list on MS Word..... and even then picked the most bland one they could find. Far more interesting would be the graphical look of the Games, but this didn't need to be highlighted.
  16. Sky Sport and Prime TV have just started using the Olympic rings as a watermark permanently on the screen now here in New Zealand.
  17. I've often thought this one of the stranger selections for a bid logo. Man and Pegasus sculpture by Carl Milles. I know it's one of the more famous sculptures in Stockholm, but it's not as iconic as other aspects of Stockholm. I remember pondering over it for some years before I discovered what it was all about. It' does fit in well with the classy field of 2004 logos, still, an od choice I would've thought.
  18. Here's a neat wee New Zealand Americas Cup tribute made by NZ's Virtual Eye, the video is billed as being from *the nation born from sailors to the best sailors of the world* - Kia Kaha San Francisco. Includes the Maori legend of NZ being fished up, through to SF. Quite impressive.
  19. Ohhhh, that would be horrible and such bad taste. It's still quite a tangible thing with people still physically suffering from those nuclear attacks. Aside from that, despite thinking the Beijing 2008 approach isn't one that would work for Tokyo, I do think a Japanese version of the segment using the Dragon Pillars would be quite neat. Just seeing all the colour of the likes of the Heian period etc etc
  20. It's an interesting though, how will they structure the ceremony. I too would be against a historical chronological structure, that's not to see a sense of order won't work . Athens showed a progression of art and thought, London a chronological history of *revolutions*, Beijing a history of famous inventions and breakthroughs . I think something abit more abstract like this might be the way to go with Tokyo. I sort of see something akin to Athens. Using a lot of key images as opposed to gigantic fields of people. Something like the solitary image of the *snow Queen* from the Nagano handover in Lillehammer, standing there with her kimono training down the stand, or Midori Ito rising up to light the Olympic cauldron. These are scenes that Japan can do well, and the simplicity really does fit into their culture. Even the scene from Memoirs of a Geisha where Sayuri performs her breakthrough dance performance, with the snow falling down. I'd like to see a few bits and pieces of these moments in the opening ceremony.
  21. I've been quite surprised at how much follow up in the media there has been to the worry that Oracle may try to do some damage with aggressive tactics . Team NZ has come out saying that if they need to they will back off and sacrifice a race . Im not going to be at all surprised if they pick up a couple over the next few days, and that seems to be the opinion in some of the polls on NZ media websites.
  22. It certainly has been a nice outlook that we've been getting every day with the bridge, Alcatraz and the skyline. As a side note, if NZ does win this Cup, I think we can possibly expect to see some kind of lead up event being held in Dubai as well - due to the heavy sponsorship from Emirates. I know way back there was talk by some within Dubai that they could host a defense if ETNZ won, however that was quickly guzumped by the NZ Govt and Team New Zealand.
  23. Haha, no no, in certain applications (especially in mono-colour) I do like the PC2018 logo. The Canadians do like sticking maple leaves in almost every logo they have ever designed, so I was very surprised we didn't get a single one in the Vancouver official logo.
  24. I think Rome 2004 and Helsinki 2006 would be my favourite Olympic bid logos. I'd agree with you about the Sion 2006 bid logo though, it was a good piece of branding, in addition to being a good stand alone logo.
  25. Oh there is certainly going to be a lot of life left in this team and I wouldn't be at all surprised if they picked up a race or two , but short of mishap, I don't see them doing it enough to win. I'd hope that view doesn't come in to play, let's hope if he was instructed to do such a thing, that he would remember the huge outpouring of generosity that he and his Young Australia crew were given by the Auckland public back in 2000. THey turned up to the regatta flat broke and I remember quite clearly how the NZ public really did take them to heart, donations of groceries were being delivered to their base every day, outfitted with new shoes, bikes to get around the village etc etc. I think Spithall is too good a sailor to do something like that ........ I hope.
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