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  1. I’ve seen articles (dec 2020) mentioning a ceremonies budget of US$117m , and that was before a potential increase .
  2. I really am curious as to where the Tokyo ceremonies budget actually went . Would be fascinating to find out the breakdown . No trapdoors or holes , no fly wire system , no large props , no imposing stage construction , limited costumes…. They didn’t even have that much pyro . Are hiring drones really that expensive …. Or was a big chunk of it golden handshakes to the multiple creatives that left .
  3. Funnily enough this music has a distinct Olympic familiarity about it . Reminds me of the warriors by Percy Grainger (last few minutes), used for the Sydney 2000 opening fireworks finale .
  4. I was under the impression an advertising company , Dentsu, was kind of responsible for the ceremonies. To me the structure seemed very odd .
  5. I don’t know how I feel having watched that . I get the feeling Balich himself didn’t really believe in it and found it hard work . I think it was the product of poor flakey Japanese organisers . Of course the narrative was going to be impacted by COVID but I also feel that he structure they set up for the ceremony was flawed . It seems like the advertising company they put in charge was so out of touch on how to put together a ceremony . There were moments where it was almost like the Japanese character was itching to get out (the faces on the performers in the rings segment for example) , but they were shut back in their depressive boxes quick smart . Highlights were probably the opening video , the rings segment and the concept and design of the cauldron lighting . Not so great , Naomi Osaka who came across as a too cool for school teenage girl complete with hair fiddling . It’s almost like you could hear who saying this was so embarrassing . Contrast to the Uber emotional Midori Ito . Also wtf was up with the guy who was constantly getting in camera shot whilst guarding the torch like it was his only child . The mask inconsistency was odd too I thought . I also pose the question , yes we are still in a COVID world, but i felt like there was a distinct lack of a welcome segment . All in all I’m not about to take a deep paddle like some others are on here , I’m not angry , and I admire many of the sensibilities the production showed . I do think they misread the crowd though .
  6. Really liking the dark mode version of the logo on the website, will be very interesting to see what path they will take when it comes to the look. Definitely a winner with producing a quality Worldmark as well which should work well with the branding. Reasonably pleased with this one.
  7. I can understand where you are coming from, but I don't fully agree While I'm a little iffy about the indoor arena concept for the Para's opening, it's entirely workable and has potential dependent on who is involved. As for the closing ceremony concepts, the Verona Arena would be so iconic for the Games , and likewise I think Buenos Aires showed that outdoor public venues can produce some innovative spectacles (especially when you integrate the historic landmarks surrounding the areas). Don't forget it's only been in recent times that the Winter Para Closing ceremonies have been hosted in a stadium. Both Salt Lake and Vancouver held their closing in their medals plaza .
  8. Wow, closing at the Verona Arena. Pretty sexy concept.
  9. Also wouldn't be surprised if ECA2 was involved in some capacity for Paris. Their avant-garde style may suit if they want to go into that direction. If not as a main player, I imagine they will part of it somehow.
  10. It really varies and to isn't always one company. The ones that come to mind that tend to be regular players around the world - Spectak (more so in the past and hasn't done toooo much recently. Most famous for Sydney 2000) - Jack Morton Worldwide (The Commonwealth Games tend to get stuck with this mob nowadays , however had also produced the likes of Athens 2004) - David Atkins Enterprises ( Vancouver 2010, Doha 2006 etc ) - Don Mischer Productions (Atlanta 96 and involved with Salt Lake 2002) - 5 Currents ( headed by Scott Givens who cut his teeth in card students. Involved with London and Sochi) - Ballich Worldwide (Rio 2016 and Torino in it's previous names of Filmmaster Group) Pretty sure those are the main ones around. It's also becoming a little more common to have 2 production companies coming together to form a specialised ceremonies company (which in a way is what happened in Barcelona ).
  11. No bias I'm sure. lolol I'd probably put it Baton: Glasgow Mascot: Gold Coast Medals: Glasgow Podium Design: Tie Medal Ceremony Music: Glasgow Medal Ceremony Outfits: Gold Coast Look of the Games: Gold Coast (had a dynamic London 2012 appeal which I loved) Opening Ceremony: Gold Coast Weather: Gold Coast Outside event scenery: Tie (whatever floats ya boat really. I'm always a beach boy, but that's personal preference) Closing Ceremony: Tie (both were bloody awful)
  12. It's really just getting everyone on the same page at the same time. There has never been no interest in potential bids, it's just not everyone has agreed on it at the same time. For a start , we need to get to the place where Auckland is acknowledged as the only candidate. Christchurch has far bigger issues, and Wellington just doesn't have the land space (the issues over building a good indoor arena is case and point). The proposed indoor venues in the above are fine, I'd probably cut Hamilton out a little more. We don't need an indoor sport there, Auckland has plenty of indoor venues (Spark arena, North Shore Events Centre, Trusts Arena, Vodafone Events centre, Barefoot and Thompson Stadium, ANZ viaduct events centre, Skycity Convention Centre) . I'd probably question the need for sailing, but beach volleyball at the Mount would be perfect. I'd like to think any potential bid would have at least one legacy venue, as it seems to be the only time things get built in Auckland (for events).
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