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  1. NBC also has a new network, Universal Sports, which shows only olympic, and international sports (and is still showing Beijing re-airings) and it wouldn't surprise me if they try for 24 hour coverage on the network.
  2. Got a call from Cosport today, 4 of my failed orders stuck as pending so they called me today to see if I wanted to keep the orders. Don't be surprised if anyone else who timed out gets a call.
  3. At least you have something to show for it. Two sales rounds and I haven't gotten a single ticket. I won't be going to Vancouver now.
  4. Oh boy isn't that a terrifying thought. If all of my supposedly canceled tickets go through that's 60 tickets....
  5. I had 12 separate attempts fail in the final billing. I also saw tickets they refused me during the lottery turning up the general sales phase. What a joke.
  6. "all but sold out", it's a weasel phrase. Cosport has 5,429 tickets that weren't bought, plus any lottery tickets that didn't successfully make payment.
  7. I had recently read their expenses haven't risen yet because of the economy, that they were still within their expected spending and even fundraising commitments (although not cash in hand yet) that they had originally projected.
  8. FS008 Figure Skating AS008 Alpine Skiing BS004 Bobsleigh ST005 Short Track Speed Skating Me bitter?
  9. Now there would be an interesting math problem. Are there more people in the world competing to play in the Olympic hockey finals, or watch them!
  10. 5 tickets Short track, 5 tickets for Bobsleigh, 3 tickets for figure skating, and 1 ticket for Skiing. Really, at least one of them should have been confirmed, at 3:1 odds for winning a lottery that should have given me 4.6 tickets, but zero? Anyone interested in selling?
  11. Could swear I read this before, anyone else know? I thought I had read that more standing-room only tickets would be sold at the games than normal tickets in pre-sales. This was only for certain outdoor events though (noridc, biathlon, etc.) I wonder if the allocations are going out in order of olympic preference... Since Visa is the official credit card and I reserved with Mastercard. It would be interesting if Visa members were finding out before MC/Discover/AmEx.
  12. Well this is discouraging. I hope the notification process is continuing through the week. I'd hate to think me and the 5 people I was buying for all came out of this with nothing.
  13. Wow, so 45% of all US orders got squat. Anyone actually gotten a confirmation from Cosport yet?
  14. Just came across an interesting figure about ticketing. Canadians made 345 million in requests for 96 million worth of tickets. So the request to ticket ratio came to more than 3:1, and that 10% of all tickets were held back in contingency for later sales. http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/we...fa-aaf802eb3183
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