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  1. Hi Mate!

    Thought you may want to know about this:

    GamesBids Olympic Logo Winners' Cup

  2. I would rate the ceremony 4 / 10 pros: 1.ribbon segment 2.3d building projection 3. flight fly over rio city 4.giselle 5.fireworks Cont 1.countdown 2.anthem 3.No large prop everything to light and smaller scale 4.culture segment 5.poncho dress for marshal 6.lighting the cauldron 7.cauldron shape 8.color scheme too vibrant does not represents games look 9.Feel more to festival event rather than sport event opening ceremony 10.olympic rings to small and too simple 11.athlete stay on the field upon the rest of the ceremony is a mistake.
  3. Hello! If you are Olympic Games fan, fan of any multi-sport games such are Pan American, Pacific, Asian, All-African, Commonwealth... or you are simply fan of sports, Olympic or non-Olympic ones I invite you to join to totallympics, forum dedicated to Olympic Games. There is already pleasant and very valuable community of people gathered from all around the globe. There are people with exceptional knowledge in sports like taekwondo, wrestling, equestrian, fencing, archery... Just to name...

  4. Bukit Jalil National Stadium New Look for Sea Games 2017! KL Sports City will inspire and support generations of Malaysian sporting success. A world-class integrated sports city it will be accessible by athlete, club and community participants 24 hours a day. With the upgraded and modernised Bukit Jalil National Stadium complex at its heart, KL Sports City will place sports, recreation and healthy living at the centre of national, family and youth life. A truly multi-use location, KL Sports City will offer state-of-the-art sports training and rehabilitation facilities, pitches and courts for playing on and having fun, convention and exhibition centers, sports museum and libraries, and youth hostels and outdoor entertainment centers. There will also be meticulously planned commercial, retail and residential areas ensuring that KL Sports City offers a sustainable, long-term legacy and will encourage community participation 12 months of the year. For more information on KL Sports City, please call 03-2859 7014 / 2859 7065 / 2859 3696
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