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  1. There are a few things that could be done which wouldn't hurt the team but might focus a few minds:

    • Ban pubs in the immediate vicinity or in potential troublespots from televising the game
    • Force the club to play a certain number of fixtures behind closed doors
    • Increase police presence and crowd control measures outside the stadium
    • Threaten the club with a suspended ban from competition
    • Schedule potentially troublesome games earlier in the day so people aren't fuelled on booze
    • Ban the sale of alcohol in the streets surrounding the stadium or in potential troublespots for a couple of hours before and after the game

    I'm sure there are other things as well, but these are a few ideas which which were suggested in Glasgow for Old Firm matches.

    Yeah, I suppose we Canadians could've adopted a thing or two from the British/European soccer hooligan experiences... Anyway, I hope the VPD round up everyone involved in the riots and jail them... actually, that means my tax money will be feeding those idiots while they're in jail. :( Just fine them... fine them lots.

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