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  1. Mikehali

    Olympic Trivia

    Aww... How about 1914 in Paris Congress of the Olympic Movement? Designed by Pierre de Coubertin in 1913.
  2. Mikehali

    Olympic Trivia

    1920 in Antwerp, Belgium, according to Wikipedia. Apparently the original flag disappeared and was replaced in Paris 1924, and then replaced again in Seoul 1988 by a new flag.
  3. Mikehali

    New Terry Fox Memorial unveiled

    Wow, that's a much better picture! CTV also has a few other photos: http://www.ctvbc.ctv.ca/gallery/html/bc_terryfox_20110916/photo_0.html
  4. Mikehali

    Japan 2020

    Hmm... I'm surprised Tokyo decided to bid for 2020. I'd have thought their chance of winning the bid would be pretty low, after PC 2018 win. BUT I also think their chance of winning is not zero; it is low, but not zero. It'll depend on how they play the game and also whether they can lobby well and maintain a strong sports diplomacy. The fact that there's been no back-to-back Asian Olympic games could potentially be used for the bid... also, they might be able to use this to their advantage and convince IOC members that a Tokyo 2020 win could potentially show that IOC is 'fair' and gives unconditional chances to all bidding cities regardless of previous bids. Anyway, having said all that, I still think chances of Tokyo win is pretty low. It'll be more likely for a European or an American city to win the summer games!
  5. Mikehali

    Alpine slope

    Could you define 'hill' and 'mountain?' I can guarantee you that you will not find a unified definition that differentiates between hills and mountains. Anyway, Tulsa, your hill vs mountain really is a non-issue, as ICO evaluation commission has already said 'YES' to PC's ability to host, which also means they were happy with the venues (or venues to be). There is no doubt, as mentioned earlier, that France has beautiful mountains, but the mountains in Korea are adequate in IOC's eyes for the games. Besides, it would be great to hold the winter olympics in new territories rather than the same places all the time! Perhaps we're all brain-washed over the past decades of European and North American winter olympics to think that winter sports venues must resemble that of the Alps?
  6. Yeah, I suppose we Canadians could've adopted a thing or two from the British/European soccer hooligan experiences... Anyway, I hope the VPD round up everyone involved in the riots and jail them... actually, that means my tax money will be feeding those idiots while they're in jail. Just fine them... fine them lots.
  7. Ugh... I'm so ashamed. I was also pretty darn upset after yesterday's games, but going around and destroying your own city is just stupid. I hope the hooligans are punished accordingly with some jail time and heavy fines! Why should tax payers have to clean up the mess made by a select few brainless idiots?
  8. Mikehali

    The mascots for Sochi 2014

    Kinda disappointed those animals don't really represent Russia... or at least not to the foreigners' eyes. But then I'm not sure what animals really would represent Russia other than brown bears...
  9. Mikehali

    2010 Ceremony Programs

    I agree with Kenadian. From what I hear and have seen, the opening ceremony book isn't really good. I didn't get a chance to have a look at the closing ceremony book though! I might have to check it out.