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  1. Hello London! This is Lisbon calling! And this is the result of the Portugal´vote: Survival - 10 points! Different but strong and impressive!
  2. What are they doing??!! Sugababes??!! MIA?? American Michael Jackson??? Prodigy??? Jesus!! Just one song from Queen???!!!???????????????!!!
  3. what´s that circles?? Thank you very much! Muito obrigado! Now I count 5 rings....not 4...
  4. What´s that? Sorry for the previous post...i can´t attach the image....
  5. I found this. Nothing new but interesting anyway. "The opening ceremony is three hours long, two hours of which are devoted to the athletes’ parade; the rest, dubbed “Isles of Wonder,” will be Boyle’s affair. He took inspiration from a line in Caliban’s speech from The Tempest—“Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises”—and this quotation is inscribed on a 27-tonne bell, now the largest bell in Europe, that has been cast for the ceremony and will ring in its 9:00 p.m. start. The Olympic torch is scheduled to arrive via the River Thames, and hundreds of volunteers from Britain’s National Health Service (“One of the most extraordinary things about Britain,” says Boyle) will be featured along with close to 1,000 children from the surrounding boroughs to celebrate the local schools, 12,000 other cast and crew members, music by the electronic duo Underworld, and a flying system that can lift weights of up to 25 tonnes...." http://www.vogue.com/magazine/article/danny-boyle-olympic-opening-ceremony/#3
  6. Would be a good idea to Rio...but not anymore...
  7. Ups...sorry about that..i didn't know... But i do love oaks, cork trees (National tree of Portugal) and all of kind of trees...
  8. Do you think this tree could turn in the cauldron?
  9. The tree is a oak? Certainly means strenght, long life, source of inspiration... Do you think this tree could turn in the cauldron?
  10. indeed....One of my favourite songs.... indeed....One of my favourite songs....
  11. Good question... I wonder if it´s Stonehenge structure...... Good question... I wonder if it´s Stonehenge structure...... Your remark is about the circle in the middle or about the structure near the screen?
  12. What´s that (wood??) structure near the big screen?!
  13. LOL Could be a child or one of the youngest members of the Team GB like Mark Nesbitt (archery) or Tom Daley (diving). I really like the idea. I really like
  14. London riots... "Everyone´s" is a kind of unofficial moto... Of course i know that the "Inspire a generation" is the official one... http://www.london2012.com/mm%5CDocument%5CPublications%5CJoinin%5C01%5C24%5C08%5C88%5Ceveryones-games.pdf
  15. Or 3 cauldrons (three Olympic Games....three cauldrons)....the main cauldron inside the stadium and the others somewhere in London (Everyone´s Games)... Won´t be there!!! Almost impossible!!
  16. Opening Ceremony - Where to Watch? I don´t have tickets for the Opening Ceremony, so where is the best public place to watch (besides the Olympic Stadium)? Could Hyde Park be a good option? I don´t want to watch the concerts!! Trafalgar Square?...Thank you.
  17. I would like to see a classic cauldron (like in 1948 but with a modern design) inside the stadium.
  18. And the cauldron used during the 1948 Games? Where is it?! Has the perfect size to be inside the stadium.
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