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  1. Of course they don´t have any conection... The tribute to Santos Dumont is a good idea.
  2. The horses in Sydney were nervous....Rio could use araras (macaw) flying . Anyway, I just want Rio OC help everybody to forget the OC of the FIFA WC (what was that thing??!)
  3. Question: how do you think they will make the 5 olympic rings during the OC? Athens 04, Beijing 08 and London 12 were amazing. I wonder how Rio 16 will make that (maybe 5 drones?? )
  4. Maybe they will use all the green/ grass area (todo o espaço com grama).
  5. Of course not! The ceremonies will show the proud of the brazilians. Proud in their culture, in their history, in their music and in their great, great musicians ....Sorry, but no way Shaki!
  6. What a surprise!!! Probably we will see the carnival during the Closing Ceremony. The OC will be more intimist. That´s my bet.
  7. From my point of view, these could be some of the sections/proceedings for the Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony (RIO 2016 committee, you´re welcome ): 4 main characters (3 grandpas and a kid) drinking and eating in a "boteco" and telling (to the kid) a story: Between the Ocean and the Forest - scenario with a beach, ocean, forest, wildlife, indigenous traditions, the arrival of the portuguese.. In this section some indigenous could make a "handmade" and traditional fire/torch...to use later... Times Flies - about the transformations in Rio through time (some history with slave traditions and songs, capoeira, and Rio during the XIX and XX centuries) This is Rio - Rio nowadays: a modern, young, multicultural and so vibrant city, looking to the future.(with music, novelas, samba, favelas, futebol, calçadão, sports, good looking bodies also ) FlameS - the flame made by the indigenous in the begging of the ceremony could mix with the Olympic flame, to make a very and unique flame.
  8. Interesting: http://whirlwindodyssey.org/rio-odyssey/
  9. Who knows... I will send a letter to the BOC, IOC and POC!!
  10. I don´t know if Rio 2016 has some plan to build a tower near the Maracana Stadium, but could be an option... How they did during the Pan 2007?!
  11. Yes, i agree with you....but this is just an idea... And maybe the IOC and ROCOG will give us a big surprise about the torch relay. We need to wait.
  12. Maybe we should create a group to support this idea...would be great watch the olympic torch closer...and i think Lisbon needs something like this...but for now is just an idea and a dream... For me this should be the 2016 torch relay: Olympia, Athens, Lisbon and BRAZIL! And we have a strong brazilian community in Portugal
  13. Sim....é o timming da América do Sul...mas podiam aproveitar quando a chama saisse da Grécia e fazer uma paragem em Portugal.... ....
  14. yes....you´r probably right...but they (Brazilians) have the money to support. In Portugal we have a big brazilian community and strong links with Brazil...well, i can dream with the olympic torch in Lisbon
  15. well....i think this should be the route: Greece, Portugal , Angola and Brazil....
  16. The 2016 torch relay should be international (Europe, Africa and South America) or national (only in Brazil)?!
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