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  1. h Why should it be? Atlanta only had 3 marks -- like the 2 bus drivers who walked away, the results system which broke down, and the over-commercialization atmospher which was OUTSIDE any of the official venues). Where do I begin with Rio? - Village not ready when athletes were checking in - critical subway line NOT READY - the uncertain domestic political situation - messy attendance of Russian athletes (banned in Athletics; should the rest have been allowed to participate?) - Zika virus causing many athletes and visitors
  2. In general , the games were ok ! Before the games we saw a lot of news ( from North american and European newspapers ) about water quality , safety , the inability of Brazil . Well, all with a lot of hype from reality . The opening ceremony was pretty cool and about sports this Games were spectacular . As less positive aspects : empty seats and Lochte novel. Well done Brazil . Vai Brasill!!! In Portugal, we will never forget the support from te brazilian crowd. OBRIGADO!!
  3. https://www.facebook.com/sentidodavidameaningoflife/?fref=ts
  4. I didn´t know this japanese artist that is going to participate in the torch relay on 2 august: http://www.studiointernational.com/index.php/mariko-mori-interview-ring-one-with-nature-olympic-games-2016 her name is Mariko Mori and she did this master piece: http://view-source:https://www.facebook.com/sentidodavidameaningoflife/?fref=ts
  5. Meanwhile in Atlantic Ocean, a portuguese ship is going to Brazil.... It is now one month that the School Ship Sagres sailed from Lisbon. Sailed for twelve days straight until you reach the first port in Praia , Cape Verde . On July 6 he left again towards Brazil crossing the equator on the 13th . The ship arrived to the first Brazilian port in Recife on 19 July and at this point already follows journey to the next port in S. Salvador . Continue to monitor the images from the trip NRP Sagres and leave a message to the ship: https://www.facebook.com/MarinhaPortuguesa/photos/?tab=album&a
  6. Just love this voice: https://www.facebook.com/elzasoaresoficial/photos/a.328827217189111.74437.294115957326904/1172877026117455/?type=3&theater
  7. So cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=131&v=P2puA5eRv08
  8. https://www.facebook.com/comiteolimpicoportugal/videos/810926732375041/
  9. In Portugal a video portal and exclusive multimedia content (only in PT) : Interesting: "The Olympic Committee of Portugal (COP) launched today a video portal and exclusive multimedia content in partnership with Sapo. The new address of the COP was created thinking about the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, approaching with great strides, so you have new daily articles on the Portuguese athletes, their preparation and more personal testimonies. The COP channel comes in anticipation of a similar international project. By the end of the year, the International Olympic Committee will launch th
  10. Fernanda is one my favourite brazilian actress and a Lady!!!!! And Elza is a hurricane!!!! Lovely choice! Wondering about what Fernanda will do, maybe to read some text or poem... Well done Rio!! Oh and Gisele could dance a samba for 1 minute.
  11. OBRIGADO!!!! o país está em delírio!!! A Copa já é um pouco mais difícil... It was a nice sunday for ust with 5 medals in european athletics champs!!!
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