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  1. This website has a good selection of T-shirts, and a smattering of other clothing, at rock bottom prices - http://www.mandmdirect.com/ - either follow the appopriate link from the homepage, or choose the filters 'adidas 2012' and 'london 2012' from the Brand drop-down menu. It appears they can sell online to EU countries, or over the phone to non-EU countries.
  2. I think they'll really struggle to finish in 3 1/2 hours. The Sydney OC was supposed to go for about the same length, from memory, but easily hit four hours. How does one shorten the parade of athletes, for example? The only flexibility is to shorten the cultural segment, but given the money they're spending, it's hard to imagine they'll be keeping that short. And why 9pm start? No football matches, for example, ever start at 9pm in UK (although they do in continental Europe). Is it to suit the North American (especially East Coast) market? (4pm). It also means a 10pm start for continental Europe, which is pretty late start for one of the major audiences. Or does it have something to do with sunset time?
  3. On a serious note I really hope the NHS segment is not Carry On style. The nursing profession has just spent the last 15 years improving its skill and knowledge base and is keen to be taken seriously, and something Carry On style would probably reverse all of that! So I doubt it will happen. But I also hope that it's not about 'celebrating the NHS' - because I think the NHS, while good overall, is a fairly imperfect healthcare system nowadays (I appreciate it would be difficult for such a large entity to be run well and without any fat). I don't think it would be appropriate for the global audience. No, I think the NHS segment may be about Florence Nightingale, the pioneer of the international nursing profession. Maybe part of a wider segment about 'great British inventions' (thinking of all sorts of inventions which could be part serious, and part comedic). Think also that Britain's leading role in the industrial revolution should be acknowledged - perhaps in tandem with an acknowledgement of Much Wenlock and its Olympic connection, which geographically is near the cradle of the worldwide industrial revolution near Telford.
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