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  1. This website has a good selection of T-shirts, and a smattering of other clothing, at rock bottom prices - http://www.mandmdirect.com/ - either follow the appopriate link from the homepage, or choose the filters 'adidas 2012' and 'london 2012' from the Brand drop-down menu. It appears they can sell online to EU countries, or over the phone to non-EU countries.
  2. About C4's coverage of the Paralympics - the great thing (and this outweighs my negative point) is the considerable amount of multi-channel coverage that they gave to it. The negative point was that it was far too Brit-centric. I'm all fine with wanting to show the Brit competitors a lot, but I think it went way too far. Too often, the winner of a race (from another country) would barely be acknowledged - maybe only half a second on screen - before C4 switched camera for the next 30 seconds to the GB competitor who came 4th in the same race.
  3. Apparently Cosport USA tickets released for sale two hours ago, for those who meet the residency requirements. Some of the best stuff went very quickly, but apparently there were 22,000 tickets released, so must still be some good pickings among them.
  4. I think they'll really struggle to finish in 3 1/2 hours. The Sydney OC was supposed to go for about the same length, from memory, but easily hit four hours. How does one shorten the parade of athletes, for example? The only flexibility is to shorten the cultural segment, but given the money they're spending, it's hard to imagine they'll be keeping that short. And why 9pm start? No football matches, for example, ever start at 9pm in UK (although they do in continental Europe). Is it to suit the North American (especially East Coast) market? (4pm). It also means a 10pm start for continental Eur
  5. On a serious note I really hope the NHS segment is not Carry On style. The nursing profession has just spent the last 15 years improving its skill and knowledge base and is keen to be taken seriously, and something Carry On style would probably reverse all of that! So I doubt it will happen. But I also hope that it's not about 'celebrating the NHS' - because I think the NHS, while good overall, is a fairly imperfect healthcare system nowadays (I appreciate it would be difficult for such a large entity to be run well and without any fat). I don't think it would be appropriate for the global aud
  6. The ticket maestro himself! Without whom I may not have Athletics finals tickets, cycling tickets... To clarify, Volshy's not a ticket broker (so he can't 'get' you 100m finals, for example), but his tireless work has helped many by pointing in the right direction, as soon as a hint of something appears. There's still plenty of tickets to lots of different sports on Dertour, Cosport EU, available right now - they may not be the prime events at the moment, but as soon as prime events go on sale somewhere, you can bet Volshy will be there to tell you (before it happens, in many cases)! There ar
  7. I browsed but didn't buy from Dertour on this occasion. I've heard that many others got their email confirmation within 24 hours, although some are still waiting. If your confirmation screen included a reference number, I'd suggest contacting them by phone or email if you haven't heard by, say, halfway through Friday. Alternatively (but a bit more public) you could contact them via their Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/dertour.live.de - they seem to be quite responsive.
  8. See http://twitter.com/#!/SkyNewsOlympic for further news on this. 'Ticket purchaser needs to be available' - this could be on the end of a phone, but not in person. Checking every ticket vs holder's ID on entry is nonsensical when queues to get in will already be quite long. I really can't see how checks will happen on the day of the event. You are right, it would be a PR disaster. Also, tickets bought from ATR (i.e. other resellers apart from LOCOG) will not have name of purchaser shown. I admire LOCOG wanting to prevent ticket touting, but I can't see that this is any more than a scare camp
  9. Sorry about post above, that was a mistake, I meant to post it to Test Events (which I subsequently did).
  10. I attended the Olympic test event on Wednesday at the Basketball Arena in the Olympic park. On arrival at stratford Regional Station we walked 10 min to the perimeter of the Olympic Park from where we were bussed in. Although many buildings are complete, the Park is very much still a construction site, with high fences, tight security, and much landscaping still needed. We arrived at the Arena, note the 'skin' doesn't extend to the ground. Outside Basketball Arena - Olympic Park by DrewLondon, on Flickr The same 'skin' from just inside it (but still outside the 'inner core' of the buildin
  11. I hope he doesn't mind me answering on his behalf but he got them through Stars and Friends i.e. Slovakia reseller (I know because I followed his Twitter feed). There will be none left unless you managed to successfully sent your application on 1st Aug at midnight, in which case you have a very very slight chance (but most didn't submit successfully, including myself).
  12. Others (though not me) who are very observant have noticed that when Eventeam add them, they appear at about 6am to 7am UK time. Apparently this was the case last Wednesday (probably a 'one year to go' release), and by 7.30am (UK time) the website had frozen. But I predict there still may be a lot lot more to come from them, including some good stuff - but I just don't know when.
  13. I had the same 'Undelivered email' - so tried again several times on Monday morning before giving up. Apparently they received 700 applications before the Inbox crashed, although I haven't heard myself of a single person who got through. I read that Slovakia had a total of approx. 10,000 tickets of which I think 40% were available for individual sale. How much more then should France (Eventeam) have? I reckon maybe 30,000 to 40,000, though they seem to have sold only a fraction of that so far. So I wonder whether, either towards the end of 2011 or beginning of 2012, there'll be a lot lot mor
  14. Yes, that was also the same experience of the British 'ticket hunters' who contacted Viagens Cosmos. Even though the BBC journalist had been told there were tickets available, everybody who then contacted Viagens Cosmos received a reply 'we don't have that one available'. So it is interesting to hear that even the locals in Portugal are experiencing the same frustration!
  15. Hi Baptista A BBC journalist James Pearce (@pearcesport on Twitter) contacted the Portuguese reseller this week and was told that individual ticket sales are now available - that anyone interested should get session codes from Locog website and send an email to callcenter@cosmos-viagens.pt with your details and what u want (see http://twitter.com/#!/Pearcesport/status/95827267820851200) - as a result several ppl contacted the reseller with various requests (both popular and low demand tickets) but not a single person received a 'yes, we have' from them. As you are in that country, do you have
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