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  1. No Gangneung is the city that is hosting the indoor venues, Donghae is only 20 mins by train to GN and GN to Alpensia is only around 25 min drive. The fast train will move everyone to Jinbu which is the main transport hub.
  2. They will lose the games is what I am hearing replaced with Edmonton or Adeilade or Perth. Australia will possibly host back to back if Canada does not take it
  3. So Ric Birch walks away sayings it's a disaster - I feel for Rio everything is going wrong. Hopefully things are better soon
  4. Its pretty easy really - friends and family that live in countries that include EU - so any EU ticketing agent, and then look at the list for multi agents including Cartan, Kingdom Sports, SportsWorld. Lots of tickets without packages can be picked up, just don't expect really high demand stuff unless you want to buy a package
  5. All it takes is an email to Rio 2016 and they will change it - I saw a copy of the ATR contract and they can not charge this amount
  6. That is not allowed - if tickets are collected there is to be no delivery fee
  7. This is what I was suggesting earlier - everyone in the EU going from agent to agent and these guys have heaps of tickets all selling now. I know people living in 6 of the countries they sell to and when there is over 40 they are the easiest to deal with
  8. How when booking.com only searches until one year in advance like most airlines?
  9. I love it how people thing Coates criticism of Rio 2016 was that of the IOC - he's he is an IOC VP but it was a strategic part done in order to get government into action and not rehtoric from the IOC EB
  10. Accor will not have any rooms available To book a room now you need to book Olympics and Paralympics and cities outside of Rio as well as a preference for rooms for test events. I was enquiring for a group of 5 rooms and that is what was sent out. Then they have a wait list of every ATR and official operator Accor will not have rooms for the public
  11. Kingdom Sports launch their second lot on Saturday 20 June ATP Events launch their first lot on Monday 22 June
  12. If you think CoSport is your only answer you are not thinking outside the square. Getting tickets is super easy just be creative on your approach. Friends, family, pen friends can all help you if they live outside of youf country - everyone knows someone somewhere else. You just have to make sure you know the supply and source and it's an official ATR - just don't deal in the unofficial ones
  13. Do not sell on the street in brazil you will be arrested or you will have to pay your way out If you do sell do not sell for more than what you paid or its in breach of the ticket but remember your legally responsible for the ticket. If your ticket is found in the street even if you sold it to someone else and it's tracked back to an ATR they have to report who they sold the ticket to and they can cancel all your remaining tickets - it has happened in both London and Beijing so be very careful! Only sell your tickets you don't need to people you can trust and they have to come from the same territory you ticket was secured from as well or the ATR gets in trouble they in turn would cancel your remaining tickets
  14. The tickets that will be sold by Rio 2016 were supposed to happen this year from December, but what I heard is that one of the ATRs mentioned here took them on and won their case, so ROCOG had to change it to June 2016 and only if the ATRs don't want the tickets anymore. It has something to do with the exclusivity contracts that were signed by the ATRs
  15. I think you are onto something there Hobart. I could not see CoSport get enough tickets for swimming ever in Australia and I have hardly heard of anyone ever buying them as a ticket lottery product. It might have been late where I was but I could see on the cosport site when they went live in Australia there was lots of events including swimming. Cartan have gone live now and kingdom sports is also selling theirs as well. Just have to be creative to purchase from these guys
  16. Well some agents have launched already, others like CoSport are still dragging their feet! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABullvPHzXo
  17. I like the idea of Brisbane 2028 better
  18. Yes -there are three made by Kingdom sports Group its on their facebook page
  19. Currently watching on Indian TV as I could not make it to the stadium 30 advertisements in the add breaks here and its not even LIVE anymore, just had the flag go in
  20. I posted this to Skyscraper forum but as typical they deleted it http://au.news.yahoo.com/queensland/a/-/mp/7980450/7news-investigation-new-delhi-security-risk/ WATCH THE VIDEO IT IS JUST SHOCKING! 7News investigation: New Delhi security riskAAP September 20, 2010, 5:29 pm 123 Comments Buzz up! Send EmailIMShare DeliciousTwitterMyspaceDiggStumble UponFacebookPrint Security concerns have been raised by an Australian television news crew which says it has filmed explosives being sold from illegal shop fronts in New Delhi, just weeks before the Commonwealth Games begin in the Indian capital. The Seven Network news crew secretly filmed the sale of ammonium nitrate and a range of other explosives, in a report shown on its news broadcast on Monday night. They also filmed a salesman offering them a remote detonation kit, which could trigger up to 200 explosions, in a restaurant carpark. The kit was built into a rolling suitcase. Seven says they took the suitcase casing and repeatedly breezed past armed police security at the main arena for the Commonwealth Games. Ammonium nitrate was the explosive used by in the 2002 Bali Bombing and in the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995. Security concerns surrounding the Games, starting on October 3, have been heightened by an attack on tourists on Sunday. The outlawed terror group Indian Mujahideen claimed responsibility for the attack in which gunmen on motorcycles fired at a tourist bus at the Jama Masjid mosque injuring two Taiwanese nationals. Indian Mujahideen warned they were preparing for a "great surprise" during the October 3-14 Games. But the Commonwealth Games Federation has dismissed any link between Sunday's mosque shooting and the Games.
  21. The athlete was injured The media made this story up The Irianian Sports Administrators are actually very nice people - I know them personally DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING THE MEDIA TELLS YOU
  22. Lack of international exposure is OK Here on the ground in Singapore it is a very exciting event Dont think of these Games as an Olympic Games - its more of a chance for the smaller countries to embrace a major sporting event that they get the chance of hosting. I was a bit iffy about it, but the village is great, the atmosphere is just like a normal Olympic Games without the stress, limited sponsors, limited international audience. BIG THUMBS UP for these Games already!!!
  23. I just got back from the Ceremony - it was BRILLIANT and everyone loved it - it was very hot and humid and the rain fell in the afternoon. Most of the VIPS stayed to the end and there was an incredible amazement watching the Flame it is just unbelievable! So far BIG THUMBS UP for Singapore Logistally the Games are different without the sponsors and lack of international supporters - its very much a local engagement but Singapore so far is doing a Wonderful job
  24. Some team pins are here Pins Lots more on the website
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