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  1. Davis. The trumped up controversy of 2006 team relay was ridiculous and we owe him one. Plus his 5th Olympics and all his medals/credentials.
  2. Thanks !!! I was hoping to find an all in 1 schedule. Having it in a spreadsheet... Priceless
  3. I bet there will be a lone child on the field as teh stadium is quieted to make us remember the the innocence. I think its require now along with the Oaths. AJ
  4. The Kuwatis will be marching under the IOC flag since the NOC is banned not the atheletes themsleves. Kinda Silly if you ask me, let them march under their own flag ( or BAN them for realsies). I didnt realize India was under any sanctions... whats their story? AJ
  5. http://www.si.com/olympics/2016/08/01/rio-2016-olympics-medal-picks-predictions-projected-medal-count SI picks are online
  6. https://www.yahoo.com/news/2016-rio-olympics-medal-projections-170521859.html?ref=gs AP just published its picks AJ
  7. Ok I found some one who went back and looked at the 2012 predictions. Turns out Gracenote DID do a London prediction (different name at the time). Long story short in 2012 SI was 17 more than Gracenote 99 to 82 but was closer to the actual result. Also of the 13 predictions SI was the fifth lowest with Amrican medal predictions. Id say SI is fairly reasonable and little US Bias and was pretty spot on for 2012 http://www.topendsports.com/events/summer/medal-tally/predicted-2012.htm AJ
  8. I may have to go back and check how accurate SI has been in the past. Gracenote VMT has USA at 92 medals while SI has USA at 118. Of course Grace not is using an algorithm based on recent results, which is on its 1st Summer games ..... so who knows how accurate that may be. AJ
  9. Volleyball Indoors: Men Bra, POL, RUS Women US China BRA
  10. I actually have a hard copy of the preview issue ( which has all the predictions) but Im having a hard time finding the online version. I do a fanatsy Olympics game so I rely a lot on these predictions. Best I have found so far is Gracenotes VMT.. Which is done by country and not by Sport http://sportsdemo1.gracenote.com/documentation/vmt Hopefully somone can find SI's soon. though to be honest gracenote is suppose to have an update next week right before the game. Considering Leyva was an alternate before at the time it was published ( he was promoted due to Orozco's injury) SI is a bit out of date. Gracenote is apparently being updated next week.... AJ
  11. First day down -- well day and a half in China and 53 nations down. only 152 to go.... so far everything has been live, but I'm going to have to start watching taped events soon == I got a job to go to on Monday!'' AJ
  12. Thanks man -- now the hard -- devising the schedule that will allow me to watch all 205 countries. its tough as I have a full time job and twin babies at home. Luckily the wife is a bigger olympic fanatic than I and will taping nearly everything NBC and its partners show. Though I'm gonna have to rely on the live feeds for many of the countries. Lucky for me 100 M preliminaries are in primetime here in Texas. Half my task will be done that night. AJ
  13. To answer my own question....the sports illustrated website has a listing of each nation and it competitors. Not sure how complete it is but I narrowed my list down to 1!!!! Dominica anyone have who if anyone they are sending. -- All I found was an article about a 400 m runner who may be going... Link to SI http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/olympics/.../country/a.html AJ
  14. Tacks?? is that what they are are using to keep them on?? sounds painfull!!! sorry -- old, old, old joke
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