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  1. As a Parisian, I'm a bit torn by the idea of an opening ceremony on the Seine.

    Of course it's gonna be a security and logistics nightmare, but that doesn't worry me too much. We're kinda used to that, every year on Bastille Day, 300k people attend the military parade on the Champs-Elysées, 500k spectators watch the fireworks on the Champ de Mars in the evening, and a few days later, another 300k people attend the last stage of the Tour de France, without any major inconvenience. Now of course, the Olympics are an even much higher scale, but as we say, impossible n'est pas français.

    As someone said a few weeks ago on the Tokyo opening ceremony topic, ceremonies are mode for TV, and this one will look amazing if you're watching on TV. The aerial views of Paris at sunset are stunning, and the fireworks on the Eiffel tower always look impressive, so it should definitely be one of the most picturesque opening ceremony ever.


    But as incredible as it would look, I'd prefer if the ceremony was held at the Stade de France because I intend to buy tickets for it, and I feel like a ceremony on the Seine would ruin the rythm and the surprises like SeriousPotato said, and kill the unity of space and time that you have in a stadium. 



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  2. On 8/14/2021 at 12:24 AM, Sir Rols said:

    I’m pretty sure the bike tour on the rooftops of Paris was NOT green screened. Looked pretty real to me. And it wasn’t meant to be about stunts, but location. Paris itself was the wow.

    As to the concert, it was advertised as live. Unless you have any other information to the contrary, I assume it was. Any clarification from French members? The only bit I have a doubt about was the shot of Macron atop the Eiffel Tower (could they have a drone or a chopper in the vicinity with the aerial stunt jets about the fly through the space?).

    As to the suitability of the city to an open, citywide OC, IMO if any city is suited to it, it’s Paris. From the Seine to the magnificence of its boulevards and landmarks, the city is a star in its own right that couldn’t be conveyed as well from within a stadium. Even if they go for a traditional stadium ceremony, I’d say tone your hopes down for a grande histoire and recreations of Madame La Guillotine beheading Louis Capet or Napoleon retreating from Moscow - if the Japanese have developed a reputation for stark minimalist ceremonies, the French have themselves for weirdly avant garde. 

    I was at the ceremony in Paris and it was live of course. (The shot of Macron wasn't however).

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  3. On 23/09/2016 at 0:35 AM, ejaycat said:

    I'm curious to know, how the Parisian media and the media in the rest of France, is covering the Paris bid for 2024.

    In Los Angeles, our media is pretty much saying that Paris is a strong contender for 2024.  How about in France; are they saying that Paris has a lock on 2024?

    No, there's pretty much the same attitude from the French media towards LA than from the Californian media towards Paris. 

  4. As a Parisian, I can tell you that Paris is empty, there are probably more tourists than actual residents in the city at this time of the year.

    Yea you just described Spain and Italy, yet they like to travel. Just simply say the French are snobs and full of themselves to venture outside their own borders it's far easier lol

    Ripley is right, we do have everything we need in our own country, french landscapes are so diverse that many people don't feel the need to go abroad (it's also way more affordable), yet that doesn't need we're all snobs and full of ourselves. According to this survey,French people are more likely to go on vacation abroad (44 %) than Italians (38%) and Spaniards (34%): http://www.europ-assistance.com/sites/default/files/barometre_ipsos_-_europ_assistance_2015_-_synthese.pdf

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