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  1. That idea was also suggested previously on this topic. I believe that it would be spectacular, but also too risky, maybe they are going to try something less ergonomic
  2. Hmm, so looks like that Ric Birch is a little tired of producing olympic ceremonies (maybe after that big flop on the Torino 2006 ceremonies...). I wonder who will be in charge for this ceremonies. Also, I wonder how are they going to use the roof for their advantage?. Just a curious offtopic pic, from the OC of the Expo 1986 in Vancouver. Maybe they are going to make a big stage at this side of the arena?
  3. It seems that you're a little bored, eh baron :lol:
  4. Olympia was also the song performed during the entrance and lighting of the Olympic Flame at the opening ceremony. If i'm not wrong, i think that Rei have it. Ask to him if you're interested.
  5. WTF? That cauldron in the video seems like a giant grail to me . It reminds me of the ugly cauldron of the Busan 2002 Asiad. Plus, it will be much difficult for the spectators to see the flame. Hope they come with other idea for it.
  6. Is it me, or this is one of the olympics with the lowest support ever?
  7. According to what i have read, the IOC has liked a lot these mascots, perhaps it will be a return to the traditional ones instead of having a modern style mascot again? Whatever, i just hope that the number of mascots are not high.
  8. Sorry, this are the episodes published at Youtube for the moment, in order. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3
  9. Yep, as they announced when the mascots were unveiled in 2005 to mark the 1000 days countdown, the cartoon of the mascots (originally called Friendlies, but changed into Fuwa) has been released during the last countdown for the olympics. This is the first episode, i think. This episode freatures Ying Ying (the tibetan antelope), his voice is recorded by famous singer Jane Zhang (who also composed a musico for the olympics ''Open up your Dreams''). http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=h9buOGGScqU Previous olympic mascots who had cartoons were Misha, which animated series was made with a colab between russians and japanese (sadly, this last country would boycott the games too). Barcelona 92 mascot, Cobi, had it's own series, ''Cobi Troupe'', and Atlanta 96 infamous Izzy had a little movie for TV called ''Quest for the Olympic Rings''.
  10. If the band is japanese, then forget it. Everybody know that China hates Japan (and Taiwan) to the death. The first song is composed by Giorgio Moroder (he composed also for Los Angeles 84, Seoul 88 and the famous ''Un Estate Italia'', the theme of Italy 1990 WC). Since is a composer of the 80's, what did you expected? Besides, the name of the song is almost the same of Barcelona 92, so it's hard to mee to see this song as the main theme.
  11. After the logo and brand unveiling, i'm expecting something really futurist, probably there will be disco and pop music at the handover, something like Manchester 2002 commonwealth games (or the funky parade of nations of Torino 2006)
  12. I saw Curse of the Golden Flower some months ago, not better that Hero, but can give us an idea about what Yimou would apply at the OC. Now to contribute with pics of previous big games hosted in China, the OC of the 11th Asian Games in 1990 at the Workers Stadium (yeah, that stadium where the China Bowl was scheduled to be player past thursday, until it was postponed until 2009)
  13. Carles Santos Fanfares for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics Ceremonies. Enjoy http://www.filefactory.com/file/a04a5a/
  14. Well, this is the image and look of the Commonwealth Youth Games in Pune (India), 2008. The mascot is the same thing, only with some details, like the eyes.
  15. I have to admit it, some months ago i was very worried about the pollution and the bad weather at Beijing (also the big question about making the games in August, a month with usual bad weather in great part of Asia). But now it looks like that the chinese are changing this things, since now i'm seeing a very clever sky at the last Bird Nest photos, along with a Landscape work (the trees) that, when it's complete, it will be breathtaking for sure (if only Athens 2004 would had time to make this arround the stadium, that's why some people think that the village still looked like a construction site). Definitively, along with Barcelona 92, these games will change the image of the city, making it look more modern and clean.
  16. Honestly, i never complained of the torch or the route. The only ones who anger me are Taiwan authorities, they are really acting like a babies.
  17. Oh god, i tought it was so good to be true. These people are really a morons, first they agree with the final route before the unveiling and now they refuse it completly?? What the hell on world is happening, is Taipei president and NOC a morons??. The IOC must be very, very worried about this thing. But they have enough time to talk before May 25, 2008. Hope they make an agreement. If Taiwan boycott the games, then the history of Seoul 88 (which ironically where also olympics in Asia) will repeat, when North Korea angered with the south because they didn't wanted to co-host the games, and decided to boycott (as well for Cuba, who were the only country that suported their decision).
  18. Well as i promised: Unveiling of Beijing 2008 Torch Video. Wait something more for the torch relay vid and other things. And here we go again with Taiwan . Now they are totally angry because, even that they're named Taipei, the torch will enter to Hong Kong (Mainland China) after the relay finish there, so they consider this as an attempt to include Taiwan at the domestic relay. Anyway, Hau Lung-bin, Mayor of Taipei said, “we don’t want any hypothetical situation stopping the torch relay, giving Taiwan a bad reputation of political interference in sports”. He said, “we are ready for it. We will take the Olympic torch to the top of the world’s tallest building, the Taipei 101 and let the world know Taipei”.
  19. Well, i didn't had time to watch it Live (but i recorded the unveiling ceremony since i have CCTV-4 at my cable service) because of the works. For being honest, i liked the torch, also the spiral shape at the end of it (where the flame will come out) is very interesting. As i predicted (haha! i got ya ), it is the turn for Buenos Aires now to be the south american city hosting the torch relay (congratulations for Argentina). Anyway the rest of the relay throught America was very short for me, only Buenos Aires & San Francisco?? I tought they would use Mexico again or some caribbean city. The big winners of the torch relay hosting are Asia, since it will pass for new zones like Islamabad & Bangkok (shocked that Nagano was elected instead of Tokyo). Now im going to save the vids and upload them to Youtube for those who wants to see it again or for those who couldn't watch it (anyway en.beijing2008.com is too damn slow)
  20. Well, now it's already April 26 in China, so it will be a matter of hours to see finally the torch design & route. Anyway, with the problems with Taiwan i'm having the felling that something bad will happen (hope not). What i want is something innovative, that doesn't repeat or copy the previous torchs, something that makes a big jump for the future designs
  21. Yeah, ''unfortunely'' xD. Taiwan demands that the torch relay route don't put their country like it was part of China territory (Macau, Hong Kong, for example). They want that they appear like a country that has nothing to do with the other one, since they still consider a independent country from territorial China, although this last ones don't accept it. Anyway, hoping that the things end good. If this get more complex maybe the relay & torch design anouncement could be delayed.
  22. Finally, the story had a good ending. Taiwan acepted to make part on the olympic torch relay. It also has been confirmed that the Everest WILL BE included on the route also. And now, ladies and gentleman, we are on the week of the unveiling. This thursday, i hope to get a good surprise
  23. No , the torch relay & design will be unveiled arround April 26, it's official now. We gotta be more pacient for the moment xD
  24. Well we are now on April, the month that BOCOJ promised to unveil the torch relay & final design of the torch, but i guess they are still studying if it is a good idea to make the relay in the Everest &/or Taiwan.
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