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  1. Yeah, i think they are putting the new design with the mascots. Since one of them will appear mostly on the website... Hahahahahahahahaha
  2. Personally i was expecting a biggest flop, but looks like they did a good job this time. Im my personal opinion, these are BETTER mascots that the Torino ones, since they represent more the region in which the olympics are being hold. However, i still don't know why i cant unrelate them with the fuwas (maybe because of their style). Can't wait to watch the unveiling vid at Youtube, maybe it will grow up for me.
  3. First pic i could find on the internet: Until i see a better picture, i will not give my toughts on the mascot
  4. A friend of mine, Erik Bell, helped me to get this (altought i think the original file is on NationalAnthems.us). Before the Olympic Hymn of Spiros Samaras was aproved as the official anthem of the games (in 1960), the olympics were permitted to use their own olympic anthem. Probably the most distinguished case was the Olympische Hymne in the Berlin 1936 Olympic Games (the nazi ones), composed by Richard Strauss (the one written for the Berlin Olympics). According to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympische_Hymne) : In 1932, Richard Strauss was approached by Dr. Theodor Lewald, the German Olympic Committee’s representative to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The German committee desired an anthem composed for the 1936 Summer Olympics to be held in Berlin. Early in 1933, Strauss agreed to compose an Olympic Hymn, with the condition that a suitable text be found to set to music. However in 1933, the IOC chose Bradley Keeler's composition, written for the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics, as the official Olympic anthem for all time. The IOC however accepted Lewald's proposal to allow Germany its own Olympic anthem for the Berlin games. Gerhard Hauptmann initially agreed to write the required text, but he never produced it. Therefore the text was determined by competition. Wilhelm von Scholz, President of the German Poets’ Academy, won first place but his composition (a Germanic ode devoted to Siegfried’s battles) was considered far too nationalistic. A second competition resulted in 3,000 texts submitted. Most were unsuitable, but from fifty possibilities, four were sent to the composer. Strauss chose Robert Lubahn’s and said he was "extraordinarily satisfied" with it. Lubahn, an unemployed Berlin actor, received 1,000 Reichsmarks on September 22, 1934 for his poem. It consists of three stanzas, each of which ends with the word “Olympia”. Here is the file: Richard Strauss - Olympische Hymne Also i leave the lyrics of the song (this were the lyrics used at the Opening Ceremony in 1936): Völker! Seid des Volkes Gäste, kommt durch's offne Tor herein! Friede sei dem Völkerfeste! Ehre soll der Kampfspruch sein. Junge Kraft will Mut beweisen, heißes Spiel Olympia! deinen Glanz in Taten preisen, reines Ziel: Olympia. Vieler Länder Stolz und Blüte kam zum Kampfesfest herbei; alles Feuer das da glühte, schlägt zusammen hoch und frei. Kraft und Geist naht sich mit Zagen. Opfergang Olympia! Wer darf deinen Lorbeer tragen, Ruhmesklang: Olympia? Wie nun alle Herzenschlagen in erhobenem Verein, soll in Taten und in Sagen Eidestreu das Höchste sein. Freudvoll sollen Meistersiegen, Siegesfest Olympia! Freude sei noch im Erliegen, Friedensfest: Olympia. Freudvoll sollen Meistersiegen, Siegesfest Olympia! Olympia! Olympia! Olympia! A photo of the rehearsals at the Berlin Olympiastadion, with Richard Strauss directing the orchestra PD: Olympian, if you can help us with a correct translation of the anthem to english, i would be thankful.
  5. Huh? Maybe i would check the Time Zone diferences (here is 13:32). Let's see what they gotta show, hope it's not another flop.
  6. I see hehe. Well as i told you my knowdelege of german is very low , anyway they used some interesting music also during the lighting of the flame, altought very simplistic.
  7. Spirit Bear or Otter could work perfectly, altought in my personal opinion there are more posibilites for the otter, since the bear is a mascot already used in three olympics (Misha, Hidy and Howdy and Coal).
  8. Thanks for the translation Olympian. About the sound file, i'm sorry, it only contains the opening speech by the President of Germany and some kind of fanfare signalizing the entrance of the flag, but not the anthem. Here is the file: http://www.olympia72.de/reportagen.mp3
  9. Oops, sorry, my bad . Anyway some excerpts of the music used at Munich 1972 can be found here:http://www.olympia72.de/ekecheirija.htm. Incluiding some audio records like the opening speech and entrance of the flag. The first track below the flame pic is somekind of ancient prayer for peace, but since i don't know much german, maybe Olympian2004 could understand it . I got only one track from the CD Olympia Parade, which are the musics used during Spain, South Korea, United States and East Germany. Anyway it's worth to listen: Kurt Edelhagen - Spanien: Flores d'España | Korea: Hongkong Parade | USA: Washington Walk | DDR: An Der Elbe
  10. Well, since i never listened actually to the complete music of Montreal 1976, i can't tell much about, i just said my opinion because of the few things i have hearded from extracts. The two ceremonies had a very different style, and the strong rain the day of the opening on 1976 didn't helped that much (and on the closing ceremony a guy entered the turf an ran naked arround the performers ) Anyway, Kurt Edelhagen made a great music for the Parade of Nations, as you say, which featured musics of each participant country (for example, when USA entered, they used a special version of ''When the Saints Go Marching in'' as their music theme, and the host country was received with the traditional Polka music). I think the original CD can be finded on eBay or in Amazon.
  11. According to the Montreal 1976 Official Report, the anthem overture started to play right when the Olympic Flag arrived into the stadium, carried by eight male athletes and accompanied by four female athletes (these twelve representing Canada's ten provinces and two territories). When the flag arrived onto the pole, the Orpheus Choir (formed by Canadians of greek origin or ancestry) sang the original unaccompained version of the Olympic Hymn by Spirou Samara and Costis Palamas (that's why the pitch is somewhat similar to the one used at Athens 2004). Another curiosity is that i think some international games after Montreal 76 used this arrangement as somekind of official version of the Olympic Anthem (before the releasing in 1985 of the Harry van Hoof arrangement which, as you say, is used currently on the IOC Sessions). I say this because i remember to have listened to this same version of the anthem at the 1983 Pan American Games Opening Ceremony (when J.A Samaranch hoisted the olympic flag). Speaking of other musical performances at Montreal 1976 OC, the report says that there was a massive performance of the Canadian Anthem (performed by a World Youth Orchestra composed by musicians from young people's orchestras of thirty countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas), as well for the March of the Athletes directed by Victor Vogel, based on musical pieces composed by Andre Mathieu, which had a very neo-romantic style that had a powerful effect on the athletes and the spectators. If you watch the vid that Christosm posted on Youtube about Montreal 1976, take a look at min. 01:48 and you will see what i'm talking about. Simply superb. Maybe i should try to search for these ceremonies, since i think these were the first ones to introduce important cultural performances (altought Moscow 1980 is mostly remembered)
  12. Looks like the Montreal 1976 Olympic Anthem link doesnt work, try going instead to the page where the original link is located here: http://www.nationalanthems.us/forum/YaBB.p...m=1103577522/45
  13. To keep alive this thread i find something very interesting at NationalAnthems.us forums. From the Reinhard Popp's collection, the Montreal 1976 Olympic Anthem Download Here! Another musical piece from Montreal 1976, the Official Theme of the games ''Bienvenue a Montreal'', performed by singer Rene Simard, from Youtube (contains excerpts of the Opening Ceremony) It's sad to see that Montreal 1976 had a very powerful music soundtrack, and now it's pretty hard to find any of these musical pieces, like the March of Athletes or the Cantata for the Flame, after the lighting of the cauldron (which much of them were based in compositions by the canadian musician Andre Mathieu).
  14. What can i say? i'm a little surprised about Bangkok (altought not totally, since they hosted recently the Summer Universiade with sucess), but i was pretty sure for the beggining that Moscow and Singapore would enter the final race. As i said in some thread before, since Moscow have hosted a lot of youth festivals and that sort of things, they got a lot of chances, but Singapore has proven to be a worthy rival (and let's remember that on the last bids the favorite always lose ), so i cant predict exactly who would take the victory. But for me, it's one of the two. Athens could have chances too since they have recent infrastructure thanks to the 2004 SOG. PD: james, when you got 18 years, maybe you will be able to say something coherent. You should not visit this forum.
  15. I've been looking very worried, on these last months, about the great amount of xenophoby which is growing more stronger on the world (specially on USA and Spain)...and now the fact that these things are now happening on Canada, which are one of the countries with most aceptance of any social class or race, is really disturbing
  16. Well, putting on scene famous national legends or stories on opening ceremonies is nothing very new, and it's becoming a cliche . Like the legend of the discovering of Barcelona on the 1992 OC or the Arabian Nights (which was the main theme of Doha 2006 Closing Ceremony). Also, the Bangkok 98 Asiad OC was based on the Ramayana myth (which also contains an antromorphic monkey, Hanuman, as a main character). The Journey to the West is probably the most famous tale of China, but i think they would prefer to talk more about the east and about the history and heritage of China, instead of just a tale (and knowing Zhang Yimou, the martial artists will not be excluded on this show for sure).
  17. I like the logo, simple but effective. Since Moscow have a lot of experience in hosting youth events (specially during the Soviet time) i think they got a lot of chances to get the games. Can't wait to read the report...
  18. I don't have much expectations for this mascot, but we must wait and see, maybe they would bring us a surprise. I'm hoping they return to the clasic 80's designs for the mascots and they leave behind these abstract designs that have been a failure over this last years.
  19. I wouldn't consider it too much ''State secret''. Three months before Torino OC, details of the ceremony were already unveiled (the stage and cauldron) and weeks before a lot of details of the performers and even the placard girls (and no, it wasn't fan pictures, they were released by italian newspapers) Doha didn't unveiled much spoilers (just one day before at the Skyscrapercity qatari forums, from guys who took pictures of the rehearsal), and at the end, it surprised the great part of us.
  20. Honestly i don't dislike Haakon & Kristin, i think they were nice (also it was original to use two real boys during the events resembling the mascots, it has never been done before). Nagano 98 mascots...well, they were an abstractic crap. I still think that the mascot (or mascots) will be surely a Spirit Bear or a raccoon (i know it has been used before, but why not again?). But they are taking too much time for unveil them, i hope that the wait is worthy (not like London 2012 logo , it makes Vancouver 2010 logo to look as a masterpiece)
  21. I don't have much confidence anyway on doing a Opening Ceremony on indoors. I know that David Atkins are one of the best show producers of the world, but i'm afraid that the characteristics of the arena would dumb up the show.
  22. No. It's just what i fear it could happen, but they haven't speaked. Besides, if the national olympic comittee wants to participate on the games they can, remember that countries like UK, at Moscow 80, supported the boycott to the olympics but they let their national olympic comittee to compete on the games if they wanted to.
  23. Well, what did you expected?. With so much tension and hate between these two countries, i knew that this was going to happen soon or later (from the very beggining the taiwanese politicians were complaining with the route)...and be careful if Taiwan decides to boycott the games on a future. The sixteen years of no politic intromission at the olympics have ended with this, i'm truly dissapointed with the chinese
  24. I tought from the beggining that they would use some Cirque du Soleil team for the ceremonies, but they brought to many of us a good surprise. Looks like they are going to do a great show. And well, there you got it. First Nations tribute again, just like Victoria 94 CWG ceremonies. So at least we know that the totem poles are going to be present there (i'm hoping anyway that they don't copy the native american greeting at Salt Lake 2002 OC) By the way baron, i mentioned Ric Birch since he refused to participate at the contest.
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