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  1. I'm ok with the clouds, i think they are simple and nice (altought i personally prefer the Athens 2004 one, with exception of the type font). The last ones which i remember to use a similar pattern were Sydney 2000 with that blue waves (and the olympic rings in gold color, along with the ''Sydney 2000'' letters). As i can remember, the first true look of the games was introduced in Mexico 68 with the black and white patterns representing a native culture from there (also the first ones on having an unnoficial mascot, the dove of peace, which was the emblem for the torch relay). Munich 1972 used pastel colors into their banners. The main elements of Barcelona 92 brand were the skyline of the very same city, as well for some mosaic patterns inspired from Joan Miro. But the color was mostly blueish.
  2. Beautiful, probably the most beautiful of all the olympic venues for Beijing 2008
  3. Good news, time already to make it look more modern to the time of the olympics in 2010. Also, i suspect it looks like VANOC was stressed out about the stadium structure for the opening and closing ceremonies, for the risk of having a considerable old roof which, as everyone knows, flatted the past year and produced considerable damages to the arena.
  4. Talking about that, a pic i got from Durban Sandshark from the Beijing 2008 official videogame. I know, probably it will not look the same, but just to make yourselfs an idea.
  5. As always with your negativity baron Anyway, a more recent pic of the Bird Nest, now with almost all of the roof covered with the panels: http://d.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/p/ap/2008011...pics_xob102.jpg As for the fireworks show, i guess it would be two circles: one at the border of the visible roof for the spectators and the other one at the outer border of the stadia. I think Stade de France did something similar at the closing show of the 1998 World Cup. Not to mention the fireworks from places outside the stadium, like Athens 2004. One of the recent OC fireworks who didn't convinced me was Sydney 2000. Just a typical ones behind the cauldron (and i think some at the aboriginal segment), but that's it, nothing spectacular, altought the rest of the show was epic.
  6. UPDATE!: Interior of the Water Cube, this pics have recently appeared on BOCOG website.
  7. Hello there Pkiachule1. Sadly i don't have time for the moment to upload the OST, but you can find it on eMule (i think also on Bittorrent), you should try these programs. See you
  8. Thanks Chateau Petrus. I have translated the text to english in order to be viewed at best
  9. Maybe you have not seen how much olympics have been hosted already by USA, don't you?
  10. Well, early pictures had show a big pit underneath the field of the stadium (even more bigger that the one made for the Cycladic Head at Athens 2004), so perhaps they will do something real interesting with it
  11. New updated pics of the Bird Nest as for December 31 (from Yahoo.com). Looks like the seats are already being installed By the way, all the venues have been completed, with the exception of the Bird Nest (but of course, they still have to remove the tabris and dirt arround the venues or else it will look like a site in construction). The National Stadium will be completed in March.
  12. I also hope not. However, on an artificial democracy like China, being honest is already a crime :S . Anyway i wouldn't be stranged if what she said was true.
  13. Well, as far as i have heard, looks like there were some unfair decissions by the judges who helped the thai athletes to climb to the first place. But i don't think this is the first time a host country won like this (at 2003, the hosts, Vietnam, won the overall championship, i think that was repeated on Jakarta 1997 with Indonesia). As for the opening ceremonies, at Bangkok 98 Asiad, they made a good show (far better than this SEA Games one), and it was not dedicated only to the King, but to the culture of the country and Asia (altought they had a little tribute to him before the parade of nations). Anyway i don't think that, for the first Youth Olympics, the ceremonial factor is so important.
  14. They have proved to make a decent organization of sport events, i think they still have chances to 2010.
  15. What i like of the winter medals is that they got more chances to create something innovating since (since the summer medals always have to show goddess Nike on the front part). Surely it will have some pattern related to the First Nations tribes or with Canada in general. Hope they make a good design My fave winter medals are all from the 90's (Albertville, Lillehammer and Nagano). The Torino's donut was not bad, but i think the dimensions were over-exagerated.
  16. Honestly i can't remember any other olympic host with the same pollution problems and debates like Beijing. The air there is pretty poluted, not recommendable for athletes who have to breath oxigen deeply at this kind of events. They tried to even ''bomb'' the sky with chemicals to try changing this, but nothing. Their promise of a green olympics will surely end on a failure. The 1990 Asian Games were held at Beijing, does anyone here knows something about how the events went and if there were complains about the pollution on that ocassion?
  17. Funny that the great part of us have qualified Quatchi as the ugliest of all the mascots, but right now is the most sold . Quatchi mascot the runaway fave
  18. As I can read for the news, a great number of kids loves the mascots, and most of the critics are qualifying them as ''cute'', but they need more explanation (since using mythological creators could have been a bad idea for the merchadising). About the names, VANOC says that they choosed the names in order to be easily understood by the rest of the world (i already memorized their names, but i thing Quatchi it's the most dificult to me to remember). For the moment i conclude that the negativity storm is not as bad as the one with the logo (Inukshuk), they don't need big time to grow up on the people. Speaking about the ''asian'' style, perhaps most of you must know already that the japanese have made a lot of influence to the actual animation styles. Like a lot of cartoons you see now on TV (for example, this ''Avatar - The Last Airbender'' series on Nickelodeon have a strong japanese style, and i don't see any boys or kids complaining about it).
  19. One of the pics over there reminds me of one vancouver2010.com put the past year when they announced the mascot competition. Perhaps they had already the designers? Who knows By the way, i'm not surprised with the destructive comments on CBC and CTV websites about the mascots (altought they are not as agressive as the people reacted with the Lisa Giving Head) , some people still don't understand that the main target are the kids. Maybe because most of us have grown in other generations, but we must admit that this generation is not the same. I think the mascots are good, after the London 2012 logo flop, they somehow took away from the the bad taste from my mouth.
  20. In fact, Sumi is a mixture of the Thunderbird and the Spirit Bear, i think
  21. Mascots doing sports (wallpaper from the site):
  22. They have some kind of quiz on the website: ''Which mascot are you like?''. I got Sumi . Well, it's my favourite mascot (altought similar to Nini from Beijing 2008). Mumuk is not bad tought.
  23. And finally, a video with the unveiling: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/sto....wolymascot1127
  24. Three small pics from the unveiling ceremony. The ''live'' mascots look loyal to the original design:
  25. Better quality pic of the mascots (from the CTV website)
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