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  1. Let's be honest people. EVERYBODY not only on the forums but those who are watching the olympics, desires on the bottom of his heart a boycott, altought this will hurt greatly the reputation of the Olympic Games. But to see so much hypocresy of the chinese goverement with the peace and love, and acting reckesly like they have forgot of their promise to the world which they made in July 2001 is unconcievable. China is simply afraid of changing, like their neighbours did, they want to keep with the communism, and, while they still have a lot of power, they will NEVER let go Tibet (or else that will be a message to the inhabitants that they can speak if they don't like something), never caring about the fact that all of us know already that the communism was the biggest lie of the 20th century (and which sadly, there are still countries who thinks we still are at the Cold War). To think that an olympic games would change politics in China was stupid from the very same beggining. Still, i will still watch these games, since i'm a fan of the olympics. However, i don't think i will look at them the same way after all this Tibet issue.
  2. I have a question, and i tought this was probably the best place for it. Is there a posibility that the admin can change my username from rav3n to Ikarus360? I use this last one on my Youtube account where i have my olympic collection, as well for my email, and i would like to use it also at GamesBids.com to be better identified by other users. Thanks!
  3. No offense, but with all of the crappy bids by that time (even the canadians weren't expecting much of Toronto), Beijing had it easy. Of course, it looks like that the IOC forgot about what happened with Moscow. The security in Greece during the torch relay will be the most tighter in the history of the event, since they are afraid that protests go out of the hand. The unevitable thing will be protests, but at least China will have to be satisfied with no boycots.
  4. The main reason for so much repression is to prevent this issue on Tibet to get imitated on other parts of mainland China. And now it's happening. Between 50 and 100 students made a silent protest on Beijing University against the violence at Tibet, from 19:00 to 23:30 (Local Time). However, great part of the students are from tibetan procedence. On other hand, Europe have already refused to make an olympic boycott, since the olympics can't get politicized. In my opinion, the boycots will be made specially by the athletes and visitors who are coming to Beijing, but the NOC remembers what happened in the 80's with the boycots. I wouldn't say the IOC are acting like cowards in not doing much (for not telling nothing) against the situation. But i'm pretty sure that they are cursing the day of the last doing of Samaranch in front of the big house.
  5. No, the first pic is not the cauldron, but some sort of lamps being installed arrond the complex.
  6. What it makes me angry is that the olympics are supossed to be an event which promotes better relationships with the societies. About my comment on a previous thread, i'm against the people who tries to trash these games all the time with the Tibet thing (altought they are not perfect, lets watch the air polution), but not against their possition against Chinese goverment. But now, after the recent events on China, i think i will have to regret my previous opinion, since i believed until now that the chinese goverment would have more caution. This could be a sad oportunity of having a bloodbath soon (they have warned already to the disidents there to give up until tomorrow, or they will face all the weight of the law.), something i hope doesn't happen. For those who have read history, you will know that all goverments and powers built by blood and violence will not have a happy ending. Soviet Union wasn't eternal. So will not communism in China.
  7. Uh oh, why do i have the feeling that we are going to hear soon the magic ''B'' word?
  8. Or do you mean Human Rights? uuhh, well, not really Now seriously, i hope the IOC don't make the same mistake on the future. The level of pollution at Beijing is truly crazy.
  9. Don't have anything about her, but i would be very dissapointed, since she already sang on an olympics before. They should give the chance to a new face. And i'm pretty sure that the style will be similar like ''The Power of the Dream'' so i don't expect much for what is her entry for the song contest. I just hope David Foster dont put an entry or i will lose the interest completly. Too much olympic songs by him already! (Calgary, Atlanta, Salt Lake, Torino...)
  10. Oh god, i swear you guys i'm really pissed off of this whole Tibet-Human Rights thing with China, the only comments i see on Youtube on a Beijing 2008 video are of hippies, making unrelated comments. When are they going to give up??? I'm not against freedom of Tibet and those things (in fact i'm against much things that China did and covered with lies), but THIS IS THE OLYMPIC GAMES!! Not the United Nations sessions or some stupid discussions like the present Colombia-Venezuela issue with the FARC. We already know that involving politics on the games almost destroyed them, and do you think the boycott helped to end of the Soviet Union (altought they didn't lasted too long after the games)?. Do they think that rioting and screaming to the heavens about these things are going to change something on China? China didn't took any risk when they bid, they simply are not going to speak about the human right things because they DON'T GIVE A F*** about it. Neither Rogge is going to speak, because he would prefer the games not to lose it's reputation. It's all matter of convenience. Get it on your heads already. They got right to speak about it and criticize it, but this is not the time for it.
  11. ...the International Olympic Committee only mandates that the flame be seen by everyone inside the stadium. Well guys, with this, the confussions about the IOC policy with the cauldrons should end now, and it seems that it doesn't matter that the flame cannot be seen outside of the stadium. Something interesting if we put that to Beijing 2008. I wasn't expecting another thing, there was very little time to built a retracatble roof. PD: Baron, why do you always defend SLC2002 or Atlanta 96 on the forums?
  12. I heard something about this guy. He did some weird fireworks which created a black rainbow over the skies (also he did one during the night, but in colors). Some videos of it: According with the news i have read, i confirm it. He is the responsable of the special effects on both opening and closing ceremonies. Altought this is not very recently, looks like Zhang Yimou already had him on his deck arround 2006. To end some confussions about the creative team for the olympic ceremonies, i will post a link from the Beijing 2008 website, with all the most important names involved (incluiding Cai GuoQiang) http://en.beijing2008.cn/culture/ceremonies/n214143744.shtml
  13. Go back to Nirvana, you hippies ! Now seriously, i'm sick of these people who, in reality, don't show the general opinion of the vancouverites about the games. And they should so something more productive, instead of vandalizing a clock (like that spoiled boys are going to gain something bigger with it)
  14. I consider Spielberg position of leaving the production team because of the Darfur issue as a big, utter lie. There must be another hidden reason which justify better his resignment. Not only China, but no nation have the right to meddle in other countries issues, is THEIR OWN problem (and similar excuses like this were used by USA in Moscow 80 and the Soviet Union in Los Angeles 84 on their boycots). I'm not against Africa, but like other user said previously, why we should keeping helping a continent which has not helped itself? Just look all the civil wars and goverments which have lasted for more than 20 years, which are disguised dictatorships (Zimbabwe, Angola, Egypt...), as well for the rage they have between themselves, fighting like wild dogs (specially with the ethnicities. Any help we could give them, it would be destroyed by their own foolishness over and over again.
  15. Well guys, the Beijing National Stadium has launched an official website for itself, take a look: http://www.n-s.cn/en/
  16. Screen for the stadium General view of a tribune Interior of the Stadium Workers poses to the cameras (see the works at the center of the field) Combinations of colors being parcially tested at the exterior Flags outside the stadia
  17. Just to see the work of Han Chunqui on dress design, here are pics of Farewell my Concubine (from the link posted previously at this thread: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?...4/DD62UENJP.DTL ) I don't think we will see some dancers dressed only at colors to form logos and figures on the field like Barcelona and Atlanta. As i can see this will be a little abstract like Athens, but it will include a little more of Broadway style to it. Better or worst than 2004, it will surely be something interesting, and i'm looking for it.
  18. Seats of the Bird Nest are almost completly installed
  19. This are both good and bad news. It was still too hard to imagine an opening ceremonies on an indoor venue (specially for the olympic flame). But also, to build a retractable roof in just two years seems to be truly hard, specially with the canadians bad fame on the roof issue (remember the Big Owe?). But what happened to the other football stadium which was being built for the local football team (i don't remember clearly the name of it now)? It could be an option still for the organizers in case of emergency?
  20. Curious to see this, specially when the UK will be the next host of the games in 2012
  21. Jeez, aren't they going to open the games in London 2012. Those monarchs, i never liked them to be honest. The games should be more canadian, and be opened by a Governor General, like in Calgary 1988 with Jeanne Sauve (but anyway it's the only GG i remember to have opened a multi-sport event on Canada, besides Winnipeg 99 Pan Am Games).
  22. I agree with most of the opinion arround here. Moscow is probably one of the most experienced cities on the world on hosting sport events. If we just talk about the experience, even a 2 month child would say that the russians will win this bid. But anyway, Singapore have a good experience on hosting large events and conferences. The fact that they have not hosted so many events doesn't mean they are bad organizers, if we give a chance to this asian country, they would come with an awesome games. And it's not just about sport, is also about education and culture (on this last one, Singapore have a lot of ethnic diversity, in my humble opinion) which i think they have been doing a good job. Also, i'm pretty tired that the IOC is always giving too much advantage to european cities on their bids, and America & Asia are being recently being underrated (well, i don't think the old continet will make it at 2016). I just hope they don't end like Pyeongchang (which was my favorite bid for 2014)
  23. The new sport hub doesn't have anything to do with the YOG. It will not be ready for 2010.
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