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  1. The games will survive, but the IOC reputation has been heavily damaged with this events (and with all the reason). This issue of ''shooting to stop'' is now the tip of the iceberg on this torch relay issue, something that it has never happened before. This is the total proof (altought all of us already know that) that both BOCOG and IOC are nothing but greedy monsters who only cares about their reputation than anything else. Jacques Rooge have dissapointed me for not having enough balls to face the situation and put a stop to China (of course not necesary to take the host away from them), and Samaranch, with all respect, was a complete ASSHOLE to give the games to Beijing. Is so dissapointing to see how the Olympic Games have been degrading itself into a money bussines, truly away from the original spirit conceived by Pierre de Coubertine. All the shame would fell on both of this organizations who have crushed our dreams on the last years. However i still going to watch the games since it will be very interesting to see how the things will end. But the Olympic Movement, in my opinion, needs a change of face now, before it's too late. Now i really doubt that the IOC will take risks on the election of 2016 and 2018 hosts. And a commie countrie will not host the games for a loooooong, loooooong time.
  2. Wonder if the FIFA would have more balls than the IOC just in case that China gets the 2018 World Cup (which i'm sure they will not )
  3. And now Japan joins the club. The Zenkouji Budhist Temple at Nagano (which some of us know to have been a central piece on 1998 WOG ceremonies) have refused to receive the torch at the Japan relay, in protest for the Tibet issue
  4. Pics of the Bird Nest during the test events: And yeah, i believe that huge wires on the roof will serve for ceremonial purposes
  5. Aw jesus christ, here we go again Seriously, stop using the olympics as a window for protests. No matter how much reason they have, that's not a good pretext to ruin a cool event. Cut it out already.
  6. Pics from the TV, showing us how the lights in the stadium works at night on indoors., the stadium is going to be opened on the next days: Daylight pics:
  7. Western media always lies...typical commie excuse. By the way, the image links are not working.
  8. Oh god...i'm praying that Buenos Aires don't let down so much Latin America like this recent events. Rooge surely wants to return to July 2001 and knock off Samaranch before announcing the winner.
  9. I don't see problem with overambition of a host with their torch relay, but i think they trusted too much in themselves on thinking that no protests would be held during the torch relay. By the way i don't remember the Soviet Union to have this problem with their international leg...oh yeah, i forgot. They did the torch relay only on the commie's countries at East Europe. Why didn't China didn't thinked on just doing the international leg just in Asia (where more people wouldn't have dared to do riots), in other words, only the Silk Road? This could have saved them of so much incidents.
  10. Well guys the worst fear is almost coming true. The very same Rooge is considering to end the international leg of the torch relay after the events at Paris and London, since he's worried about what could happen now in the future (specially San Francisco). Also (and just as i tought it would happen as i wrote on a previous post here), the IOC is also considering abandoning plans for an international torch relay ahead of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Is this going to be the beggining of a new hard time for the IOC, like the 70's - 80's?
  11. As a defender of human rights, i'm completly against the chinese policies with Tibet and their own citizens. However, i'm also very angry against this bunch of idiotic activists which seems to never learn the lesson that what they're doing will not change anything. Besides, and something that maybe much of you should have think already, IF THEY DEFEND SO MUCH THE FREEDOM IN TIBET, AS WELL FOR THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH, WHY THEY DIDN'T HAD THE GUTS OF MAKING THIS LONG TIME AGO AND USING THE OLYMPICS AS A LADDER FOR IT? Seriously, to using a big event as a window for this is a completly act of cowardice and oportunism, and it doesn't matter if the media is going to put them more attention if they do so. Besides, if they defend the cultural heritage they should respect also the heritage of the olympism, or else they also playing dumb. I support that they protest, but, like the infamous Chris Crocker would say: LEAVE THE TORCH ALONE! I see very difficult that a global torch relay will be repeated in London 2012, after all this chaos (and surely there's more to come). It was not mistake to give the games to China, but it was a mistake of the IOC to think that the games would change China for good. This is, by far, the most biggest problem Mr. Roogge has to face on his presidency.
  12. New pics from beijingupdates.com. Now the night aerial view is almost the same as the renderings:
  13. Jeez. And now the tibetan leaders went into the European Parliament to keep demanding a boycott (this case to the opening ceremony).
  14. Excuse me but do you have any idea of where are you posting?
  15. After watching all the pics and news, it's sure thing that this will be the most controversial torch relay on history. I also support the statement made by savas, the Olympia ceremony is an important cultural heritage of the greeks and the tibetans, who always speak about respect to other cultures, should have done the same thing. However, is China respecting the Tibet culture and rights? I don't think so.
  16. Thanks. Yeah i just knew about that minutes ago (or maybe since i didn't paid much attention to the speeches by the time i was recording). Not even the security could stop it. If this begun so early, i'm expecting a lot of protests during the torch relay worldwide, but surely it will be more difficult to do it when the torch arrives in mainland China.
  17. Just watched it without cuts in CCTV 4. Nice ceremony, altought i was a little scared since the flame took long time to be ignited at the mirror. No protests for now, i guess because of the high security device by the greeks.
  18. Is obvious that China is totally scared since the events held recently on Lhasa, they don't know how to manouver the situation the best way posible. And the worst thing is that a lot of things can happen in 5 months...
  19. Nice pic. As far as i know, i believe there is a different priestess for each Olympia ceremony, correct me if i'm wrong. What was the name of the priestess in 2004?
  20. Hi PYRROS2004, glad to have you back arround here! Hey can you tell me how much the lighting ceremony will lenght? Since i'm planning to record it and publish it at Youtube. Thanks
  21. I think they have spoken the best way possible, and i agree with the part that the IOC is not a political, neither an activist organization. However i still think they should, at least, give a little warning to China, instead of still believing that the games will change their politics (are they the only guys on the world who thinks that?)
  22. New pics of Beijing Bird Nest, along with some bird eye views (those are a little old)
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