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  1. Sorry pal, better wait until August 8 . BTW the cauldron is on that hangar at the roof for sure
  2. Ok, i suposse the Zheng He stuff will consist of projecting a huge map on the floor (since as i can see it will work as a screen to, kinda like Doha 2006). But please, not a giant boat stuff again (altough a chinese boat could see interesting) This was the giant ship of Zheng He he used on his travels (maybe it could appear at the opening) The kids laughing was the stuff Yimou was talking about months ago: they were taking pics of smiling kids from all over the world and they were going to project them at the stadium. According to his words it was going to be the most emotional moving part of the ceremony And wow, Chees & Go? We're going to see a huge Chess game on the stadium? OMG
  3. Sarkozy is such a stupid hypocrit and liar, first he was yellin to heavens that he was going to boycott the OC and now this. Anyway, that's how politicians ALWAYS work. PD: baron's right, you should not make too much threads when you could post this on the OC one, it's kinda annoying
  4. Well i remember have seen pics of the rehearsals of the closing some months ago at gettyimages. It was done by soldiers :blink: , and it looks like is going to be more of a mass people show.
  5. Hey guys, i don't know if this are the actual pics of the ceremony, but i think i have found the placard designs: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dragonpreneur/2661883666/
  6. They are good, but just that. I was expecting something more stylish, since i find this rather boring, But oh well, is just a poster XD
  7. Even now and now, i'm afraid i will stop coming to these forums until August 8, i just don't want to keep ruining the surprise. Well, obviously, since those were the first rehearsals, it was obvious that some technical problems would ocur, but they have three weeks to fix them, so i'm confident that the final result will be far, far better. The Chinese wall sequence was stupidly obvious, this could not be a complete OC without a tribute to the greatest chinese building of all time. Looks like the opening segment is going to be somewhat similar to Athens 2004, with the drums and that sort of thing, but more techy (and almost everyone who went to the rehearsals loved this part, so it will be good, even if it's probably a ripoff of the Zambouki drums from four years ago). That leaked picture MJ posted doesn't inspire me confidence, it looks like an amateur ceremony. But like i said before, these are just the rehearsals.
  8. The podiums reminds me a little of Albertville 92 (they were also pretty goldish)
  9. Dunno then. Perhaps for the medal ceremony?
  10. Not new, if i remember right the flagpoles positions changed in Athens 2004 too. Remember that on the OC the olympic and greek flags were hoisted on the east side of the stadium. And on the closing, they were lowered on the west side (where the cauldron was). Maybe they will do the same thing again.
  11. That quite sounds interesting but i can't still see how that is going to be sliced by half with the design type of that structure.
  12. LOL what happened to your ''secret'', Beijing? Some covered props under the Bird Nest Also, performers on ''star'' dresses? What kind of performance are they involved?
  13. Some pics of the actors (some sneak peak of the dresses)
  14. More pics (sorry to make a double post xD)
  15. Ok guys, i have some cool pics from the OC rehearsals. This time, related to the fireworks:
  16. The Rio 2007 OST wasn't bad ^^ . My fave song was during the entrance of the flages (O Guarani, a brazilian opera music).
  17. For the lazy people, i will post the images directly: Notice that there is a plataform on the center of the filed. A little detail unveiled
  18. It was obvious that the relay would went without problems on the domestic part. But that doens't cover what he have witnessed already on the international one (and we still haven't reached the Tibet and Everest part). Anyway i hope everything goes ok.
  19. Hehehe for being honest, i like them, they are very cute and the design is not much complicated like the Fuwas. My only objection is that they used again a goat-like animal as a mascot, like on Doha 2006 (altought lets remember that the golden goat is an important symbol for the city of Guangzhou) Anyway i think the thread should be moved to Other International Games since it doesn't have to do with the 2008 olympics. I just hope that we don't see again the Free Tibet stuff on two years ago and that they can make a games as spectacular as Doha (which is now a pretty hard mission after the great qatari's effort on their event)
  20. The IOC have dissapointed me. They are nothing but a bunch of money-hungry cowards. Pierre de Coubertin should be rolling on his grave right now. That's everything i have to say now.
  21. Strange structure. possibly related to the cauldron? We'll never know XD
  22. I've been thinking on the same, the screen just not convince me at all. Just to point something it looks similar like the Atlanta 96 one (scoreboard and digital screen together) The performers pics on the stadium are interesting. Of course what we will see in August 8 will be far more better.
  23. Exactly. Bids like Harbin and other risky ones like Doha or Rio (well i say risky compared to Chicago and Tokyo experiences) are going to have a tought time now in order to suceed, since the IOC must take off the dirt And 2010 are on Guangzhou. Also China will host the 2011 Universiade at Shenzen.
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