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  1. Lol i just was going to post the same but someone took advantage of me hehehe Anyway here's the pic: Sorry dudes, no Yao Ming lightning the cauldron
  2. Blegh....i guess someone will upload it to Youtube on the next hours
  3. Venezuela - The woman softball team will carry the tricolore at the opening ceremony (Venezuela will also march with it's biggest number of athletes on history, 103)
  4. Like i said before, beggining only on 3 would be such a waste for all of those drums, i dont think there will be a countdown on the screens. Oh and another thing, that numbers on the upper part are the chinese ones, not the romans.
  5. Hey MJ i know this is a rather uninteresting question but, is the countdown going to start on 3? Because then, the drums would be a complete waste, they should start at least from 10 (or like always, the number of olympics hold, in this case 29)
  6. You know guys i don't think there's such a thing as the best ceremony ever. I think that depends of what the people like to watch. Some people can find Athens 2004 OC (and, for example, Albertville 92 too) rather boring, but others can consider it as a great and interesting show. I think Atlanta 96 is somewhat underrated just because Barcelona 92 was more original, and that's not fair. I mean, Beijing 2008 OC is going to be good, in a way or in another one. That depends of the preferences of the watchers. So please, lets get back to the original point of the thread shall we?
  7. Well, Athens 2004 OC was transmitted without interruptions too back then (on the Meridiano TV channel), but the coverage of the closing ceremony was very poor T_T (they cutted the extinguishing of the cauldron, well at least i had TV Globo on my cable service back then). And on Torino 2006, they cutted the ceremonies a lot, but oh well, i guess it was because of the lack of interest on the winter games. I hope Meridiano shows the OC without cuts (since it will be very early, like 7:00 AM, and there are not much interesting events on that moment, besides the F1, i see hard that they cut the OC this time like on Torino). Anyway, the TVes national channel has bought the rights to transmit the olympics (which they're promoting very good, better than Meridiano) so i guess i better trust this channel, altough i hate the fact that they don't have such a great quality like the sport channel.
  8. Not again.... O_____O. Is not that she's a bad singer but, didn't she already sang on Atlanta 1996? Why again?
  9. WTF???? you got to be kidding me. CCTV 4 transmitted a lot of events related to the Beijing 2008 olympics, why are they not going to show up the OC??? I don't get it O__O
  10. I got CCTV4 on my cable service, which means is very probable that i can watch the entire opening ceremony Live without commercial cuts and comments (well i guess so, since the channel has transmitted all the imporant events surrounding Beijing 2008 such as the unveling of the torch and the countdowns, not mentioning the Special Olympics Opening Ceremony which was transmitted entirely. I mean, if they cover a less important event like that, why not the Olympics xD) Anyway there are other two national channels here which will transmit the olympics, altough i would prefer watching the great sho of August 8 on CCTV4
  11. Lol xD Kendegra, so you would be far more interested on Beijing 2008 if a terrorist attack ocurs or something like that?
  12. Maryjane, no offense but why do you publish pics unrelated with the opening ceremony on this thread? (i just see a bunch of crow coming out from the stadium and nothing else altough the last pics of the Aquatic centre are beautiful ^w^)
  13. Dudes, i got more or less how the lighting of the cauldron will be. From a korean website (once again SBS are such a thieves >o<) , this is what i obtained after translating it (there are a lot of mistakes but it gives you an idea http://news.sbs.co.kr/section_news/news_re..._id=N1000451458
  14. Ok guys, from Getty Images, i got a leaked pic of that so talked segment with the children smiles (i just hope GI don't kill me xD) And the placard girls, which will lead each delegation during the parade PD: Can anyone tell me the number of order Venezuela will march? O_O (yeah, that's my country)
  15. Hey guys i know is a little retarded question but, according to the pinyin alphabet, in which order would Venezuela march :S ?
  16. Thats weird, as far as i knew they were going to march again as one team D88 What happened?
  17. Dude xDDDDDDD have i told you already how much i love your comments? :lol:
  18. Hmph, some assholes on Youtube started to say already that the usage of whales on the roof were portraying Japan as a whale killer which commits crimes against nature, and that is a political message. Gimmie a break ¬_¬ BTW altough the videos got deleted they are being re-uploaded again xD
  19. Thanks for the info. Oh and BTW like baron said, the vids have been deleted, good thing i saved them on my hard drive
  20. Hmmm, looks pretty interesting and modern. The countdown looks like MJ told us (with that neon drums, now i see what was the purpose of those props i saw on pics). The raising blocks on the center makes an interesting effect too (and the projections at the roof, with that whales and birds are also awesome, but not that much like the giant Doha 2006 screen). But if you look carefully, this is not a full dress rehearsal since there are still performers with normal staff outfites (like the girsl who dance at the giant carpet roll). Also i'm a little worried about that boring looking placard girls, i hope they're not making also the dress rehearsal (but anyway great part of the people will not care much about this part, the Sydney 2000 ones were plain boring too) Anyway i don't think the entire content of the ceremony was leaked, this was just a little preview and i'm sure the final OC will be way MORE BETTER than this
  21. XDD i know i was just joking arround , i don't care watching the vids. And anyway, every ceremony has always released some short preview videos of it before the big day.
  22. AAAAAGH OMG PEOPLE JUST TELL MEEEE . Is this a worthy show??? Because it is, i'm not going to watch that leaked pics , anyhow the chinese officials must be very very angry that their secret is being leaked continuously (this was even worst than the Athens 2004 leaked pics)
  23. Ok dudes, new pics leaked (NOTE: Is not know if this is of the opening or closing ceremony, but is one of them.) Students from the Tagou martial arts school from Henan province practise at a training base on the outskirts of Beijing July 18, 2008. More then 2,000 students from Tagou martial arts school will perform during the opening ceremony of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and have been training on the outskirts of Beijing for a year, local media reported. Picture taken July 18, 2008. REUTERS/Donald Chan (CHINA) (BEIJING OLYMPICS
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