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  1. The speeches begin. Oh god this closing ceremony for the moment has been a big letdown T__T
  2. The entrance of athletes....why i have the feeling this is even worst that the gypsies on Athens 2004 closing T__T ?
  3. No way D8, the entrance of flags ALREADY :S ?? Is it over so soon. I hope not ¬_¬ but i'm having the feeling BOCOG ran out of money after that opening ceremony
  4. For the moment i love the powerful music and the light weels. The rest, way too much old school for me
  5. Its looking way too much old school type of ceremony, i'm still not amazed, but lets wait, is just the beggining
  6. This one is coverage of NBC. I know they cutted some parts but is probably one of the best quality vid you will find of the opening ceremony. Arround 5 Gigabytes in HDTV http://www.mininova.org/get/1679166
  7. ¬_¬ is it me or the Beijing 2008 opening ceremony, just like the rest of the olympics, has become a constant target for the activists and sensationalist press?. Gosh, i think enough is enough =3=
  8. Jeez, all those Athens 2004 fangirls....=3= I find very unfair that some people are unjustified trowing tomatoes at Beijing 2008 OC. Ok, it was not perfect, but come on. The scroll theme, the fireworks, the...aww whatever, do you really think that all the people focuses on the philosophical messages of a show, or prefer to see something with a WOW factor?. And you think the world is going to remember that the girl didnt sang (or the arrow didnt hit the flame, or the cauldron who came from a lake stood like for 3 minutes on the rail because of a failure, etc.)? THE WORLD DOESNT MOTHER F**** CARE (forgive my bad language ). This ceremonies acomplished the objective of being awesome and THATS WHAT THE WORLD DOES CARE ABOUT (Altough....i have to admit that the parade of nations was a piece of crap with that mariachis and bagpipes ). Sorry if i didnt put a long and detailed comment but i'm a man of few words ^^
  9. If they cant protect a simple tourist to be murdered by a common assasin, what are they gonna do with a terrorist attack (specially when they have been threatened a lot of times). This supossed strong security of the Beijing 2008 olympics is a farce
  10. Ok, i know that much of you want to have this memorable moment on their hard drive (or on a good quality video so you can burn it on a nice DVD). Since Youtube is deleting the opening ceremony vids very fast (i'm glad i practically resigned to Youtube, they would have deleted all my Beijing 2008 stuff). The following links are to download the opening ceremony via Bittorrent. You will need the following programs (only one of them): uTorrent, Bitcomet or Bittorrent Anyway here are the links (thanks to http://mininova.org/ ) ordered by preference. BEWARE, they are very heavy: http://www.mininova.org/tor/1676625 - Full Opening Ceremony in High Definition. 3.26 Gigabyte. http://www.mininova.org/tor/1676005 First hour of the Opening Ceremony - 328.57 MB
  11. Ok, i'll leave my toughts about the opening ceremony. So please, i hope Athens 2004 fangirls dont get angry with me (dont get me wrong, i still think Athens 2004 OC was an outstanding show, but the past is the past, lets focus on the present) COUNTDOWN Something you dont see every day. That futuristic countdown with the neon glowing drums was. Altough it became somwhat repetitive and dull at the end. The idea of the footprint fireworks which ''walked'' to the stadium was pretty interesting. The matrix olympic rings are indeed the response to Athens 2004 fire olympic rings. The effect was very well done 8D CHINESE ANTHEM The OC had to contain a little propagandistic segment, considering we're talking of a commie country. The ''Praise a song to the Motherland'' was really emotive (even better than the national anthem), altough this song was composed conmemorating the foundation of the People's Republic of China in 1949 when Mao Zedong said ''From now on, the chinese people will stand tall''. The anthem was average, but nice. PERFORMANCES Well, the scroll theme was a good idea. They connected each segment very well and it seemed as a chinese way to tell us their history. Dont get dissapointed if they dont showed all the chinese history, is VERY VERY HARD to condense all of that on one hour, specially if we include the modern China part. The way the performers moved above the scroll and painted it was too much Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon to me (in other words, AWESOME 8D). The Confucious disciples costumes (i think that was their name) were very detailed. The raising blocks was a very futuristic and well coordinated part, like a giant keyboard. Altough i wasnt much convinced on the way they tried to represent the chinese wall there, i think much of the people didn't get that part. Anyway, for people who trained for 10 months on doing this segment, they did a good job The chinese opera segment was very beautiful, i dont have much objections on this segment, i loved the way the pillars rised. The Maritime Silk Route was nice too, altough it didnt' impressed me that much Lang Lang and the little girl at the Piano was somewhat moving. The star dressed performers formed the well know dove of peace (it reminded me a little of Torino 2006 closing D8 ). For a moment i tought that kids receiving lessons was a hidden propagandistic segment, but i was wrong (they painted the smiling sun and mountains on the canvas). Last but not least. Sarah Brigthman and Liu Huan...what a way to close the show. The smilies fireworks were emotive as funny at the same time xD PARADE OF NATIONS Ok...the ONLY thing i liked of the parade of nations was the usage (again) of the chinese roll, when people walked above it, leaving their footprints and completing the image 8D. The placard girls were very elegant altough the placards were crap, but anyway, almost nobody cares of this little detail. The parade of athletes music was AWFUL. Seriously, the same musics over and over (bagpipes and mariachis, WTF?? O_o) OLYMPIC FLAG / ANTHEM The anthem was nice, altough i was surprised that those chinese kids learned to sing it on greek, which made it somewhat amazing. For a moment i reminded me of Athens 2004 anthem when it was performed by that orpheus choir, ala Montreal 76. FIRST SE LIGHTING OF THE CAULDRON Ok, the entrance was boring and for a moment i tought i would not see something awesome on the torch segment. I was wrong. The way how Ni Li (thats his name right O__O?) flied on the skies and walked through the Bird Nest roof (while the giant scroll with images of the global relay were shown) was trully outstanding and moving. The cauldron looked the best way possible, considering the difficult structure of the Bird nest (the cauldron seemed to be a part of the same stadum, continuing with the scroll theme). Better than Athens 2004, but still doesnt beat Sydney and Barcelona, i would put Beijing 2008 cauldron as my third favorite of all time.
  12. For those who couldnt see the Jackie Chan performance during the exit of athletes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiiantH-vd8
  13. Awesome 8D, not the best of all, but they did a good job considering how dificult it was with the complicated structure of the bird nest. This lighting of the cauldron kicked Athens 2004 ass xD. I'll give my detalied opinion of each segment of the OC soon. For now i must say the chinese have put an awesome and memorable show . When i find a link to download it on high quality i'll try to make all of you know ^^
  14. Only three teams left for the entrance of China and the end of the loooong looong but always interesting parade of athletes
  15. Lol, i've been hearing Mariachis for a long time on this parade WTF. I tought the olympics were on China xD
  16. Hahahahaha omg guys no offense but you must be crazy being at the forums and watching this WONDERFUL opening ceremony at the same time. Well, i have to say, after finally watching the cultural segment: Indeed, pretty different from Athens 2004. My only complains is that it was somewhat lineal with the giant chinese roll. I mean, there were some spaces on the stage which were not used. Even so, it was truly spectacular, but i will not give my full opinion of each segment until the ceremony fully ends. I will only leave my toughts, for the moment, of the beggining and the finale. The beggining...the best countdown indeed on a OC history, altough the rest was regular (the idea of the fireworks line from the center of Beijing until the stadium was good), but the most spectacular part of the beggining was the rising of the matrix olympic rings. The anthem was average, but the entrance of the flag was moving. However, o this part of the flag protocol, Athens 2004 wins. The finale, with Sarah Brightman...that song was 1000 times better than the Bjork ''Oceania'' crap i we heard 4 years ago. Indeed, this was the most moving part of the OC, i shed a tear from my eye. PD: WTF, bagpipes at the parade of nations hehehe we're seeing music from all the world, but its awful that they dont use it on the appropiate time (for example, using the mariachi music when Mexico marches)
  17. Actually it will be three hours and thirty minutes, altough the cultural part will last 1 hour
  18. Pics of the official preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NT7Hy2wxpZA
  19. Hehehe yeah xD i guess so ^^ Anyway, someone has finally uploaded the vid of the BBC of the opening ceremony rehearsals, see it because i'm afraid this will be the last glympse of it that we shall see on less than 48 hours http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NT7Hy2wxpZA
  20. Naaaaah you think? that would be such a copycat of Hand in Hand of Seoul 1988 (not to mention stereotypical)
  21. So, talking about the duration, it will be our average kind of ceremony. Hmmm not impressed, specially since members of the IOC like Samaranch complained some years ago about the excesive lenght of the ceremonies (specially on the parade of nations). Anyway, if it's short, then it must be the double of good 8D. About the scotties, too predictable, i was expecting bagpipes for the handover segment anyway xD
  22. What you say is true, however if he's going to carry the torch on the Bird Nest, he will certainly not be the one who lights the cauldron. The final torchbearer were never used, as far as i know, during the relay legs before the great day.
  23. Hmph, once again our friend zainhasan15 was almost close ^^. To be honest, i dont like the cauldron too much (it reminds me of some french fries box i saw in 1996, seriously ). But anyway, that pics dont talk too much about what we're going to see, so once again, wait until August 8 to watch the whole thingie
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