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  1. Too bad that we have to wait until the next year to see the Bird Nest finished, anyway i hope they do considerable progress when 2007 ends. I agree, the Munich Olympiastadion was the best ever venue for an OG, even more than 30 years have passed on & the stadium still amaze me, for being honest, i was very dissapointed when the stadium was not selected for the 2006 WC, and they preferred to build a new stadium (AA is cool, i know, but the Olympiastadion is more trascendental)
  2. Man, if i'm not wrong, you were the one who published your design of the olympic torch here, and later you sent the proposal to BOCOG. That means that they let people from the world to participate at the organization. How much about what you saying is true? Do you have some proofs so we can see it?
  3. Yep, if you see this image from the official website, is the proof that the clouds will be the look of the games
  4. I expected a little more of the reverse of the medal (like the Heaven Temple or the Chinese Wall), but anyway, not bad. I love a lot the place where the ribbons will be introduced, very chinese. Nice idea to use Jade, since is a very popular & representative stone from China (but anyway, nothing new, like nykfan845 said ) The front side of the medal is like i expected: from now on, the medals will use the new Athens Nike goddes design instead of the old-school Nike of Antwerp. That cloud-like shapes at the ribbons are cool, looks like this will be the Look of the Games that Beijing 2008 will use, simplistic but atractive, reminds me of Sydney 2000 look. Not bad medals, they appeared more faster that the Athens ones , i thought that they would show them up more later. Good bonus before the unveiling of the torch design & relay.
  5. It will be an awesome stadium, and completed more faster that the athens one . However i don't have any idea about how it will be the cauldron and how it will be visible outside . Or maybe they can just put a screen outside the stadium that shows the Olympic cauldron, or something like that
  6. Problems with Hippies? Call Cartman Pest Control Service, you will never have problems with them again, guaranteed And remember, "hippies can't stand death metal"
  7. I'm against wild totalitarism, but i think these people must be silenced once and for all, they're giving a really bad image to Vancouver, like anybody is not supporting, but against the games. The punishment must be increased for this acts, but knowing these hippies, they will not stop to anything, even if they need to become martyrs to make the olympics a failure.
  8. They're probably a bunch of idiotic secondary students that are always target for the bullies , do their moms let them to buy terrorist masks (or even to get out lately on nights? xDDDD) ? Now seriously, get a life, the vandalysm will not resolve anything (but worst it), and as i say before, it is time that Vancouver (and maybe the rest of Canada) stop once and for all the excesive liberalism. This kind of persons who think that destruction of the property is a peaceful message must end in jail. If they don't, i'm expecting a lot of bad things on 2010, maybe it could happen the same of Atlanta (the crazy bomber-man who was protesting for the abortion)
  9. Finnaly, just one month for the unveiling of the torch and the relay. Also we will finally know if the torch will finnally pass or not through the Everest & Taiwan. Hope they give us a nice surprise & not a dissapointment (anyway i'm sure that red will be the basic color of the torch) The relay will go again through the 5 continents, as a south american, now that the torch has already went to Brazil 3 years ago in Athens 2004, i think that they must give the chance to other south american city to receive the torch in this region, maybe Buenos Aires or Santiago de Chile.
  10. The protesters really worries me. On the last olympics they tried to give a bad image of the host city security, Beijing & Vancouver must fight with this to prevent these events to happen again (anyway i don't think that Beijing will have much trouble for obvious reasons )
  11. Pretty related with the style that VANOC wants to use for their Look of the Games. They could have done a better job, but anyway, is not bad. Offtopic PD: Wow, there are now a lot of pages competing with the almighty Youtube, this is getting interesting
  12. Interesting to see the countdown clock, congratulations for all the BC people. The Torino clock was made by the Swatch people (sponsors of the winter olympics). Let's see how it's the Omega one. I would liked to see also the mascot(s) but looks like they aren't ready yet (anyway looks like they're coming arround this summer )
  13. Looks like the chinese goverment is finally putting an eye on the pollution of the city. http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/PEK26505.htm By the way, what happened to that Friendlies animated series that they were talking about one year? For what i readed, i think that it will be released this year, but they didn't say no word about it.
  14. I think is a bit soon to release these albums, you gotta be pacient for them, they will come, but i don't think is the moment for it.
  15. Previous Coca Cola logo for Athens 2004 (is on the right corner upside)
  16. xDDD well, no one is sure, with the japanese freakness everywere (although i heard that the Harakiri ''ritual suicide'' was already forbidden). Did that thing happend also when Sapporo lost to Sarajevo in 1984 and Osaka in 2008?
  17. The election of Seoul as the 1988 host city caused some fear, because of the conflict with north korea & that a president of South Korea was assasinated time before the election. The main reason was to try to promote Korea and the peace. At the end, South Korea was promoted, but the relationships with North Korea were getting worst, since they decided to not participate because the comittee refused to co-host with them (then Cuba, as always singleminded, following the boycott as suport). Even with the polemics, the games helped a lot this country to devepolp, and become a world-recognized country- Now, in response to baronpierre, there was a time that the major part of the artistic performances were done after the protocolary part, Moscow 80 ceremonies began with the parade, speeches, raising of the flag, handover, flame & oaths, after that the athletes exit the stadium and a one hour show is performed. Some sport ceremonies of that time followed the example, like the Caracas 83 Pan Am Games opening (which was very inspired of Moscow). LA did the things more like today, first the artistic part and last the protocol. Seoul mixed a little of both past ceremonies (artistic performances before & after the protocol), since Barcelona, all the ceremonies follow the ceremony-protocol order of LA'84 (and they're no more on daylight, probably after seeing the fireworks (kinda like a terrorist attack ) and the dove barbacue (hahahahaha xDD)
  18. Just one thing, the downloads give problems when using Firefox or Opera web browsers (always stopping at the middle of the download ), so it's better to download the files with IE6. thatsnotmypuppy, do you have for casuality the bidbooks of Athens 96 & Nagano 98?
  19. Awesome job, a lot of thanks, never had the chance to read the 2008 bid books, interested to look at Sion & Toronto (who were the favorites to win on that time)
  20. After this, they better keep on mind a plan b, i can't imagine that the roof falls during the opening ceremonies xDDD
  21. (BEIJING, Dec. 21) -- The Executive Board of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) held its 76th meeting on Thursday, reviewing the progress of preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games and setting goals for the next year. The upcoming year will witness the implementation of Chinese President Hu Jintao's instructions on Games preparation and the full play of China's system advantages, with an aim to lift the nation's image and lay a solid foundation for staging a high-level Olympics with distinguishing features, through integration of various resources and further international cooperation, the meeting stressed. Substantive progress has been made in six areas of the Games preparation in 2006, a report heard at the meeting said. They include the construction of Olympic venues and related facilities, sports organization and Paralympic preparation, venue and urban operation, publicity and communications, services for national (regional) Olympic committees, media and sponsors, and exchange and cooperation with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and other international organizations. In 2007, BOCOG will push forward the construction of Olympic venues and related infrastructures and further enhance the city's service functions and overall operating ability; well stage 26 test events to examine the Games-time operation system; accelerate the organization of venue teams, advance and complete the transition of working mode from the preparatory system to Games-time pattern; boost service functions to meet the needs of the clients by further integrating each and every department, area and sector; formulate the design schemes and technical operation plans for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games; push forward such major projects as the torch relay and volunteer recruitment; extend excellent reception and service for the media; boost communications and publicity on the Games and enhance the campaign for civility to create a favorable opinion environment at home and abroad; stress team construction and stick to the principle of frugality and cleanliness with an aim to consolidate the organizational basis for the preparatory work. The executive board also discussed the issue of bringing in experienced personnel from overseas as a part of effort to make the Games more professional to meet the requirements for large-scale international sports events. Target areas include construction of venue managing teams, media reception as well as service for clients. The meeting also underlined the need to improve the civility of the local residents, and discussed in detail the work on test events next year. The meeting was chaired by BOCOG President Liu Qi, who is also member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and secretary of Beijing Municipal CPC Committee. Present at the meeting was also Chen Zhili, state councilor and BOCOG first vice president.
  22. The stadium was spectacular, too bad this didn't gained more fame that the scandals of the tower and the fiasco of the games. Anyway, looks like that Calgary learned from their errors and they did a great games, sadly, as it happened on 1976, Canada won no gold medal. That's why they are doing the ''Over the Podium'' project for Vancouver 2010. The games are best remembered for Nadia Comanneci triumph on the games, for sure. The seventies decade was totally caothic for the olympics (a terrible terrorist attack & one of the greatests fiasco's on Canada history), and after the massive Moscow 80 boycott, the games were dying and Lord Killanin couldn't hold it more and quited. For good or for worse, the all-time criticized exagerated LA'84 merchadising was one of the things that saved the olympic movement, as they gaved examples about how to use the money (these were the first olympics with NO collab of the goverment, but for only enterprises like Coca-Cola & the same Hollywood)
  23. Damn, as always, the chinese exploiting their people, no matter if they suceed on everything, they already crushed all the asian teams with a great medals difference and IS NOT ENOUGH?? Well, i guess if they want to beat USA they should train more harder, but hope there will be not repressions against them in two years if they fail.
  24. Yeah, but after taking a look at Doha (it was spectacular even that some thing couldn't be used because of the rain & high wind) they must be really scared now. I would really put in my mind the idea of realizing the games on September (as the previous asian olympiads like Seoul & Tokyo, for the same reasons). If they keep thinking that the number eight will bring them always luck, they will get a really nasty surprise, not only for the OC, but also for the rest of the sport events.
  25. Well, after the big screen of Doha, they could use the roof of the BC stadium to create something like that but even better, bigger & realistic (the technology will advance as always in 6 years, i don't see it so impossible).
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