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  1. Well, the Paralympic Games opening ceremony was covered entirely for the first time in Venezuela thanks to TVes, so i didnt needed to watch it online :P . Obviously, more simple than the conventional opening, but much better than the Closing Ceremony. The segment with the blind pianist and the constantly changing stage, representing the four seasons, was probably the best of the show. The rest was a little boring. altough emotive. Some of the musics used were better than the ones of the opening ceremony (like the entrance of the flag). The lightning of the flame was probably the most emotive part (the guy on the wheelchair had to climb by himself to the cauldron, altough probably he received some help since doing that alone would be pretty exhausting).

    About the looped music at the parade of nations, hmmm i'm not sure but i can swear i heard looped music also on other parades, like Salt Lake City 2002 (if i remember right i heard the opera music ''Carmen'' a lot of times).

  2. Hmmmmm. Are those for real, raven? How sure are you?

    I think they were photoshopped. Why would these pics be released if they don't show the full glory of Chinese paralympians?

    I think these are fake. U're obvously pulling your legs...errr, arms!!

    :lol: :lol: those are pics from Yahoo taken by Reuters so they arent fake. Besides i dont see why every performer on the OC must be a handicapped guy XD

  3. Well now that the Olympic games are history, the Paralympic Games are going to start the next week. So now i decided to open this thread so we can talk about the show they are going to make (ok is not going to be as good as the regular olympic opening but remember the paralympics sometimes bring us nice surprises, remember Salt Lake 2002 Paralympics opening? ;) )

    Anyway i will post the first pics of the rehearsals (thanks to Yahoo)





    For the moment this screams Torino 2006 to me, and they're going to use part of the stands of the stadium for the show as i can see.

    If someone has more pics of the rehearsals please post them here ^w^

  4. Well that was yet another disappointment. It looked very under-rehearsed and under-conceptualised.

    I want to see in my lifetime a closing ceremony that is as stunning (but not necessarily as long) as an opening ceremony, and one that has no local pop music performances for a change. Because, really, the international TV audience doesn't care that much about local music and hours of lip-syncing. Sydney's was kinda okay. Athens' was excruciating.

    What the hell happened to the scroll narrative? And what happened to that giant painting? PFFT.

    The scroll narrative returned on the extinguishing of the flame. But anyway, yep i wonder wtf happened to the giant painting? I guess it will be kept on a olympic museum as a reminder of the games

  5. Ok after taking a deep breath, i have to conclude that the closing ceremony was very simple, but at least, well done. The fireworks, once again, were the main attractions of the show 8D, and that giant Tower of Memories was cool. Even if they didnt had much segments like the Athens 2004 closing, i think it was better.

    About the extinguishing of the cauldron, it wasnt so much uninspiring, it clearly reflects a simulation of athletes leaving Beijing to an airplane and looking at the cauldron with the memories of the 16 days of competition coming to their minds. The London 2012 handover was nice, i think i put it on the same level like Beijing 2008 handover. Altough Beckham dissapointed me, ths handover didnt need him for anything.

    Anyway, the games were pretty awesome, but not perfect. Cant say the chinese didnt gave their best effort on those games, and the pollution problems werent so terrible as expected (altough the rain kinda killed the mood).

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