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  1. Not sure if anyone has noticed but it's great to see one of the seven young generation cauldron lighters in 2012 doing so well. Congrats to Desiree Henry on European gold and national record with the rest of the girls.
  2. I'd say an age restricted game might not have much appeal when anyone that is in to football can look to get tickets for one of the 10 permier league games that happen every week from August to May every year.
  3. Oh dear, oh dear as someone who lives less less than 10 miles from Glastonbury to hear it described here as a hot bed of satanism is just unbelievable. A hot bed of weird hippys and and people into mother earth, paganism and splifs absolutely but satanism no. Also a bit ironic when glastonbury is the considered to be the cradle of christianity in england. As for the tor it is an iconic and instantly recognisable site that is stunningly beautiful when seen from the hills around rising above the morning mists on the moors.
  4. While you haven't heard you still have hope. Of my group of friends those of us that have heard have seen only very small amounts withdrawn covering only 1 or 2 sessions at most, and from our calculations they can only be for the more minor sports (no disrespect meant to those sports).
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