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  1. Beautiful ceremony. Refreshing to see another new culture on the world (asian) stage. Rehashing Vancouver elements don't bother me. I guess projections will be the technology "thing" we'll see for a while. The dignitary box and raised end zone stages are similar to Vancouver's. Did David Atkins have a role in this production? I was at the ceremony in Vancouver and the skirt and ground projections definitely come off better on television than in person. I'm assuming it's the same technology here. I like how the whole ceiling is included in these projections. I was confused at times too with what exactly I was looking at with the orientation of the cameras. But I wonder if this all looked washed out in person as it did in BC Place. The ceiling of BC Place was not something you'd want the viewers to see. In fact BC Place is a pretty ugly arena and hopefully it get's it's new roof soon. Regarding the hole in the ceiling screen as it first opened I was reminded of "Independence Day" as the visiting aliens reveal their weapon of mass destruction to destroy Earth's cities : ). Thanks for posting!
  2. I was fortunate to see the "mosh pit" in Torino. We sat right at that end of the stadium. It was very abstract and wacky. When the legs came up it reminded me of the leg lamp from "A Christmas Story". I wish the NBC broadcast would have focused on it a little more. There was so much going on in the arena during each segment I'm sure the producers didn't know what to focus on. The pit made a great holding area for the athletes as they became a focal point through the ceremony and not pushed off to the side of the arena with the rest of the spectators. The giant skier was fun but not new. Calgary did a similar presentation. From our vantage point though you had to view the jumbotron to tell what was going on.
  3. First Post! Agreed Baron! I couldn't sit through the whole opening and haven't tried the closing because I was turned off. Tone it down.
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