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  1. I only mentioned the possibility of Sweden. I do not know anything about Sweden's social structure. I'm surprised. Norway, Switzerland's population is less than Sweden. Venue population does not matter. Just need a crowd of 10,000 people. And, Sweden already has many times the winter sport world championships. The 1954 & 2007 Alpine Skiing World Championships were held in Åre. Åre is the most popular resort in Scandinavia. The infrastructure is already stocked. You can create a temporary Ice rink.
  2. Östersund/Åre can't host Because too small ?? Fu*k you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Montreal and Guangzhou retired their bids according to any info. But, Montreal already held in 2005, Guangzhou in China will be held in tomorrow in Shanghai. I agree that "Sick of it already." I think that are not popular compared to world athletics. Because there are not many cities that have a swimming pool. And does not leave much in terms of marketing.
  4. Well, The bidding city was only 3 cities of Kazan, Mexico, HongKong. Kazan will be held in 2013 Summer Universiade and 2018 FIFA World cup.
  5. I had no idea about the population in Sweden. However, a small city or a small country can host enough. Pyeongchang is only about 40,000 people. The main stage is Pyeongchang. Sweden is in Europe, many people can visit from Europe. Ice rink can build a temporary. Åre has 30,000 rooms according to Pillan. It goes beyond the IOC standards. The most important thing is Sweden is a winter sports powerhouse.
  6. Tokyo 2020 official declaration will be made tomorrow on the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the JOC. Tokyo Sky Tree : The highest broadcasting tower in the world.
  7. Ski orenteering and Bandy it was included in order to obtain lot of medals only for Kazakhstan. Sliding center in Asia is the only one in Nagano. India held in 1990 Winter Asian Games, but had to return.
  8. IOC standard is 22,800 rooms. (As of 2007)
  9. Munich say we have 35,000 roems. Pyeongchang say we have 76,054 rooms is a lie. It is absolutely impossible. I think that include a cheap room or motel or exaggerated. And they promised to sell tickets more than Munich and Annecy. I do not believe. Maybe it is possible with free tickets and bulk purchase by sponsorships like World Athletics World Championships in South Korea next month. I hope any cities bid should not be repeated like Pyeongchang. Pyeongchang has purchased into all kinds of lie.
  10. There was nothing in Sochi. Moreover, Sochi is a summer resort. is true. Sochi is a lack of snow. The Olympics is not a tool of land development. Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Austria have no reason to be alienated. We need to enjoy the Olympics. Many people want the Olympics in there. USA already too many hosted. I see USA and Canada as one geography. If so 6-times already have. If 2022 go to Europe, 2026 is a time of USA, since then, there is no opportunity for North America until 2042. I think.
  11. There were no candidates. OCA had requested be held in Japan.
  12. 2022 is European time regardless of result of 2020.
  13. Yeah, Probably, the ignorance of the Korean media.
  14. But I think, the qualification will change for Korea team.
  15. Maybe South Korea ice hockey team can't participate in the 2018 Olympics. There is no automatic qualify for the host country.
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