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  1. Sochi left a pretty negative legacy - the cost, the politics, the doping - but behind that black wall it was a pretty specularly well-staged games. The management, the ceremonies (probably the best ever IMO) the look (ditto) were all top tier. But it had a rotten core - even the doping ran well like a well-oiled machine. Most of us expected Beijing to be the same. The surprise was, it ended up being so underwhelming.
  2. Considering the source, I wouldn’t put it past the new owners to be consciously using such terms as their part of the culture wars to negate gender-inclusive language. Then again, that might be reading too much into it. It’s been a common enough term until recently in my lifetime, that it didn’t leap out at me at all when my eyes skimmed over it.
  3. I don’t think anyone’s arguing that they’re going to get picked or host imminently. Just their suitability on one of these silly fantasy “100 years of hosts” lists. And on that basis, rather than being a bizarre addition, I’d say they’re Eastern Europe’s undoubted prime pick and possibility.
  4. … and let’s face it, an “anti-sex” bed story is always going to get more coverage and clicks than an “OV installs renewable beds” story.
  5. I’m not one to meticulously scrutinise venue plans, but they’ve made it through in the past to the late stages under the Old Norm with more rigorously documented and approved bid plans, so I’d have no reason to think they couldn’t come up with a viable plan again.
  6. I posted it more for the cheap wisecrack than for any actual valuable info. But, anyway, I’ve edited it to another link. Whether it’s accurate or not, those cardboard beds have long inextricably become associated with “anti-sex” in popular media coverage, so I guess we’ll have to become used to those cheap headlines (along with the regular “mountains of condoms in the Olympic Village” stories). And, yeah, ITG is sh!t these days. I’ve noted elsewhere their more sinister anti-Paris and pro-IBA biases. But they can still be worthwhile, mostly with such innocuous stories. And yeah, so often it’s written in weird Spaninglish, but after three decades online on international forums like GamesBids and engaging with lots of posters whose first language isn’t English, I’ve learned to become indulgent of weird and stilted grammar and syntax.
  7. Don’t worry, with 300,000 condoms, I think they expect the plan to fail… 'Anti-Sex' Beds For Athletes Arrive in Paris Ahead of Olympic Games 2024
  8. Yeah, that’s basically the situation in a nutshell. Any hopes, as slight as they are, that an alternative plan to QSAC will get up will only happen after October - and as you say, likely next year as the front running candidate has committed to a final Olympic decision after 100 days.
  9. I think you’re coming down to personal tastes. Nothing wrong with that, it’s almost impossible for any of us to look at such things without injecting our personal tastes and biases. For myself, I’d find Budapest more appealing than Warsaw or even Madrid. Ahmedabad doesn’t fire my enthusiasm the way a Bombay or Delhi would. Istanbul sure would be exotic, but many people here would say it has the opposite problem of Budapest - TOO crowded and populated. There’s nothing bizarre in ranking Budapest in a list of potential or desirable Olympic hosts. Many would consider better credentialed than many others.
  10. Headquarters of World Aquatics. Just hosted the IAAF World Championships. One of the best performing nations never to have hosted. If it wasn’t for their problematic political leadership, they’d make an ideal host - and even then, it’s not like the other most-mentioned 2036 contenders like India, Qatar, Istanbul etc don’t also have a big question mark over their own democratic commitments.
  11. Wow! It really is starting to become real and imminent! I’m starting to feel the anticipation mont for the games more than I’ve felt in a long time. Sure hope the arrival of the flame ignites Olymp févr in France. To our French members hope you all enjoy and soak up this time, t’s becoming real!
  12. I’ve long thought Brisbane got the games 10 years too early - a decade on and the chance they could have had their stadium issues sorted out without the pressure of it becoming an Olympic punching bag. They would have been in a much firmer position. Could they have won an old-style bid? Who knows? It would depend who they were up against. But I’m sure Coates saw the circumstances in 2021-22 as Brisbane’s best, and maybe only, opportunity to get them. Such a pity they won them so underhandedly and prematurely.
  13. It’s really sad, and distressing how drag and trans people have been put into the front line and become the convenient alt-right punching bag in the culture wars. It’s like f*cking Nazi Germany - let’s find someone we can all hate on. Shame!
  14. Thanks for clearing that up, I thought as much. I really only posted it because it was something I stumbled on. The website it came from used to be a very highly regarded source of Olympic news. Now it is little more than a travesty. It was taken over by Umar Kremlev, A Putin stooge and the head of the IBA, the former boxing association at loggerheads with the IOC. Lately, as well as having very poor journalistic standards, they’ve been running a LOT of negative Paris games articles, which I’m pretty sure is dictated by their owners. So it doesn’t surprise me to see the real situation is so different from their misleading headline.
  15. I think it would be fitting for you to start the thread Sebastien. I don’t think it matters too much where, though maybe in the general Paris area it might be more accessible
  16. Also, another storm in a teacup. Don’t know if these guys realise French is one of the two official Olympic languages… French MPs declare Paris Olympics to be English-free event
  17. Perhaps it’s time to start a new torch relay thread with the imminent arrival of the flame in Marseilles? If people think so, I’ll get round to it later on if someone else doesn’t start one themselves. in the meantime the latest in the Guerre de wokisme: Paris drag queen abused over Olympic Torch Relay role Sad, but predictable. We also had drag queens carry the flag down our gay strip in Sydney, and it wasn’t a huge deal. F*cking hate the tide of alt right outrage.
  18. At the end of the day, I’ve got no quibbles with the choice of Rio. I’m glad it won, I think it was important it hosted. Taking Chicago out of the vote so decisively was probably overplaying their hand - I think they would have, and should have, won anyway. That’s where I think a vote by the full membership still should play a role - the decision shouldn’t be solely on technocratic merit - or worse, at the whim of the current president or his cabal.
  19. Lol! Careful what you wish for, eh? Considering the date, he was probably still smarting over Chicago’s elimination in the 2016 vote, which of course was OC member voting skullduggery at its most blatant. But ironic how he holds up FIFA’s host choice process as an exemplar. I guess this was before Qatar was “elected”. Oh, what a sweet summer child you were Probst! (Is he ant relation to the guy who mc’s Survivor?).
  20. Now that’s interesting. So, in a long-winded way of bringing it back to this thread’s relevance, that means if Doha got elected, that would make Indian Ocean hosts leapfrog Atlantic hosts into second place.
  21. Hmmm. Maybe a few Roman emperor triumphs through Rome???
  22. Yeah, that’s when it starts getting messy. I remember many long moons ago having an argument with another member @Faster on whether the Adriatic was considered part of the Mediterranean. GamesBids seems to draw in a lot of geography fans.
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