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  1. With the caveat, of course, that it all depends on your budget, try for the two weeks if you can manage it. It’s a long trip to make from Oz, so make the most of it. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in Paris for an Olympics. And it’s a great city to explore in itself, with some great day trips you can make outside the city on “off days”.
  2. Hope you make it. Paris would be one I’d love to make too. Accomodation-wise, I’d probably lean more towards a private rental of a flat rather than hotel. But then again, I’m not sure how all that goes these days in the age of AirBnB (I’ve never yet tried them). Start researching online, I guess, to see what going rates are. Don’t hesitate to be a little bit out from the centre, as long as you’re near a metro line - I’d assume they’ll have transport working smooth as silk in games period. Personally, and this is my taste, don’t overload yourself with tickets and events, you don’t want to exhaust yourself trying to see too much. An event a day, or even every second day, is plenty to get the “vibe”. You’ll be in Paris! You’ll also want days to chill out and take in and explore that magnificent city! And don’t just stick to the big tickets sports - yes, try for a few, but also try and go to some of the smaller events, the tix will be easier and cheaper to get.
  3. Ah, the great “what if”. I must admit, I was really disappointed that Durban got stripped of the games. My enthusiasm for the Commies has diminished greatly since. I just can’t get excited about Birmingham, much less regional Victoria. Nevertheless, it’s pretty clear the CGF dodged a bullet. Covid would have already put a 2022 Durban games under a huge cloud - doubt they could have gone ahead. But even IF they persevered, now this… At least 306 killed in catastrophic flooding in Durban, South Africa's President calls it a climate change disaster
  4. Could Sydney stage the first indoor Rugby World Cup final in 2027? Interesting tid-bit from the SMH. So we could see Accor Stadium (the Olympic Stadium) get a retractable roof if/when the 2027 RWC is confirmed. Somehow I doubt @Olympics2028 would be so keen on a repeat Sydney Olympics under that scenario.
  5. No, there was never any plan to bid with NZ for 2027. The ARU and NZRU have been doing their own things since NZ got pitched out of co-hosting 2003.
  6. Well, Xi liked them! Chinese President Xi lauds hosting of Beijing 2022 at celebration event
  7. Okay, a trivia question: IF (and I know that’s a huge if) the bid were to win, would Andorra become the smallest nation to stage an Olympic event? Did the Vatican feature in some way in 1960 (even just the marathon passing through)? Otherwise I’d guess it would be Hong Kong (equestrian 2008) or the Singapore YOGs at this stage. @baron-pierreIV?
  8. But it’s at least adding to a “crowded field” of contenders…
  9. Won in a landslide vote???? Against thin air you mean. It didn’t win a vote, it was rubber-stamped. And, yes, we all know you’re fiercely defensive of the process that got it there, but there’s a lot to dislike about the process and whether you like it or not, a lot to be suspicious about. I know you don’t agree, but for many people, including many Australians, it was a tainted win… which is a pity because as I’ve said often enough, it’s a solid and good host choice and will almost certainly put on a good games. I’m just pointing out that it’s also understandable if some people consider it an underwhelming or unexciting host. It’s undeniably an outlier among the roster of Olympic hosts.
  10. It’s not really doing Brisbane any favours by building the lily and overselling it - it’s a nice enough and growing provincial city that luckily situated close to some major tourism districts. That’s enough for it to stage a pretty good games. Hopefully the Olympics will raise its profile, but it’s no London, Paris, New York or even Sydney or Melbourne. Interesting to see the Barrier Reef pics - Brissie’s not really close to the reef at all, even as a gateway. And we’re gonna have to cross fingers there’ll even be a Barrier Reef in 10 years time - my hope is that the games may put a spotlight in the next decade to spur some more action to preserve the reef, much as Sydney drove a lot of attention on our aboriginal issues.
  11. You gotta understand many people’s views, including many Aussies, that Brissie is hardly the most glamorous city to get the games. I mean I agree, I think it was a sound solid choice and we’ll put on a good games, but I can understand people not considering Brisbane an exciting or enthralling choice. Personally, I’m more excited for Paris than Brisbane.
  12. Of course. And in the end, it may be a great success, or may flop. Or basically more likely appeal to some but not to others. But at least IMO it’s an exciting attempt to break from the usual model. I’m looking forward to it much, much more than if this was a traditional ceremony in the State de France. And, hey, Baron’s going to kvetch about it all the way to 2024 and likely in the years beyond, no matter how it goes. I’d be shocked and disappointed otherwise At least he’s more entertaining than Olympics2028 continual moaning.
  13. I wonder how long he’ll last?
  14. Actually, this thread gets lots of posting traffic. It doesn’t need to be polluted by your repeat obsessions. And the only point you were making is your tired old point about not liking SoFi… which is totally irrelevant to Brisbane and long since out-stayed its welcome in the LA threads as well.
  15. How would you know? You don’t watch them. All books have pages and words and chapters. And a lot of them are published by the same publishers. I guess they’re all the same.
  16. F*ck off. We don’t care about southern Californian municipal arrangements. We don’t want your input into our Aussie ceremonies.
  17. Lol! Still got chicken soup left I made for him. But his turn to play Florence Nightingale now.
  18. Well, the Wuhan Flu finally got its hooks onto me My partner got it last week, so we’ve been managing isolation and keeping our distance. I thought I’d survived miraculously unscathed by the time we reached day 6 and one day away from freedom. Then I woke this morning feeling “not quite right”. Took the RAT and got my result. Don’t feel too bad so far, just not normal. Cross fingers… Just glad I didn’t get it two years ago and have been triple vaxxed in the interim.
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