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  1. Incorrect More than one candidate can be recommended to the IOC session for a formal vote: So basically, how many, or how few, cities they want to put forward to the vote is at the whim of the EB.
  2. Thank you! I didn’t think we did Birthday’s here any more, but so nice to get your wishes
  3. I never said Brisbane never got snow. Only that it’s been known to snow in the vicinity: In other words, just like Sydney never gets snow, it sure as hell snows usually some time each year as close as the Blue Mountains - which these days are virtually an outer suburb. And it’s sure not beach weather. The thing is, going by the charts you’ve supplied, the temps will be okay but not perfect. It won’t always be shorts and t-shirts weather. A daily max of 17-20 is not exactly balmy, and nights below 14 may not require thermals but at least some light jumper or cardigan if you’re spectating outside. It’s not a cold winter Sydney or a frosty Melbourne, but it’s still gonna be cooler than the average summer games. Acceptable but far from perfect.
  4. Yeah, I cheated a bit. But he was a leader still in 2022. And, yes, the pic is also a bit dated, but damn, he was sure a real hottie in his day!
  5. As requested, your chance to tell us all what world leaders you’d chose to warm your bed!!! Who do you soon over amongst the 2022 leaders of the world? I’ve chosen my list from suggestions and also by perusing a few internet lists of sexiest world leaders. I’ve also tried to consider countries with strong representation amongst GamesBids members. Feel free to suggest anyone you think has been left out (with pics if possible). Mostly men, as you’d sadly expect, but there’s a couple of female hotties there for the straight guys. I’ve tried to list them in the poll from left-to-right in their respective pin-up boards. I won’t limit the number of votes you can cast, so click away on as many as get your juices flowing. Have fun!
  6. Somehow, I doubt they’ll use MS Paint
  7. I also quite like him myself - I’ve had a bit of a man crush on him since he called out our PM for being the lying waste of space he is.
  8. It can still get chilly at night. Heck, it’s even been known to snow on the ranges nearby.
  9. Work on Paris 2024 Marville Aquatics Centre officially begins
  10. Yeah, but it really is a test for the IOC how they handle the sliding venue problem. Let’s face it, it is a really expensive venue to have to come up with from scratch, and in most cases un-needed, or unsustainable in the long term. It’s the most likely White Elephant venue for any virgin Winter Games territory. Basically, the IOC has to decide if the sliding sports really are a core sport of the games (I’m sure the Germans say they are), and if they decide yes, be prepared to accomodate some creative solutions. And to be fair, they do seem to be taking that stance to the point of, unsuccessfully, suggesting to the likes of PyeongChang and Milano-Cortina that they should consider cross-border options. The alternative is to start accepting it only as an optional sport, in cases when it aligns with the abilities, needs or desires of a particular host. In the Winter Games case, we’ve already had to get used to distances between anchor cities and the mountain sports. And in the case of the Summer Games, we’ve long got used to the distance solutions for such sports as sailing or equestrian (Stockholm ‘56 and Hong Kong ‘08). We’ve learned to live with, at least, individual sports occasionally having to be staged far afield. And, while I know many disagree strongly, in the case of Tahiti surfing in ‘24, I think it’s a brilliant solution and will do far more to showcase it than if it was in, say, Biarritz.
  11. Ostensibly, the main purpose of this board is to discuss Olympic bids. Which can mean a bit of fun speculating about offbeat bids that might be possible in an imaginary sort of way. But generally, when it comes down to real life bids, it means some serious probing of flaws and weaknesses in the proposed plans to assess whether it is really possible or likely to be awarded. And like it or not, the Timeframe constraint is a very real and very important factor nowadays as to whether a bid is viable. Now, you mention Brisbane. You DO realise that the main reason it was even proposed was BECAUSE of the Timeframe issue. Quite simply, as has been posted many times on his board since the IOC mandated the summer games MUST be staged in either July or August, Brisbane is the only Australian city that has the climate to comfortably host in those months. The days of date flexibility that allowed Sydney and Melbourne to host in September-November are gone - they were lucky to host when they did. Similarly, Doha has already once been rejected by the IOC for shortlisting specifically because of the Timeframe issue (well, there may have been other reasons, but the Timeframe was the reason publicly cited by the IOC). It was also to FIFA’s chagrin that they realised they had no alternative but to change the date of this year’s WC, despite it really pleasing no-one. It’s not trolling to bring up the Timeframe issue, it’s just pure plain consideration of reality. And, yes, the Timeframe problem really does narrow down the lists of possible hosts and means many otherwise well-credentialed cities are locked out of hosting. I can agree that in some respects that is unfair. But it’s hard commercial reality. We have to live with it, and accept and factor that into our discussions. Unfortunately, the conditions at present aren’t there for any serious attempts to change the Timeframe rule. Possibly the best chance in the future is that maybe, just perhaps, changes in broadcasting and the rise of streaming platforms like Netflix,. Amazon and Apple over traditional broadcasters MIGHT change the Olympics TV rights landscapes and allow some flexibility. But we’re not at that point yet, and maybe never. Also, elsewhere you’ve complained of members only favouring only “G7” countries, and snubbing developing countries. The Olympics are a massive and expensive undertaking, even for developed and rich countries and cities with many facilities already in place. Even then many developed countries, and their citizens, baulk at the cost of staging a games. Many proposals from “rich” countries also get highly scrutinised and rejected here because of the cost or unviability of just simply having all the pieces in place to stage a games. It also means that bids from developing countries, however exciting their proposals might be to many people, have to face the same scrutiny. And it also has to be factored in that they may not have the same economic resources others have to make their plans a reality. While I think it’s important that places like Brazil have had the chance to host, I think that they staged a good games and that much post-games criticism has been exaggerated, it’s understandable and important that we also question the cost of them doing so. The Olympics should sometimes be given to developing nations, and they sometimes are. But it’s been rare for the IOC to make that leap because it can only responsibly happen when conditions are just right to do so, and the citizens of such countries aren’t made to shoulder an unacceptable burden and aren’t being denied other more important needs in order just to stage an expensive sports festival.
  12. To be fair, they had little choice with Beijing 2022 (damned if they did, damned if they didn’t) and by the time the genocide evidence started surfacing they were in too deep to cut and run. And the whole Agenda 2020 thing (which as well as “encouraging” existing facilities also paid lip-service to tougher stages for “clean” sport) was very much prompted by the horrible legacy of Sochi earlier in the year. From statements they were making during Beijing 2022 and in the aftermath with the Ukraine invasion, I think there’s clear signs they’ve got a bit fed-up with how the authoritarian states blatant misuse of the games, and realise the bad PR such games are giving. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure for many IOC members it’s more a case of looking after their own interests than trust altruism, but I think it’s clear they realise they have to distance themselves a bit from such regimes for their own good. Nevertheless, Doha’s climate makes an easy and highly valid excuse for no go anyway, beyond their medieval political structure.
  13. I doubt they’d have gone as far as ask, or got blanket refusals across the board if they did (what’s there for the others to lose?). More, Sarajevo’s just a bit of PR and virtue signalling - just an attempt at a worthy gesture.
  14. US President Biden confirms support for Rugby World Cup bids in 2031 and 2033
  15. New Norm indeed started last year. It’s main new novelty was it’s introduction of the ridiculously opaque new host selection process. It incorporated Agenda 2020, the new set of policies, including more flexibility in venues and encouragement of existing venues (though indeed NOT mandatory). It was a adopted at the 2014 IOC session in Monaco. It was the “guiding document” that shaped the 2024, 26 and 28 host selections.
  16. The Paris website says the schedule will go public in the first half of 2022, so I assume by the end of June.
  17. Fair enough, though I think you’ll have to wait in queue behind Birmingham. Anyway, that’s up to @GBModerator. I could edit the title, but that might also be a bit premature until it’s given an “official” designation. Is it indeed officially named “Victoria 2026” yet (even if I don’t see what else they could call it)? EDIT: What the hell, I just did it anyway. Just generally musing here, but it’s unfortunate perhaps that the board’s population/activity doesn’t really support standalone forums for the non-Olympics events any more. Or maybe it’s a reflection on how the lesser games in general have declined in prestige or popularity. But I note the Pan-Am Games used to get their own forums until Toronto 2015, but Lima 2019 didn’t. Similarly, the FIFA World Cups got their own forums up to Brazil 2014, but Russia 2018 didn’t. The Birmingham thread has barely reached 4 pages, so I don’t know if it really will warrant a dedicated forum. It’s a tribute to the Victorians here that their excitement in winning and embrace and support of sports in general has enabled this thread to grow as fast as it has so quickly.
  18. Quite honestly, most of the incidents mentioned should be easy enough to google or search for on YouTube yourself.
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