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  1. Eye roll That’d be right - Victoria finally discovering an interest in “thugby” when there’s some serious international exposure involved
  2. Seriously, the big shock is the men’s tournament now going three consecutive editions - France, Oz and the US - without touching the Home Nations. After being used to having to hosting every second edition (I laugh at some of the commentary here that Oz is the “first” three-time host), what’s the odds that all stops are going to be pulled out to bring it “home” in 2035.
  3. It’s official: Australia confirmed as host of Rugby World Cup 2027 and 2029
  4. Good for city centre triathlon…
  5. Considering the primary focus of this forum is to discuss Olympic bids, debating Brisbane’s influence on future bids is more than valid. Of course it’s going to be discussed here. Cheer-squadding’s also fine, but that can’t be used as an excuse to forbid critique.
  6. And that’s the whole nexus of this “New Norm” - they can cherry pick whatever takes the President’s fancy. Sure, Brisbane might encourage the likes of Birmingham (UK and Alabama) to fancy their chances, but we all know if down the line they came up against the likes of New York City, which one the Future Bids Commission will be working with most fervently to move forward.
  7. What do you mean? They were always allowed to bid. After Barcelona, we had the likes of Lille, Manchester and Leipzig bidding. How were they disallowed?
  8. Wouldn’t an Orban referendum achieve whatever Orban wants?
  9. Well, I guess trashing democracy, persecuting LGBTs, costing up to Putin, stripping press freedom etc is really only a small price to pay for that.
  10. Yeah, I’d love to see Budapest host. It’s on my personal “wish list” of hosts. Just such a pity with motherf*cker Orban in charge.
  11. Well, out of those you mentioned, Delhi, Jakarta and Doha are all affected by… yes, you guessed it… the “Timeframe” problem (which, yes, I know you don’t like, but like it or not, it IS a specific constraint imposed by the IOC that makes those problematic). Baku I’d hardly qualify as a “glamour” capital. Budapest is probably too politically fraught to consider right now. Otherwise, yes, an Istanbul (if it had a less problematic government), or Berlin, Rome or Shanghai would likely appear more attractive in normal circumstances to the IOC than a Lille, Manchester or Sevilla. but who know’s what factors would influence a 2036 decision. The decision is years away.
  12. Modern pentathlon confirms obstacle racing will replace equestrian from 2024
  13. As someone who considers themselves a pretty keen video gamer (and that just shows you it’s not just a “youth” obsession), and as I’ve posted many a time here over the years, I can see some merit in it. But I also can see that it’s a rather large leap to make to think of it as appropriate for the Olympics. It opens up acan of worms - where do we draw the lined then? Poker? Backgammon? Trivia games? I guess while I’d be open to video games in the Olympics, I;m also comfortable to keep the Olympics for the more purely physical pursuits. And for all that e-games get hyped, and there are professional leagues such as Overwatch, I really don’t se that they are such a huge spectator market as many make out, at least outside Korea. The other problem is, it really is tied to professional commercial game development studios. It’s a bit problematic tho tie the Olympics in with corporate game studios.
  14. I agree that Bach and Coventry are definitely prematurely over-egging the “Brisbane factor”. It’s not like the cities already expressing interest are the mid-range calibre of Brisbane, or were likely “inspired” by its win. It’s all just platitudes at this stage (and lately too much of that sort of marketing crap gets posted here). That said, a successful Brisbane games would be a very important proof-of-concept in the ability of lesser tier cities to stage the games. Indeed, it’s vital to the IOC to make that achievable. But - still 10 years out from the Brizzie games and 14 out from the next in line - it’s unlikely to have an immediate effect. More likely it’ll be after Brisbane does its job before we start seeing more smaller cities who think they could do the same put up their hands. Also, yes, it’s always likely a glamour capital would have a edge over a provincial burg, but, hey, we’re in the “New Norm” era - they’re now open (and obliged) to pick whatever the incumbent IOC president and his inner circle on the EB think would suit their purposes at any given time.
  15. LOL!! You missed this one… ‘Uniquely qualified’: John Coates drafted letter of praise for himself to Brisbane Olympics organisers
  16. Fair enough, just as anyone else is entitled to comment if it seems the Coates fanboyism starts to get a tad over the top. He’s not the messiah… he’s just a naughty lawyer
  17. Really???? Every time the “New Norm” is mentioned, do you really have to spam the same old IOC press releases, time charts etc about it?? Give us some credit - most of us here are keen and informed observers and students of Olympic bidding. We’re well aware of how the “New Norm” came to be, how it works and what it means. We get it - and most of us aren’t enthused with it. And just as we’re all far-too-familiar with Olympics2028’s opinions on Olympic ceremonies and are sick of him spamming the same old crap over and over, we’re also all-too-aware of your defensiveness and religious-like attachment to the “New Norm” (and have a fair idea why that’s so). It’d be fine if you tried to legitimately argue its merits, but all you do when anything critical of the “New Norm” comes up is say “that’s your opinion” and then cut and paste some IOC marketing propaganda as your “case”. Anyway, have we done with Coates yet? He hasn’t died, he hasn’t resigned the IOC. All he’s done is step down from his NOC. Do we all need this hagiography of every tweet, news feed mention and article about it (some of them reposted multiple times in multiple threads). Are we going to do this any time an NOC or IF head retires and a new leader appointed? This has outdone the retirement and deaths of Jacques Rogge and Samaranch. The death just the other week of Alex Gilady was probably more significant, but hardly a whisper at all about it here.
  18. IMO, these “dynamic” logos are over-hyped. They sound great in concept and in graphic arts-speak, but ultimately, they rarely get used so dynamically or get noticed for that purpose. London’s was also touted as being changeable, with it’s main feature designed as an “infill”, able to be used in different colours, patterns etc: In reality, at least especially outside the UK, most media materials used the single, ubiquitous logo - usually the pink. Similarly, Rio’s was touted as the first “3D” logo Which was all very fine, made for a few nice collectables, but to all intents and purposes, when used on a TV screen, an internet site or the printed page, only the generic 2D version was able to be used. Again, the dynamic LA logo is great in theory, but when t comes time to use on banners, stadium hoardings, TV idents, printed materials etc, some single generic version is going to be bound to dominate - unless LA decide to go more for the use of LED panels in their stadiums, outdoor signage’s etc. Which, granted, is not beyond the realms of possibility, but would certainly not fit wth the concept of a cheaper, sustainable games.
  19. Well, it’s not like we’d be wanting to go to Hangzhou at this moment, under THAT regime, anyway.
  20. That’s fair enough. It’s also part of the board’s tradition that we can argue different opinions and political views. But be aware It is an opinion that seems to be out of step with most mainstream attitudes at the moment, though.
  21. That’s hyperbole. More important than, just for one example, the scrapping of amateurism restrictions in the 1970s? Plus, these latest “reforms” are nothing but a bait and switch con trick, totally deceitful and dishonest. The good and laudable parts (host flexibility, sustainability etc) were long in place since 2013 (Agenda 2020) but were repackaged and re-announced in the “New Norm” to cover up the really disgraceful change - the removal of any transparency and open scrutiny from Olympic bids and the removal of power over host decisions from the wider IOC membership and into the hands of the EB.
  22. Oil and gas The US (and Australia) is banning all Russian oil and gas imports and the UK will phase out Russian oil imports by the end of 2022. The EU, which gets a quarter of its oil and 40% of its gas from Russia, says it will switch to alternative supplies and make Europe independent from Russian energy "well before 2030". Germany has put on hold permission for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to open. Source: BBC you do realise these sanctions are already causing hardships and inflation in many nations - yet are still supported by the majority of citizens impacted. No, this forum is PRECISELY a place to discuss the “Russian thing”. Like it or not, it is impacting sport, so is totally relevant here. Not to mention that this forum has a long and proud tradition of discussing politics, especially when it affects the Olympics such as Athens, both Beijings, Sochi, Rio etc. I’m totally shocked and offended that anyone would suggest that such discussions be banned from the forum - ha is totally out of order. And, by the way, the IOC already is banning Russian athletes (extending from the restrictions on Russian teams already existing under its doping violations), so unless the IOC changes those, such sanctions are already in place for Paris.
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