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  1. Are we gonna get another special forum section for WC 2006 like we do for the actual Olympics (and I think was done for Euro 2004)?
  2. Hi Mod, I always like when we shift to actual games mode, with the special forum sections like we did for Athens and are doing for Torino. Just wondering if there's any similar plans to do the same for the Melbourne CWGs?
  3. I'm still waitingg to see Greenspan's turn on Sydney _ it showed here for like about one day in a cinema on the first anniversary of Sydney 2000, I think, then disappeared. Anyone know if it's available on DVD or (heaven forbid) VHS anywhere in the world.
  4. Hehehe, I just looked at the beginning of this thread and answered my own question _ I'd forgotten "Chariots of Fire" of course!
  5. Now that "Munich" is going to be out in cinemas soon, might as well resurrect this thread. Now here's a question _ if "Munich" _ as per current Hollywwod buzz indicates _ does end up getting an Oscar, would this be the first Olympics movie to get an Academy Award?
  6. Welcome to Gamesbids Dating, ladies and gentlemen. :laughlong: Seriously, where on earth has the time gone? I hadn't noticed that! Oooh. You're such a flirt, LA84! giggles coquettishly :sweet: blush
  7. I notice there's still a few threads relating to the Commonwealth Games _ such as "Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games update" and a couple of Melbourne 2006 ones still hanging around in the Other International Games" forum _ is it possible to get these shifted over to the dedicated Commonwealth Games forum as well?
  8. Okay, as I promised/threatened, here's some of my personal pics from Sydney 2000. Sorry if they're a bit large _ I only have MS Paint on my work PC, so I can't reduce them. Anyway: Me with some friends at Bondi for the Beach Volleyball, We decided to become honourary Brazilians for the day _ they had the best supporters! The Sydney Harbour Bridge decked out in the Five Rings Me enjoying the Olympic Live site in Martin Place, central Sydney. Mens gymnastics final at Olympic Park. I'm part of the crowd sitting directly above the action.
  9. Today marks the five years point since the opening of Sydney 2000, one of the great times to be in my home city. In the tradition of the Atlanta and Athens threads, therefore, I thought I'd open up this one. When I get home, I'll post some of my personal pics from the games. In the meantime, here's a story on AOC president John Coates, marking of the ocassion:
  10. Is anyone else having problems getting onto the Paris forum? Whenever I try I get the message "Ikonboard logged off due to a ridiculously large data request". It doesn't happen on any other forum here. What have the Paris boys been doing on there?????
  11. OMG, I didn't see this one posted. This is one of my all-time FAVORITE Camp movies - but the Olympic connection is so tenuous. You should be ashamed to even mention it, rol. Oh, and this was before Jenner had the bad facelift. You think that was tenuous? I was going to post some of Mary Lou-Retton's attempts at big screen immoratality. At least Jenner had a substantial role(?), well sort of, in CSTM.
  12. Thanks for the list, Kendegra. I'd forgotten all about "Golden Girl" from 1979 with Susan Anton as the Bionic Woman-type competitor going for gold at Moscow. Also starred current Desperate Househusband Robert Culp. And going back to my TV question, that list also mentioned "The Games", an Oz TV series made in the run up to the Sydney 2000 games (all the Aussies here will sure remember it _ I sure don't know how I could have forgotten it). It was actually a very funny, very satirical, very dark look at the politics going on in SOCOG. Very similar to that brilliant UK comedy series "The Office".
  13. I know a lot of the Asterix books have been animated. Have they ever got around to animating "Asterix at the Olympic Games"?
  14. Yeah, I don't trust Spielberg with it _ the guy just can't help himself when it comes to sentimentality. On a related stream, what about TV shows (fiction, of course)? These seem to be few and far between, apart from the odd "special episode" of a series (I remember a "Murphy Brown" episode set in Lillehammer, for example. About the only other one I can think of was an Australian teen serial/drama based around a bunch of young athletes (cyclists, swimmers and gymnasts) at an Institute of Sport type set-up. It's name escapes me, and it didn't last on TV here for long, but it was notable for launching the career of Heath Ledger.
  15. Yeah, I remember seeing that Franco Nero movie. Was it Lee Remick who played the part of a German Olympics "hostess" or undercover policewoman who was sent to negotiate with the terrorists? It was ages ago since I saw it. Here's some info I came across today on the Spielberg plan: And finally, wasn't there some news earlier this year on a plan to film a movie (could have even been a comedy) loosely based on the Tonya Harding scandal?
  16. Try www.amazon.de I actually bought a copy of it, in two parts, when I was in Germany earlier this year _ it seemed widely available.
  17. Quite right, Baron. The funny thing is I actually types in Jane Russell when I googled up the pics, so I must have had a synapse explosion. I loved the sub-story in "The Aviator" dealing with Howard Hughes' obsession with her breasts and how he invented a special bra for them.
  18. Well, while I'm in the mood for compiling camp Olympics/Movies trivia, here's some more tidbits: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) In this one, the Rosalind Russell and marilyn Monroe characters travel across to Europe on the same ship as the US Olympic team (I suppose they're bound for Helsinki). Has a memorable song and dance sequence with Rosalind vamping it up with the team around the ships pool/gym. One of the great camp/beefcake musical sequences: Airport '80 _ Concorde One of the last of the great Disaster Films genre (and the one that killed the Airport franchise). Featured a plot involving terrorism on the Concorde while it was on its way to Moscow for the 1980 Olympics. It flopped badly, probably partlky because the US boycotted that games (and it was a stinker of a film). Point of interest, soft-porn actress Sylvia Kristel playing an air stewardess.
  19. Talking about Olympians switching to the big screen, my vote for BAAAD career choice goes to Bruce Jenner in "Can't Stop The Music":
  20. Just thought of another _ who could forget "Cool Runnings", the movie that made the Jamaican bobsled team stars: And one that is mooted to be coming up ... Spielberg is apparently working on one about the 1972 Games and the terrorist massacre. I think Tom Hanks has been mentioned in connection with it.
  21. CAF's Bond thread made me think of generally how the Olympics have featured on the silver screen. I actually think it's surprising that there haven't been that many movies at all that have taken the Olympics as a major theme or setting. The big exception, of course, is Chariots of Fire, which has almost become a cliche of Olympism now. Good movie, though. Another one I can think of one from the 1960s called "The Games", which starred Ryan O'Neill and followed four athletes _ Ryan, a British runner, a Czech runner played by Charles Aznavour and an aboriginal Australian runner, as they prepared for the Rome Games. Of course, there's also the documentaries like Leni Riefenstahl's "Olympia" and the Bud Greenspan movies, but I'm thinking more about major Hollywood fiction features. And of course, there's plenty of Olympians who have made the transition to the big screen _ Johnny Weismuller, Sonja Heine, etc.
  22. Hi GBModerator, Just a suggestion. When it comes time to do a board reorganisation after the July 2012 vote, how about splitting up the "General Off Topics and Events" subforums into separate forums and giving direct links to each of those individual forums on the main page. General Off-Topics is one of the most popular forums, and that would save everyone having to drill down through the sub-forum level first to get to it, and when a competition's on, the Contest forum gets pretty regularly used as well. It would also allow everyone to tell at a glance if any new postings had been made to either forum when the others are the ones highlighted on the main screen. Hope you know what I'm getting at. Cheers
  23. I'm not able to get into the off-topic board at all _ I don't even get the message you guys are. I wonder if the "count to a million" thread has finally cracked it.
  24. Hi Mod, Nothing serious _ just annoying. Today whenever I refresh the screen or go back to the main index board, I keep getting notified of an in-coming PM. The trouble is, it is the same PM each time (to which I'd already replied anyway). Any ideas if it's your server or my computer?
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