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  1. There’s never been a good “Official” Olympic video game. Even when they brought in Mario and Sonic, they were just boring cash-ins destined for the bargain bins. Wii Sports was the best Olympic sports game that was never an official Olympic video game. Don’t know why the IOC never teamed up with Nintendo. And the irony is, now the IOC are masking their ham-fisted attempt to set up their own Olympic E-Games, a few of the “sports” on their e-games roster are actually Wii Sports knock-oops.
  2. Well, not quite. It was last week (June 4) that I should’ve celebrated 20 years since I first posted on GamesBids. Twenty years!? Who’d have thought? A shout out to my fellow Class of 2004 alumni @Faster and @baron-pierreIV! It was a good year…
  3. It does look like that font from the video was right, and some evolution towards a proper logo and away from the placeholder they’ve been using up to now. And it sure looks like the motto wasn’t a one-off.
  4. And you know what? Unless Trump gets in this year and abolishes elections, you’re likely to have another big, bitter, divisive, fate of democracy in the balance election campaign going on all during the Olympics in 2028.
  5. That’s certainly something I’ve expressed concerns about a few times, and I think magnifies the risks in the strategic organisations of a games from years out. You only have to look at 2032 how even petty political policy squabbling can derail things years out. There was also that video posted recently from the former IOC VP, Kevan Gosper, expressing exactly those concerns. In Paris’ case, as I said yesterday and as the official messaging is saying today, we’re well past those stages. All major decisions - technical and artistic - have long been made and set and we’re now well in the operational phase. To all intents and purposes the games have already begun, and it’s now just a matter of following the main script or any contingencies that might be needed to be activated. It’s really too late for anything major to change now. I can understand and empathise withe the anxieties and concerns of Sebastien and Cyriln and co, but just as Rio played out in probably even more highly charged late minute political upsets, Paris will play out to the plans in place. Short of a full-on civil war or really major political unrest (and I guess there is the fact that this is France, where the national pastime is setting up barricades), I think the main pity is it is a bit distracting when the focus should be on the torch relay and building up the excitement and anticipation. Then again, for a large part of the campaign, the torch is off in the overseas departments anyway. And it’s still likely to cut through the political grumbling. Maybe it speaks to how much Aussies are now coffee snobs, but my sister’s one complaint about her recent trip to France was how hard it was to get a decent coffee
  6. lol! I absolutely could’ve imagined Pikachu or Hello Kitty (or Yoshi for that matter) appear in that handover! It was that type of vibe (pity they didn’t stick with it for the actual OC). But as for LA’s handover, I guess it depends on how fun, and inclusive and out there the organisers want to go. We already know there’ll be some corny Tom Cruise action set up. But I agree I doubt they’ll want to rile up the MAGA crowd by sticking a drag queen (sorry, the Queen of drag) in their faces in an election year.
  7. That does sound exciting then! Can’t wait. And, congrats, I saw France got the women’s gold today.
  8. Like FYI, this was a bit of weird news to me to wake up to and find on GBids ths morning. But don’t the European elections always tend to become a bit of a protest platform against incumbents across the continent? I seem to remember the extremists and loonies always seem to get a few people sent to Strasbourg. And anyway, it seems the centre-right and moderate parties still have a pretty comfortable majority in the parliament. Whatever, surely whatever happens, it’s still Macron and Estanguet who’ll be calling the shots at the games. If the rightists still complain, they can still rub their noses into the ultimate festival of “woke”.
  9. And by the way, how does kayak cross work? Is this like a mass start event, where it’s a literal race against other competitors to the finish line? Rather than just against the clock? Sounds exciting if it is, I do love the other cross events.
  10. And I see Neomie got silver, which qualifies her for Paris Family affair as Fox joins champion sister at Paris Olympics And now this week we have the swimming trials, with the shape of the Dolphins team for Paris to be settled by week’s end.
  11. Thanks Stefan,I was trying to look that up myself. I’ve found no mention if Jess of competing in this - I’m thinking possibly not (she’s already qualified for her standard events back in November) - but her sister Noemie is, and hoping to qualify.
  12. I was one of those who expressed misgivings about changing the rules mid-race, for all that the outcome might be desirable (and, yes, of course the Paris-LA double was the best outcome - though I also think it was Paris’ to lose if the race had run to its conclusion). Now, having seen how things have transpired since then, I still think it set a dangerous precedent and set Bach on his “anything goes - whatever I want - rules and processes are only to be followed as long as they’re convenient” path. It led to the whole questionable 2032 so-called “process” (I’m sure we don’t need to re-hash all that). And for all that making new rules up on the fly may have saved the IOC’s bacon over with 2030, I’m still a bit sore they still couldn’t stop themselves ignoring their own processes yet again late last year. If they’d stuck by the criteria and deadlines they’d set themselves, right now be looking forward to the EB session this week to see whether France or Sweden was going to be named “preferred candidate” to put forward to vote in Paris - they’d have lost nothing by sticking to the process.
  13. I guess marketing was the wrong word. I was meaning more the lobbying directed towards the 100 or so individual IOC members to get their votes. Both the campaigns employed very sophisticated, very targetted strategies to win as many votes as they could. There’s really too much involved in those to give a potted run-down - you could write whole books about them. And indeed, there have been. I highly recommend you read “The Bid” by Rod McGeough and “The Race for the 2012 Olympics” by Mike Lee to get fascinating, insiders’ views on those races and what it took to win a tight bid race in those days of the “old norm”.
  14. Yet the countries still march in behind their national flags, and those flags get flown around every stadium if the games. Plus the rings on Eiffel Tower seem to be lit white, while tower itself gets lit up in national flag colours regularly. It may or may not happen, but it would look spectacular indeed if the tower did flash up EACH (of course they couldn’t just confine it to a few “favoured” countries) countries’ flags colours as they marched into the Trocadero.
  15. Forget the water quality! There’s a bigger threat in those waters! ‘Under Paris’ review: sacre deep bleu sea! there’s a killer shark in the Seine With a triathlon scene to boot!
  16. I guess my answer just reflected my personal interests - I’ve never been that fascinated by the technical aspects of bid plans - I’ve never been one to pore over bid books to see who’s proposed aquatic centre as 500m closer to the main stadium than the others and so on. To me, a solid technical plan was always a pre-requisite, but rarely (if ever) the clincher - as we’ve always pondered and discussed here (and as GBMod Rob used to factor into his Bid Index algorithm), so many other things like politics, continental rotation, personal ties and influence, always factored in large. When I talk about a bid, to me the interesting part is the strategies employed by the likes of Rod McGeoch in 1993 or Mike Lee in 2005 to win over that all important 50 per cent vote of the IOC - the marketing they used, strategles employed, networking and relationships they cultivated, alliances cultivated etc. Maybe because they’re the two I followed most closely, and both documented their campaigns so well in their respective books, but I still stand that they were the two best bid campaigns by far, particularly because they clinched their wins in such tight contests.
  17. They’re just sorta compacted blocks of bran flakes. Think guinea pig pellets for humans. I could only stomach them when young with spoons full on sugar on top.
  18. Stuff the vegetarian Boeuf Bourgignon… ‘A taste of home’: Australia’s Olympians to be provided with Weet-Bix and Vegemite at Paris Games
  19. I’d like to think there might… but that may just be wishful thinking. I don’t think the signs are good. Both major parties have committed to “no new stadium”. I don’t see Miles backing down or changing his mind even in he unlikely situation he wins. The slim chance rests on Crisafuli’s “100 day review”, but would he risk going back on his “no new stadium” stance if he wins? I guess it might depend on the size of his majority.
  20. I was noting here only a few weeks ago how ITG have been taking the hyper-critical route on the road to Paris. It’s been so transparent.
  21. It’s not just online too. Seems the Russians are willing to get their hands dirty too.. Europe on high alert after suspected Moscow-linked arson and sabotage
  22. More than that… Russian Influence Campaign Targeting Paris Olympics, Microsoft Warns The loony latins over at ITG know who signs the pay checks, though Kremlin slams Russian Olympic disinformation report as 'slander'
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