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  1. Hi Mate!

    Thought you may want to know about this:

    GamesBids Olympic Logo Winners' Cup

  2. Not that anyone can see these any more, but for those who follow the activities - off to Nepal now for a three week trekking trip. Look forward to datelining any contributions I make from there from "Annapurna Base Camp", but otherwise I'll be back to catch up on the action on my return - and start the ball for Logo Comp 2016 going.

  3. Trying to get the hang of the new forum style...

    1. TheOtherRob


      Yeah, getting the same bug as you on my mobile now. Have added it to the new site thread, hopefully the mod'll see it.

  4. The WC logo final has kicked off. Crown the champ at http://bit.ly/29YnmRf

  5. Semi Finals time! Which logos do you want to make it through to the FIFA WC 2026 logo final? Vote now at http://bit.ly/29BjlD5

  6. Quarter Finals voting has kicked-off in the GamesBids FIFA WC 2026 Logo Comp. Look for the threads in the Events and Meetings forum and follow Referee Yoshi's instructions.

  7. Swam next to Geoff Huegill yesterday - or rather he was doing his squad training in the lane next to me as I was ding my laps. Was a nice incentive to have an Olympian present while I was training.

    1. thatsnotmypuppy


      Is he chubby again?

    2. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      Of beef, but mostly solid. I'm the one with a lot more belly fat to lose than him.

  8. Congratulations to this year's Summer games Logo Comp.... bit.ly/1OdG5Eu

  9. Finals Round 1 voting of the 2028 Summer Olympics logo comp has now begun: http://bit.ly/1UwWHuF

  10. The 2028 Summer Olympics Logo short list vote is now open: http://bit.ly/1PLhUSn

  11. Congratulations to our 2030 Winter Games logo winner! http://bit.ly/1mw242z

  12. It's the final showdown - the battle of the Scandinavians. Cast youir vote to decide the winner of the 2030 Winter Games Logo comp: http://bit.ly/1my2chF

  13. Round 2 of voting for the 2030 Winter Games logo comp is now open: http://bit.ly/1O1M9jd

  14. The GamesBids 2030 Winter Games Logo Comp Round One poll is now open! http://bit.ly/1YU4pW0

  15. mr.bernham - could you please clear space in your inbox, or send me a pm? Gotta sort out your intentions for the logo comp.

  16. So we made it to Rio's Olympic year. Happy 2016 everyone!

  17. It's the final countdown. Four days to go to get those entries in for the 9th Annual GamesBids Olympic Logo Design Comp! http://bit.ly/1NjT2Bu

  18. Two weeks to go to get those entries in for the 9th Annual GamesBids Olympic Logo Design Comp! http://bit.ly/1NjT2Bu

  19. Anything Goes! The 9th Annual GamesBids Olympic Logo Design Comp is now open! http://bit.ly/1NjT2Bu

  20. Sorry England, but that was lovely news to arrive home to!

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    2. TheOtherRob


      Similar story. Repeats of Big Bang Theory for me. Changed channel at half time and completely forgot to switch back.

    3. Mainad


      Sigh...how embarrassing for England to be hosting the rugby World Cup!

      But congrats to the Aussies. Let's see if they will now go all the way and take home the trophy!

    4. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      It hurts doesn't it?

  21. Bye bye V-a-a-an-coooooover!

  22. Random thoughts on Canada. 1: there's a lot of very fine looking Canadian men. 2: Vancouver must be the nose piercing capital of the world. 3: been a while since I've been to a place where so many people smoke. Anyway, last full day in BC - off to Stanley Park to cycle the Seawall.

  23. Off to Vancouver. Be on your best behaviour Canada. And you better be showing the RWC on TV!

    1. yoshi


      Surely they'll be showing it - they're in it after all...

    2. intoronto


      all games will be shown live.

    3. ofan


      Vancouver is a hotbed for rugby. The more you know Rols

  24. Socceroos :) Qld Labor :)

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