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  1. Paris 2024 Opening Ceremony preparations to be finalised by end of year Take out from that… 2000 dancers
  2. Actually, I think the Tokyo one is very clever. I was wondering what you’d did for that
  3. It’s just one of those cyclical things. We’re in a trough at the moment. Happens to all teams. a lot of youth in the team atm - they’re getting blooded. Assuming Jones won’t last too long post-0cup, and a new coaching regime will start the whole process of rebuilding.
  4. A bit sad for Japan - not the start they would have wanted here after doing so well in the last two tournaments. I think there’s a real case for Japan and Fiji to join our Four Nations and have our own non-Euro Six Nations.
  5. Actually, I’m hoping Wales belt us, we miss the cut and then we can get down to some serious, proper rebuilding in the stretch to a home cup.
  6. One of the rare times I’ve woken up happy to see Australia lose. Congrats Fiji! You were cheated out of a win last week, and deserved this one. Oz going about as well as I expected…
  7. It’s also a matter that it’s the only school in its zone/catchment area. From the Senate Report: East Brisbane State School 4.12BRU submitted that it is concerned about plans to demolish the Woolloongabba Place Park—a heritage-listed former police station on Main St next to the Gabba—and is especially opposed to the plan to relocate the East Brisbane State School (EBSS). Along with concerns about losing the heritage value associated with the school, BRU decried the ‘loss of opportunity’ for children to walk to school, and the inevitable increase in traffic: East Brisbane, Woolloongabba and Kangaroo Point are areas of high density development encouraged by both state and local governments. This has naturally lead to a rapidly expanding need for school places for residents’ children. This area has heavy traffic congestion, being part of a major feeder routes across Brisbane. Adding to this congestion by moving the school outside the area and consequently creating additional traffics is counterproductive.[7] 4.13Representatives of the EBSS community explained that closing the EBSS would remove ‘the last remaining school in the entire East Brisbane, Kangaroo Point and Woolloongabba catchment area’. ProfessorDaniel Angus, Association Member of the EBSS Parents and Citizens Association Olympic Impact Group (EBSS PCA), observed that the 124-year-old school has ‘survived multiple major floods, two major pandemics and two world wars, but at this stage it seems it will not survive an Olympics’.[8] 4.14Professor Angus said the recent decision by the Queensland Government to relocate the school to Coorparoo is not supported by the community. Moving the school out of area would likely impact on the health and fitness of students, over 70 per cent of whom currently walk or ride to school, and reduce the workforce participation of women, who benefit from the school’s location near public transport: The proposed Coorparoo school does not serve the educational nor greater needs of our community now or into the future. Our own survey … revealed that 93 per cent of 1,000-plus local residents want a school to remain within the current catchment area.[9] 4.15The announced location at Coorparoo was also noted to be around two kilometres from the existing school, and too far for students to walk. Clearly some students, depending on where they live, would face a longer journey.[10]MrAngus said this is particularly inappropriate as many residents live in apartments and use public transport. Locating the school outside the area would impact the environment, as more people would be forced to drive.[11]EBSS PCA submitted that parents are also concerned about the safety and quality of footpaths in the area, which are located right on roads with heavy traffic.[12]
  8. Yes, that’s all fine. But it’s still just repeating what you’ve posted many times in this threads, and on the last few pages. Repetition is not a debate clincher. It’s annoying. And, yes, I agree with the stated benefits, and I think a lot of others here do as well and support the Gabba rebuild. But if we’re to acknowledge the negatives of Carrara, it also behaves us to acknowledge the negatives of the Gabba. Apart from cost and consultation, the two main ones appear to be - the loss of Raymond Park to make way for an athletics warm-up/trading track, and the forced closure and relocation of East Brisbane State School. In regards to Raymond Park, that can definitely be slated down to the Olympics rather than legacy AFL, Cricket and concert use. The equation is then is the loss of a popular Brisbane park then worth it for the Olympics? Personally, I’d put that in the eye of the beholder category. As for the school - it really is a blow for the students and those in its catchment area. Again, do the needs of sport and entertainment outweigh the needs of the students? Is it worth sacrificing them for a greater good? Again, no easy answer. All these were highlighted in the senate report. As much as I support the Gabba rebuild, I do wonder if the project can’t be reconfigured to address these negatives. And, yes, I acknowledge to do so probably would come at a cost, and would depends on the costs to benefits ratio.
  9. When he admits to a Senate inquiry that the Gabba is not strictly essential to Brisbane 2032. Nice? Yes. Essential? No. Organising a games is all about solving potential logistical and PR nightmares. Again, I am NOT advocating a switch from the Gabba to Carrara. I’ve stated many times I consider it highly unlikely. But when a Senate Inquiry raises the possibility, it’s almost essential to discuss it, positives as well as negatives.
  10. I agree with you about missing the “old days” of people posting and getting excited about renders from bids and OCOGs, people speculating on games in unlikely places (they also tend to get shot down now by the “too cool” crowd saying only firm existing proposals should be mentioned), forum games and sports talk (pity the Rugby WC’s so drawn out). I also have no issues about AF posting renders and plans per se. That’s great, and valuable. I don’t even have an issue about the Gabba. I do have an issue with how his posting practices so often devolve into literal trolling. It’s how he’s elevated posting into a tactic to drown out and flood any discussions or questions he doesn’t like. If it was the odd render or positive news report when they come up, that’s fair enough and should even be encouraged. It’s how any comment or post he doesn’t like all too often gets followed up by a flurry of multiple posts, often irrelevant (as the Cathy and the Sydney OC posts), often sheer repetition of posts, repost of posts he’s made before and sometimes even quoting himself to make a positive comment on his own posts. It’s quite brazenly a tactic to try and shut down and hide any discussions he doesn’t like. And it’s not just here - many of us who are down on him are so because we’ve seen him use the same tactics in discussions of the “New Norm” - which, less face it, should be discussed and critiqued more - whereby any questioning of it is followed by multiple, again usually repeat posts, of IOC PR power point slides. Enthusiasm is one thing. Enthusiasm is great. But this goes beyond enthusiasm. It’s trolling to try and control what opinions can be respectfully discussed on the board. It’s insisting he must have the last word… and then some. He’s not interested in “discussion”. He’s more focussed on shutting down or drowning out discussion he doesn’t like. Sincere attempts to ask his personal opinions on anything are usually met with stonewalling and all too often another spam flood. As if it’s an affront to ask him to post an opinion on a board designed for people to post opinions. I obviously have had issues with him, but I’d respect him more if he could properly discuss and debate topics at hand - hey, I LOVE a good reasoned argument and rebuttal debate. I even like a bit of positive cheerleading - wish the French did more. But I absolutely abhor spam trolling to stifle debate. Darn right it’s annoying. And it’s driven more than a few posters away from here, including some good posters. There’ve been comments from respected posters that “he sucks the life out of the board” and “he makes me not want to post here any more”. It’s one of the factors (and granted there are others) that’s preventing this board from recapturing some of the spirit, Joie de Vivre and lively discussions of the good old days.
  11. Yet, obviously the AOC and IOC still regard it as a valid option and would be confident such issues could be resolved id required - as they likely already were by the time athletics competition started in 2018. L’Equipe and the Daily Mail are already likely planning their stories on cranky passengers trying to get home on the crowded Metro come the end of Paris’ OC. The media looking for organisational “scandals” and shortcomings comes with the territory of hosting anything. Again. I’m not suggesting it’s likely. I’m ALSO not attacking the Gabba - I’m fine with it. I’m just saying it’s a scenario that’s worth discussing and that it also has attractions very much in the spirit of the “New Norm”. And, like it or not, the Senate Report has brought it back into the discussion. I don’t see why discussing that should get you so angry and heated.
  12. You mean like it worked successfully and efficiently during the Commonwealth Games. Anyway, relax. We know that’s unlikely to happen. Just saying there would be benefits to that approach too, and the AOC and IOC would have been happy with it. Sheesh. Can’t we have discussions or ponder alternatives anymore without your defensive OCD getting triggered?
  13. That’s all any of us can do is express personal views, and why most of us are here. So, you, personally, would you feel angry or betrayed? I think that’s how I’d feel if I was indigenous.
  14. Yes, very much Dutton has all along played this as his chance to get a punch in on Albo and resurrect their (and his) fortunes after being so defeated in last year’s election (as much by the Teals as by Labor). It’s classic culture war stuff to rebuild their base. And sooo cynical. And I agree the debate has gone beyond civility - on both sides. So many lies and disinformation on the right. And the left does need to control its indignancy and not rely so much on superficial spin. Sadly, I think it’s too late.
  15. I know we have Australian members here who identify as indigenous. I hope discussion here goes respectfully towards you. But I also have a question for you. if the referendum fails, what will be your feeling? And how do you think the reaction will be among the indigenous community? One of betrayal? Anger? Is there likely to be a strong backlash in result of failure?
  16. Yes, but strictly speaking, he’s not wrong. Would the Gabba be nice for the Olympics? Yes, of course. Is it totally necessary? No. As I’ve said before, I’ve got nothing against the Gabba option and rebuild. If the Qld Government wants to do it with their money, that’s their concern. But I could also agree with a case that the Carrara option would be a great example of sustainability and a greater model for lesser, mid- tier cities if they do indeed want to aspire to the games. It could still work and provide its own brand of charm and precedent.
  17. Yes, that’s good. And hopefully they do it with a plan more sensitive to East Brisbane State Schol and Raymond Park. And thanks for moving the Cathy and Sydney OC posts to a far more appropriate thread. I can delete the ones here now.
  18. Also Matt Carroll AOC chief executive admits redevelopment of Gabba "not necessary" for Brisbane to host 2032 Olympics
  19. @AustralianFan I have created a topic on the Voice in the general topics and discussion forum: Any posts you wish to make pertaining primarily to the Voice or indigenous matters - even if you make a token reference to the Gabba within them - should be put there. I will move any further posts such as those to that thread as they have become distractive and disruptive to the main topic and discourse of the thread, You may consider copying and reposting such existing posts to that thread, so they can be deleted from here.
  20. This topic has started to be brought up in the Brisbane threads to the point where it has started to become disruptive to normal discussions there (I suspect in some cases deliberately so). I figured it would be more productive to move such discussions here. Basically, in 2017, Australian indigenous leaders met and issued what has become known as the Uluṟu Statement from the Heart, a document stating their wishes to non-indigenous Australians, setting forth a path general reconciliation, and calling for, in particular, a “Voice to Parliament”, a formal body to represent Aboriginal interests and advise the Government on matters specifically pertaining to the country’s Fist Nation people. The Labor Party, under Anthony Albanese, came to power last year with a campaign promise to put the notion to the people through a referendum to establish such a voice and grant Aboriginal people recognition in the constitution. That referendum will be held here on October 14. Sadly, it’s become a divisive issue here. The main opposition party, the Liberals, have refused to support it, setting it up for almost inevitable defeat. There’s many reasons behind this, and a lot of finger pointing and heated arguments going on, which I won;t go into right now but which may get brought up in this thread. I myself strongly support the Yes case for the Voice. I believe it is a modest proposal to advance reconciliation in this country. I do not believe it cedes any sovereignty and point to the fact that it is proposed as merely an advisory body with no extra powers beyond advice on strictly aboriginal matters with no onus on any government to enact such advice. If I see posts, particularly disruptive posts, in the Brisbane threads, I will be moving them here.
  21. It’s a bit difficult to contextualise it - I’m not familiar with UK Greens for example, so can’t slot them to the left or right of them. In general though, still very socially progressive and economically left, but inching more pragmatic as they wield more support, influence and power. They used to be “ideologically pure” and in that condition scuppered early attempts at climate change legislation, for example, because they didn’t perceive them as tough enough (a tragedy that ushered in a decade and more of climate wars in our politics which ultimately toppled leaders on both sides of the divide). Today, they are tough negotiators, but more likely/able to accept compromise. This of course adds internal tensions within them between original hardliners and those who wish them to have more effective power. They’ve grown in support, and now are he biggest bloc holding the balance of power in the Senate, and hold a number of (mainly inner city) seats in the House of Representatives. Labor won the last election election with a majority of one in the house, so they were just the one seat away from holding the balance in Government and becoming a coalition partner. Similar at the State level, particularly in Victoria, NSW and Queensland. I myself vote mainly Green, primarily as a way use my vote more effectively to force Labor to be more true to its supposed progressive ideals. I would be comfortable to see them as a coalition partner in a centre left government.,
  22. OMG! He’s back to the old tactic of spamming irrelevant pic/video posts to… i don’t know… I guess to try and drown out the dissenting voices. And he wonders why his credibility here is shot. that actually carry more weight than another IOC press release or BOCOG talking points.
  23. Of course it’s his confirmation bias. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of the points, concerns and recommendations in the report have been brought up here, and every single time he’s dismissed them, distracted with pretty pics and dot point slides, and told us to stop flogging a dead horse, that it’s all been set and done and it’s going to go ahead come what may. It’s huge to see him finally express doubt, even if he persists in trying to discredit the report.
  24. Any time someone throws out the racism card like Marcia Langton - and as a supporter of the Voice, I’m not saying what she said wasn’t untrue or unjustified. But it just gives rednecks ammunition and undecided justification to get their hackles up. I understand all too well the frustration of trying to convince recalcitrant people about what should be common sense, but not helpful when you’re trying to persuade, to instead bully or shame people.
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