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  1. No Bond girls this year… IOC Executive Board proposes eight new IOC Members For election in Paris Four candidates, three women and one man, are being proposed as Independent Individuals: Mrs Aya Medany (female, year of birth: 1988, Egypt) Mrs Sarah Walker (female, year of birth: 1988, New Zealand) Mrs Paula Belen Pareto (female, year of birth: 1986, Argentina) Sir Hugh Robertson (male, year of birth: 1962, Great Britain) Three candidates have been proposed linked to their function within an NOC: Mrs Damaris Young, President of the Comité Olímpico de Panamá (female, year of birth: 1984, Panama) Mr Gene Sykes, President of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (male, year of birth: 1958, United States of America) Mr Ian Chesterman, President of the Australian Olympic Committee (male, year of birth: 1959, Australia). Mr Chesterman’s nomination was approved by the IOC EB to be put forward to the IOC Session in Paris, with his IOC membership starting on 1 January 2025. One candidate has been proposed linked to his function within an International Federation (IF): Mr Johan Eliasch; President of the International Ski and Snowboard Federation (male, year of birth: 1962, Great Britain) IOC Members to be re-elected in 2024 with the age limit taken into consideration Fifteen IOC Members arriving at the end of their eight-year term, following their election or re-election in 2016, will be proposed for re-election for another eight years, with the age limit being taken into consideration for the end of the terms (80 for those elected before December 1999 and 70 for those elected after that date): Mr Thomas Bach (Germany, Independent Individual, year of birth: 1953, elected in 1991) Mr Sergii Bubka (Ukraine, Independent Individual, year of birth: 1963, elected in 2008) Mr Richard Carrión (Puerto Rico, Independent Individual, year of birth: 1952, elected in 1990) Ms Anita L. DeFrantz (United States of America, Independent Individual, year of birth: 1952, elected in 1986) Mr Guy Drut (France, Independent Individual, year of birth: 1950, elected in 1996) Mr Robin Mitchell (Fiji, Independent Individual, year of birth: 1946, elected in 1994) Mr Denis Oswald (Switzerland, Independent Individual, year of birth: 1947, elected in 1991) HRH The Princess Royal (Great Britain, Independent Individual, year of birth: 1950, elected in 1988) Mrs Nita Ambani (India, Independent Individual, year of birth: 1962, elected in 2016) Ms Sari Essayah (Finland, Independent Individual, year of birth: 1967, elected in 2016) Mr Ivo Ferriani (Italy, membership linked to his function as President of the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (IBSF), year of birth: 1960, elected in 2016) Mrs Auvita Rapilla (Papua New Guinea, Independent Individual, year of birth: 1971, elected in 2016) Mr Anant Singh (South Africa, Independent Individual, year of birth: 1956, elected in 2016) Ms Tricia Smith (Canada, membership linked to her function as President of the Canadian Olympic Committee, year of birth: 1957, elected in 2016) Mr Karl Stoss (Austria, Independent Individual, year of birth: 1956, elected in 2016) Extension of term of office for one IOC Member The IOC EB agreed to submit to the Session for approval the extension for four years of the term of office of one IOC Member. Mr Mustapha Berraf (Algeria, Membership linked to his function as President of the Association of the National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA), year of birth: 1954, elected in 2019, whose age limit, 70, will be reached at the end of 2024), starting from 1 January 2025 and running until the end of 2028. This is due to his position as President of ANOCA and his pioneering role in promoting the Olympic Movement and its values by means of National Olympic Committees in Africa. Two IOC Members proposed as Honorary Members The EB also agreed to put forward to the Session for election as Honorary Members, as of 1 January 2025, two Members whose terms of office are coming to an end. Mr John Coates (Australia, Independent Individual, year of birth: 1950, elected in 2001) Mr Uğur Erdener (Türkiye, Independent Individual, year of birth: 1950, elected in 2008)
  2. Lol! Trust you to leap on that. But, c’mon. It’s not like there’s a surfeit of cities who can do what Paris is doing. Unless you’re going to make Paris the permanent Olympic capital (I’m sure the original Baron Pierre wouldn’t have minded), you’re going to get hosts that don’;t have the Parisian sex appeal. And it’s not like the major blue riband sports like athletics, swimming and gymnastics play out in anything but stadiums and halls where the only sign of location is the “”Look” decorations.
  3. I’d of course read all about the plans to make this a city centre games, but it’s really only been with the pics and videos this week that I’ve truly realised just how true this is going to be. Remarkable! I know I’ve said recently that it doesn’t matter what city or monuments the games play out in front of, but I’ll eat my words. This is looking to be a spectacular setting! Getting excited 😝
  4. Yeah, I saw that quote and almost puked. How deluded and surrounded by yes-men would you have to be to believe the world is going to be mesmerised by Tic TAC Bow and watching blokes on exercise bikes
  5. The Australian Olympic Committee and Qantas have unveiled the “Go Australia” livery on the Qantas Boeing 787 Dreamliner that will carry the Olympic Team to Paris 2024.
  6. Also, Stefan, are they finals or prelims? Before the games, it’s the medal matches that are in hottest demand. By the time they start, though, as I said, people grab whatever they can get their hands on. One of my experiences in London too was standing in a street down from the equestrian venue with a cardboard sign asking if anyone had any tix to sell to show jumping. And sure enough, I managed to get what I wanted (and at face value, which I was glad of - I would have been prepared to pay a bit extra). And I know people who managed to easily sell on the street - for a premium - extra tix they didn’t want/ned for events like beach volleyball. But I guess that may not be possible to do now if all the tickets are purely electronic.
  7. From my own experience in London… When I arrived, I had a bunch of tix already to events I was keen on. When I went to pick them up, I found there were lots of other tix available from my agent to various events, so I picked up a couple more. By the second week, I was catching Oly fever and was keen on even more (and a friend in England also asked if I could get some for her). But when I went back to my sales agent, almost everything had been sold out by then - the only thing I could get was a handball semi final. So, yeah, I’d expect demand would soar when the games actually start, people get the fever and will buy anything they can get their hands on.
  8. This was posted on SSC as well. It’s quite an interesting tour around the building work now going on… It really gave a sense just how much the centre of Paris itself is going to be an Olympic Park
  9. I’ve just been wondering about that top image from La Concorde. That round, tented structure? Any theories?
  10. Thanks Lots of good and/or memorable moments in the asylum. The vintage bid race for 2012. The opening ceremony live chats (watching the Geeks get huffy during Beijing 2008’s was funny!). The Abuja wars. Making lots of friends (and meeting many of them in real life - the first forum brawl I ever had was with the Baron, and we’ve since become friends and met up a few times). The GamesBids flat @Citius Altius Fortius and @Citizen-Seth and I shared at London 2012, as well as meeting a few other Brit members at those games. Had fun doing the logo comps - I think the Paris 2024 and New York City 2024 logo comps were the highlights. Had fun doing this year’s Dublin one as well wth @yoshi. And just some of the good (or notorious) members who’ve graced the forums over the years - @LA84, @Michelle, @Cordelia18, @BethnalGreen, @Lee, @Olympian2004, @Vol (who gave me my “Sir” title) to name a few, not to mention many who are still active participants. Hoping many will return for Paris!
  11. There’s never been a good “Official” Olympic video game. Even when they brought in Mario and Sonic, they were just boring cash-ins destined for the bargain bins. Wii Sports was the best Olympic sports game that was never an official Olympic video game. Don’t know why the IOC never teamed up with Nintendo. And the irony is, now the IOC are masking their ham-fisted attempt to set up their own Olympic E-Games, a few of the “sports” on their e-games roster are actually Wii Sports knock-oops.
  12. Well, not quite. It was last week (June 4) that I should’ve celebrated 20 years since I first posted on GamesBids. Twenty years!? Who’d have thought? A shout out to my fellow Class of 2004 alumni @Faster and @baron-pierreIV! It was a good year…
  13. It does look like that font from the video was right, and some evolution towards a proper logo and away from the placeholder they’ve been using up to now. And it sure looks like the motto wasn’t a one-off.
  14. And you know what? Unless Trump gets in this year and abolishes elections, you’re likely to have another big, bitter, divisive, fate of democracy in the balance election campaign going on all during the Olympics in 2028.
  15. That’s certainly something I’ve expressed concerns about a few times, and I think magnifies the risks in the strategic organisations of a games from years out. You only have to look at 2032 how even petty political policy squabbling can derail things years out. There was also that video posted recently from the former IOC VP, Kevan Gosper, expressing exactly those concerns. In Paris’ case, as I said yesterday and as the official messaging is saying today, we’re well past those stages. All major decisions - technical and artistic - have long been made and set and we’re now well in the operational phase. To all intents and purposes the games have already begun, and it’s now just a matter of following the main script or any contingencies that might be needed to be activated. It’s really too late for anything major to change now. I can understand and empathise withe the anxieties and concerns of Sebastien and Cyriln and co, but just as Rio played out in probably even more highly charged late minute political upsets, Paris will play out to the plans in place. Short of a full-on civil war or really major political unrest (and I guess there is the fact that this is France, where the national pastime is setting up barricades), I think the main pity is it is a bit distracting when the focus should be on the torch relay and building up the excitement and anticipation. Then again, for a large part of the campaign, the torch is off in the overseas departments anyway. And it’s still likely to cut through the political grumbling. Maybe it speaks to how much Aussies are now coffee snobs, but my sister’s one complaint about her recent trip to France was how hard it was to get a decent coffee
  16. lol! I absolutely could’ve imagined Pikachu or Hello Kitty (or Yoshi for that matter) appear in that handover! It was that type of vibe (pity they didn’t stick with it for the actual OC). But as for LA’s handover, I guess it depends on how fun, and inclusive and out there the organisers want to go. We already know there’ll be some corny Tom Cruise action set up. But I agree I doubt they’ll want to rile up the MAGA crowd by sticking a drag queen (sorry, the Queen of drag) in their faces in an election year.
  17. That does sound exciting then! Can’t wait. And, congrats, I saw France got the women’s gold today.
  18. Like FYI, this was a bit of weird news to me to wake up to and find on GBids ths morning. But don’t the European elections always tend to become a bit of a protest platform against incumbents across the continent? I seem to remember the extremists and loonies always seem to get a few people sent to Strasbourg. And anyway, it seems the centre-right and moderate parties still have a pretty comfortable majority in the parliament. Whatever, surely whatever happens, it’s still Macron and Estanguet who’ll be calling the shots at the games. If the rightists still complain, they can still rub their noses into the ultimate festival of “woke”.
  19. And by the way, how does kayak cross work? Is this like a mass start event, where it’s a literal race against other competitors to the finish line? Rather than just against the clock? Sounds exciting if it is, I do love the other cross events.
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