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  1. Today we have seen the begginig of the end of Eurovision. Lest's welcome EastVision!!! TONGO!
  2. Well, the biggest problems of Andorra, as i have said before, are transports and acces, the nearest international airport is Barcelona's one, a bit far.... Maybe that town that you have told me had good services like airport and roads, but in Andorra this doesn't happen... Anyway, i hope Andorra wins! Favourites for the semifinal: Andorra, Slovenia, Georgia, Estonia, Belarus and Austria.
  3. ^^^ Thanks for the info. Why TVE wouldn't want to broadcast it?
  4. Really good! As i have said before Andorra is one of my favourites this year... Image that Andorra wins, i don't know if any of you have been in Andorra before... It its a really small city, and from i now (i go there every summer) it doesn't have a really big stadium or centre to host the Eurovision Show, and i prefer no to talk about the problems of trasnport if all these people had to move to Andorra La Vella...no airport...crowded and quite narrow streets.... This is my question: Is there any country which is not capable to host Eurovision? Could be Andorra one of them? In the case of A
  5. It will be possible to watch the semifinal in Internet???
  6. I hope Andorra makes a great performance, TOP 5 i hope...
  7. Am i the only one who thinks that the Cyprus song is awful??
  8. Switzerland - DJ Bobo - Vampires Are Alive, one of my favourites so far... The lyrics aren't the best ones, but the rythm and the music is very good, different, in my opinion it should be in the TOP 5. ESC 2007 | Switzerland | DJ Bobo - Vampires Are Alive
  9. I also would love Spain to win, but not with this song... Since 2005 with "Son de Sol", Spain is chosing a worse song every year, and this is very dificult to get after "Las Ketchup" with "Bloody Mary"....
  10. Spain's position isn't very good either... although it doesn't matter at all, we will be at the bottom again......
  11. The Spanish entry is awful. I thought that it was impossible to make a worse song than the one of "Las Ketchup" or "Son de Sol", but they have found it... Another year among the 5 last places...
  12. And, what about a Mammoth as mascot? It has never been used as Olympic mascot, and i think that it would represent perfectly the cold mountains of Canada. It an extinguished animal with an strong and imposing appearance. I have drawn only an idea (very quickly )
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