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  1. Thanks for all the info mr.x. I saw in google earth that there is a rail line from Vancouver to Whistler. Why won't it be used during the games?? What about the road to the Nordic Center in the Callaghan Valley?
  2. I thought that a 4 lanes highway was planned from Vancouver to Whistler... So coaches will be the unique mean of transport from Vancouver to the nordic center, won't it? Because ferries only take you to Squamish. And for Whistler, i have read that there is a rail line, why is it not used in the bid-book? Are the times higher by train? Thanks again!
  3. Some more questions. The bid book states in "CHART IV TRAVEL DISTANCES AND TIMES" that: Vancouver - Whistler - 125 km - 135 min Vancouver - Some Sport Venues (luge, biathlon, ski jumping...) - 130,140 km. - 150 min ... And in small letter the table states that this times are refered to "Peak travel time for a CAR in minutes", and in the gap for "Peak travel time for PUBLIC TRANSIT in minutes" they say that it is not available, so I imagine that the times in the chart will be higher for coaches than they are for cars, won't they? So, how long will you really take to go from Vancouver to W
  4. Hi! I don't use to write in these topics about Vancouver, but I have some doubts... 1) How many lanes will the highway have from Squamish to Whistler? Becuse i have read that there will be 3 lanes, it will be required the counter-flow of the middle lane to have 2 lanes in one direction or in the other one. 2) From Squamish to Whistler, apart from the highway, is there another mean of transport planned? Thanks!
  5. In Spain our High Speed trains (AVE) will reach 350 km/h in 2008/2009.
  6. Have you got any info about Jaca 98 and Jaca 2002 bid-books??? Zanks in ahead!!!
  7. But these people could see what is happening in the part of the rim located if front of them, everybody inside the Stadium could see, at least, a part of the olympic fire.
  8. And couldn't be the Stadium the own cauldron? I mean, the fire could be arround the interior rim of the roof. I know that i would waste to many gas, and that it would continue being difficult to lit the cauldron, but it would be visible to everybody... maybe someone has already said that idea, i don't know...
  9. Maybe something like Barcelona 92... a modern version??
  10. Pues que quieres que te diga, en toda la discusion que llevamos todavia no he leido ningun argumento por parte tuya que me demuestre que la candidatura de Madrid no es un derroche de tiempo y dinero, tan solo he leido cometarios chorras, si chorras, envidia? pues hombre no te niego que me gustaria ir a Japon ya tendre tiempo, pero me parece triste que eso te llamara tanto la atencion y sea tu unico argumento... un poco flojo... El FOJE para tí es un mierda, yo estuve alli y lo vivi tu seguramente no. Aun asi el FOJE a dejado cosas muy positivas en Aragon y la nueva pista ayudara a crear una c
  11. Te recuerdo que una de esas personas formo parte de la tan alabada por tu parte Madrid 2012 asi que ahora no vengas de listo... Lo que pasa es que tu no quieres aceptar que por una vez la gente de este foro (no muy simpatizantes de España es cierto) llevan la razon, y no por ser español voy a tener que apoyar a Madrid 16 de la forma que lo tu lo haces, sin argumentos, sin explicaciones, o como mucho con una foto infantil de un viaje chorras a japon!! Venga ya!!! Te doy la razon en que España es tercermundista en deportes de invierno, pero si Jaca nunca se hubiera presentado no hubiera sido c
  12. Patriotic of course, in a race for the Games (or any other event: WC, American's Cup...) if a Spanish city takes part i will support it, i will always prefer Madrid wining than Tokyo, Paris, New York or Cape Town. Coherent too, i know what i support but i also know that for 2016 we have no chance, that is all... What i can't understand is how you dare to talk about coherence... all those bid that you quoted before were a waste of time and money but Madrid 2016 is not a waste of time and money?!?!? Venga ya!! Don't see you in Madrid 2016! (a COHERENT bid would be 2020 and 2024)
  13. Well i imagined that you was going to say nothing about the WASTE of money and time that Madrid 16 is... Madrid 2016 is not a serious bid then... I was supporter of Madrid 2012, and as Spanish i support Madrid 16 too as our summer choice because it is our best option (but no in 2016...), and of course The Pyrenees is my winter Spanish choice, nothing wrong... Madrid 2012 was a serious bid of course, but another bid for 2016 it is a joke, ask anybody who knows something about the Games... The only objective of this bid, as i said before, is to keep Madrid in the mind of the IOC members that's
  14. You forget Madrid 2012 and the previous attemps of Barcelona until 1992... You are very intelligent, the only one which wasn't a waste of money was Barcelona 92!!! What an argument!!! ---> "is not positive for Madrid 2016" you have been about to convince me! with your next reply i will be ONLY fan of Madrid 16!! (and i am already fan of Madrid 16 but i am not so narrow-minded...) Maybe i shouldn't say this: do you really think that Madrid 2016 is not a waste of TIME and MONEY!?!? Talking as you do, you should be against Madrid 16!! Everybody knows that Madrid is not going to win f
  15. ^^ Why shouldn't we have one? I think it would be very positive for Madrid 2016. The IOC will thank the nations which take part in the 1st Youth Olympic Games' Election. I just named the 5th spanish biggest cities (except Madrid because it can't bid), i hope it doesn't bother you...
  16. About Spain, i think that we have some possible candidate cities for example: Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla or Zaragoza...
  17. GBModerator, now that the 2014 race is over, it will be possible to keep the "JACA 2007 and EXPO ZARAGOZA 2008" thread located in "Eliminated 2014 Olympic Winter Games Bids" in other adequate thread? Thanks in ahead!
  18. Well, after more than a week I still have the same "problem"... I need some help.
  19. Hi, in the top of the website, where the messages indicator is, the website tells me that i have "-1 New Messages", what does this mean? How can i read it? Because i can't... Thanks in ahead.
  20. Hi! I would like to know if it would be possible to change the "JACA 2007 and EXPO ZARAGOZA 2008" thread from "Eliminated 2014 Olympic Winter Games Bids" to "Other International Games", changing its name for "EXPO ZARAGOZA 2008 and JACA 2007 EYOF". Thanks!
  21. I don't believe that a jury had chosen Ukraine as the 2nd most voted country...
  22. Spain really deserved more than the 20th place.... and the same for Slovenia, Germany, Finland.... and Andorra and Cyprus should have been in the final too....
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