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  1. I was the creator of the Jaca 2014 applicant olimpyc logo almost 10 years ago and many people blamed that awful logo, but I must confess that IMO PyeongChang's logo is even worse! Come on! is this "logo" gonna be the official emblem of the WOG?? No passion at all...
  2. In fact, the main reason is that Zaragoza's Mayor, after the local elections in March, did not get the support from some political parties to keep on with the bid. (Altough the other reasons given could also be true )
  3. Today Zaragoza (Spain) has officially withdrawn its bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.
  4. I will try to upload it. However, the whole document is in Spanish... I know in depth the mountain area around Jaca and I have talked with some professionals about the downhill vertical drop. Nowadays, there are ski resorts around Jaca, which can offer a slope with that vertical drop. But that is not the most important aspect, because the International Federations were checking the resorts and stated that the track has to combine some other fundamental requierements for a WOG, such us enough slope, velocity, safetiness, adequate arrival area for spectators and media... There is a ski resort in Aragon, which can offer all that, Cerler. However, it is quite far away and the project would be much weaker and unfeasible. The point is that around the ski resorts of Jaca, there are zones that provide the vertical drop but the creation of a downhill track has not been planned yet. In other words, it is necesary to develop a research around the existing ski resorts to determine the best posible location for that track. This should be the starting point (and not just trying to locate the downhill track in a existing resort as Cerler, which is what Zaragoza 2022 pretended to do).
  5. Now your distances are OK. However you are wrong again with Candandu. The vertical drop doesn't consist on having a look to the highest and the lowest point of the ski resort. I go every winter to Candachu (and many other Spanish ski resorts) and I can assure you that Candanchu can not host that alpine events. About distances, here you have the real comparison: I am sorry because it is in Spanish, but i hope that you can understand the main idea. I have much information about a future Zaragoza's bid, even a Bid Book with more than 70 pages of studies and proyects. I can give you more information if you are interested.
  6. your data are totally wrong... there has been a deep research is this forum about a possible Zaragoza's bid. It has been proved that, with adequate and reasonable works, the transport system could reach the one in Vancouver 2010. You can look for this research in a topic called "Zaragoza Winter Games" or something similar.
  7. Zaragoza is about to withdraw its bid for the 2022 WOG. It will be oficially announced in the following days.
  8. Not much.. In fact, as someone said before, Granada is hosting the 2015 Winter Universiade but the Spanish Government has cancelled the 10 million euros subsidy. Is the own goverment/Spanish Olympic Committee the one who claims that Spain needs to develop its winter sport infraestructure and improve its performance in international competitions. However, they dont not involve themselves to reach that target.. The High-Perfomace Center of Jaca has also been cancelled. Spain should support with facts, not only with words, the development of the winter sports in the country.
  9. I am not so sure that you can find a 900m vertical drop at the current ski resorts arround Jaca (I have a flat in Jaca and i go there to ski very often). It would be easy to find that vertical drop, but a new ski resort would be needed. This has been discussed for a long time. Granada can only offer Sierra Nevada, just one sky resort to host a large amount of different events in 2 weeks...
  10. Well, Zaragoza is about to withdraw from the 2022 race. Zaragoza could make a really good bid, but it needs a real support from the Spanish adn the regional government (not just words).
  11. Hey! I already have a "copy" of the Jaca '98 Video. The quality is not really good, but i could get a better copy soon. Jaca '98 Video Enjoy it!
  12. Thanks! I am glad you like it. I have just published the last information i had, the one about Jaca '98. New pics and documents are available now: Jaca '98 (I) Jaca '98 (II) Enjoy them!
  13. Hi! Although this message is mainly adressed to Thatsnotmypuppy and cfmJeremie, I encourage everybody to read it. Some days ago I was able to visit the "Instituto Bibliografico Aragones", I mean, the "Library of Aragon". I was looking for some olympic documents that I have been researching on. There, I found many insteresting documents: firstly, the Jaca 92 and Jaca 98 Dossiers. And what is more surprising, the Jaca 94 Dossier! I had never read or heard about the desire of Jaca of hosting the 1994 WOG. In my blog you can find pics and more info about this (Jaca 98 not yet). Maybe I could get a complete copy of the documents to send you for the Bid Libary. These are the links to the articles: Jaca '92 (I) Jaca '92 (II) Jaca '94
  14. I hope VANOC makes a great work managing the Highway as Vancouver 2010 represents a model that could be followed by future candidate cities.
  15. From Vancouver to Whistler, does the Highway have 4 permanent lanes? In the bidbook they said there would be 3 lanes secctions. Thanks!
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