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  1. I want to know what I am doing wrong because I am have yet to have a completely satisfactory streaming experience on my laptop. The video still stalls every so often. I have shut down all the background apps (I'm on Windows 10 and did the recent anniversary update), and cleared out my temporary files numerous times. It has to be something with my computer because I will stream on my Roku and phone with few problems. As for NBC, the actual over the air coverage means little to me since I do most of my viewing online. I tune in each night and get a laugh out of how much has changed in how I follow the Games. The sliced and diced highlight form with the occasional live event worked great back in the day, well maybe not so much since I remember doing my fair share of complaining about the coverage to anyone who would listen. It was while I was browsing through the Centennial Park Superstore in Atlanta that I saw all these TV's broadcasting the AOB feed from different venues that I mused that that is the way to watch the Games. Never thought it was possible back then, but 12 years later it was a reality, and i am so thankful. The on-demand feature allows me to work the Games around my life (it used to be the other way around) and spend only a fraction of the time watching my chosen events for the day as opposed to countless hours flipping through the channels hoping they might show what I want to see. Thank you NBC for allowing me to do the Games my way.
  2. I usually do not rank Games as better or worse because usually my enjoyment of them are affected by circumstances that have nothing to do with them. In this case my enjoyment has been diminished by 1) my wife dealing with some health matters (nothing super serious, but her well-being is always my #1 priority), and 2) the insufferable heat and humidity that is suffocating Pennsylvania and many areas elsewhere which is proving a battle for my air conditioners and is causing visions of biathlon and luge to dance in my head. Rio has faced very formidable challenges and the Games themselves have been fine. The financial issues are something that are going to be well-publicized long after they end. Anti-Olympic activists will regurgitate this whole thing over and over in their crusade to bring the Games into extinction. Non-rights holding media and phony internet "journalists" will continue to present these Games in a negative light and publish material that will go beyond the pale. Even IOC members, probably upset at the lack of catering and other forms of pampering, will gripe about the whole affair. How good these Games are will depend on who you ask and the quality of their experience. Many athletes, spectators, and volunteers will no doubt rank these two weeks as the greatest experience of their lives. For others,they will have been one giant nuisance. So when forming a final opinion on these Games, it is best to take all the glowing PR releases from Rio 2016 and all the negative reports from various sources and find the truth somewhere in between.
  3. The breaking news banner appears on nbcolympics.com (at least on my laptop), which is very different from the mobile and roku apps. The political ads do seem to be exclusive to the website as I haven't seen them on the other platforms.
  4. The official Rio 2016 app is horrible. It can't make up its mind whether there are any competitions today. The schedule and results section is cumbersome and hard to navigate and the biographical info on the athletes is scant. Not nearly as good as London's app or even Sochi's (which was so good that I never had to visit their website during the Games). NBC's streaming has been a mixed bag. It's worked consistently well on my cell phone, and pretty good on my Roku. There were major aggravations with my laptop though as it would take an hour to watch a 30 minute shooting competition. It has gotten considerably better over the past couple days although I find the breaking news banner which often spoils the outcome of events to be an annoyance. It's fine if they put that on the home page, but keep the video streaming page free of results for those of us who like to stay in the dark about the results. Another bothersome feature is the repeatedly playing of political ads. I realize NBC has to help defray it's dollar outlay for these games, but they could have said no to that type of advertising. The Games should be a two week respite from the buffoonery that is our Presidential race. To see the same ad ten times during the medal matches in archery today was a bit much to stomach.
  5. Paul, I'm soon going to give you the nickname CNN, because all I ever see is bad news.
  6. Medal ceremony details. https://www.rio2016.com/en/news/rio-2016-three-different-styles-music-medal-ceremonies-olympics
  7. Durban, the fact that you come up with such detailed posts while working on a public computer absolutely amazes me. I can sit in my chair all night with my laptop open and I can only come up with posts containing a few sentences. I tip my hat to you.
  8. That was a nice article (Okay, it spouts the usual $50 billion rhetoric about Sochi). With over 300 homicides in the first half of 2016, it makes you wonder what kind of headlines we would be seeing if there was an Olympic angle to consider.
  9. No they have a brand to maintain. The Olympic brand is one of, if not the most recognized in the world. It doesn't need buidling.
  10. I believe that parade in 2012 was 1 hour 39 minutes, so an hour and a half is possible. If they restricted it to just athletes (no coaches, officials, honored guests, and girls who get carried away and want to be part of India's delegation), they could shave a few minutes off the procession. Or perhaps by altering the route that they take around the stadium (I think Baron referenced the 2006 Asian Games in his book or maybe it was in these boards somewhere).
  11. Many cities hosting the Games and other big events do this. Most people are smart enough though to realize that many large cities have areas where poverty and neglect are evident. It is just a sad fact of life. Would the lives of those in the favelas be any better off if Brazil hadn't taken on the World Cup and the Olympics in such a short time span? I doubt it, the powers that be would have spent the money on something else that have would enhanced the nation's stature. That's why I shake my head when I read comments that essentially say they should have taken the money spent on the Games and put it towards schools and hospitals and other public services. That is just not how it works in most places.
  12. I guess NBC is afraid it will lose the audience after the US enters and people will start flipping to other channels and not come back until the lighting of the cauldron. But if NBC has its way, people will just flip to other channels while the first 195 of so nations enter, checking in occasionally to see how far the parade has progressed.
  13. When you put $1.23 billion into the games, you just might feel like asking for a few favors from time to time, even if it goes against tradition.
  14. Thanks for your input Baron, It really doesn't seem worth it so I'll just forget about it once more.
  15. I had flirted with the idea of applying to join this organization many years ago, but I dropped the idea and eventually totally forgot about it. Tonight I saw a reference to it on my Facebook news feed and my interest was piqued once again. I'd just like to know if anyone here belongs and do they feel that it enhances their interest in the Olympic movement, Any feedback is much appreciated.
  16. They should follow Sochi's lead and build a F1 circuit through the park, which would be ironic since it used to be a F1 circuit.
  17. Congratulations to Portugal. All in all, the tournament was awful. Only surprise packages like Wales and Iceland kept it from being a total bore. Many refer to Italia 90 as the point where the World Cup hit its low point in terms of excitement, this tournament didn't even approach that. I suppose a 23 month sabbatical from football is in order, but if I feel this way during Russia 2018, I will know I have fallen out of love with the sport.
  18. It is so hard to believe that a year has passed. The wonderful memories are still so fresh and vivid from the week my wife and I spent at the Games. I know that I complained about the way they seemed to shoehorn the spectators into the seating areas at some venues. but I now look at it as the equivalent of giving the middle finger to those who said it was a worthless sporting event on which people would not waste their time or money. The large, enthusiastic crowds validated all the emotional and financial resources that I invested in the event. The return I got on that investment is the joyous buzz I have felt over the last 12 months. It was the greatest sporting experience in my life, even better than World Cup 1994 and Atlanta 1996.
  19. The sad thing is that there is a proliferation of pseudo-journalists who spout out the most ridiculous garbage because they know many people are too lazy to do some research on their own and will accept anything as fact. It really irritates me that the Google Newsstand app on my phone will often feature these dubious stories alongside those of credible news sources.
  20. Thank you for re-stating my point the way it was intended. By no means do I believe stories about Zika in general will disappear.
  21. You will not see another story mentioning both Rio and Zika after August 21st. The media will then start to dig up some dirt on Pyeongchang (Geez, my spellcheck doesn't even recognize Pyeongchang as a word)
  22. I guess this disease only affects the able-bodied because there has been no call to move or postpone the Paralympics. It is only ever framed in an Olympic context. I wonder why that is.
  23. Take bus 71 from Union Station to Markham, you'll eventually see it on the left. It's amazing how many details have stuck with me, I just can't let go.
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