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  1. But that was after two consecutive games in North America (Guadalajara, Toronto), so it sort of balances out. I've discovered another reason to really love the Pan Am Games......you don't need to worry about what the Russians are doing.
  2. It's great that it showcased something because it sure didn't showcase entertaining football.
  3. I've watched every WC game since 2006 and have missed only a handful since 1994, I'm not normal. I do not like this move, but it's still three World Cups away, I'll deal with it then.
  4. Merry Christmas everybody and wishes for a happy and healthy 2017.
  5. That pretty much sums it up for me. Being an Olympic fan isn't as enjoyable as it once was. I feel so frustrated that the people entrusted with the stewardship of the movement are a bunch of ethically questionable buffoons (Thomas Bach, here's looking at you). The athletes do not seem as heroic and larger than life as they did at one time. The doping issue, though present for many decades, has reached epidemic proportions and has me questioning if anything I have witnessed over the past 36 years was legitimate. If it wasn't, then I have just wasted a big chunk of my life following something that was just an illusion.
  6. I must apologize to my GB friends in Toronto, but as a Sounders fan, I hope they run TFC right out of BMO. Hope this doesn't make me some kind of ugly American. BTW, I will be away next weekend and will not be able to watch the game until Sunday. Should TFC win and you feel the need to rub it in, I will retort once I'm done watching the game.
  7. One of America's greatest TV moms has passed away at age 82. Depressing to see how many TV stars of my childhood are gone...makes me feel old.
  8. I know the 2013 rights were part of the ESPN deal for Euro 2016. ESPN I believe has the rights for Euro 2020, but I do not know if Women's Euro 2017 is part of that deal. No doubt that the coverage would be strictly online, just as it was in 2013.
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_hockey_at_the_2018_Winter_Olympics_–_Women's_qualification According to this article, this is just a round to qualify two teams to the next qualification round in December, which will send two teams to the final qualification round in February.
  10. We don't have to wait that long for a high level women's tournament. The final draw for Women's Euro 2017 in the Netherlands is on November 8th. Hopefully ESPN will have streaming coverage of the finals just as they did in 2013.
  11. That would have been the time the US organized the tournament on roughly 100 days notice. The games were played in September and October instead of the more favorable summer months. Given the rushed build-up, it was quite an accomplishment.
  12. They just have to screw up a good thing, don't they?
  13. A young stud like him needs to use Craigslist???
  14. It wouldn't be a Pan Am Games without venue delays and chaos in the organizing committee.
  15. A few flames on the Rome bridge would be appropriate given how they've burned a few bridges this week.
  16. When I see that logo, I think of those Super Bowl halftime shows from the 70s which featured Up With People.
  17. Thanks for sharing that Durban, My college roommate and I joyfully jumped up and down on our beds when Nesty won. I would have tried to replicate the experience but I have no clue where he is and my bed would collapse under all my extra weight. Great memories.
  18. It's only been two months since that dreadful Euro 2016 concluded. Right now I can muster no excitement about 2020 and I do not think even a logo launch will help.
  19. The Paralympics are definitely an afterthought, or a no thought, in the US. I did, however, have a co-worker ask me on Thursday whether I had watched the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics the previous night. He also thought the torchbearer shouldn't have had to go up so many ramps to light the cauldron. That's a perfect example of the lack of understanding many people have about para-sports. No way NBC can justify taking up prime network time to show an event that people have trouble appreciating. Anything that is not first-rate need not apply. That's why the XFL, Arena Football, and the CFL (remember they stopped showing the games after a few weeks during the 1982 players strike) failed on NBC.
  20. I bet he'll show up if the Russians go through with their alternate para-sport event for their banned athletes.
  21. The International Weightlifting Federation should be applauded, not punished, for their actions in suspending nations with an excessive number of positive tests. Other IFs need to follow this lead.
  22. Yet at the time, those 94 hours ABC broadcast from Calgary seemed like a lot. This was the first 16 day winter games and there were only 46 events on the schedule. There was a lot of dead time to fill (especially on days when the weather wreaked havoc on the schedule), which they did with hockey.They showed a lot more than just the US games, which I though was really cool at the time.
  23. I join Baron in getting a little testy about the criticism of Atlanta. The bombing was unfortunate,and in hindsight, there should have been security checks at the entrances from the beginning. That is an undeniable negative. The media transit issues were resolved within the first few days, but the the pampered brats have continued to bring it constantly ever since. The circus that was the streets around the park was because of a greedy mayor looking for another quick cash grab (do you think ACOG would have sanctioned the selling of Pepsi at those stands, I think not). The results failure was on IBM, who decided that a test of the system was unnecessary. The crowded trains were no more crowded than the DC Metro after a Nationals game. Just as someone posted earlier, the real judgement about the Rio Games belongs to those who were there. A lot of the crap posted about Atlanta comes from two sources, people who were not there and spoiled journalists. As I stated in another post, I do not rank games as better or worse.I will say that from a sporting standpoint, Rio gets very high marks. Organizationally, it was difficult at times, but they managed to pull off the final product and for that they deserve a big thumbs up.
  24. The last day of a Games is always difficult (and I've been doing this Olympic thing since Lake Placid 1980). All the build-up, all the invested emotions, and all the time being enthralled at the sight of human excellence just comes to a crashing halt. Tomorrow it is back to work, back to a more boring sports world, and back to starting the countdown all over. Rio, your organization may have been a bit messy,but your execution of the Games was great. Maybe I will spend tomorrow writing all the Zika experts and phony journalists and letting off a lot of steam about the negative buildup to these Games.
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