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  1. And against expansion, and against multiple nations hosting. For all his faults, at least we wouldn't be dealing with all these stupid ideas had he remained in power.
  2. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad to hear that this experience was beyond all your expectations.
  3. They sure love to throw that transparent word around. The more they say it, the less I believe it.
  4. It was a great piece of music. I didn't care for the fact that CBS didn't use the really majestic sounding piece for the primetime coverage in Nagano, but then there was a lot that CBS did in Nagano that I didn't care for.
  5. Sometimes our dreams are more entertaining than any TV show or movie. I often wish I had hooked the DVR up to my head to record them.
  6. Actually, that is not normal. Greece just happened to come first in Korean alphabetical order. How ironic is that?
  7. The guy torpedoes a bid that was doomed to fail anyway and all of a sudden he is the world's greatest anti-Olympic crusader. I'm sure he profiting nicely from his "expertise".
  8. The worst thing about NBC's coverage was all the Hershey's Gold ads. Now I'm addicted to the darn things. I can't complain about NBC's with these Games. I mostly watched the online coverage, but Primetime and Primetime Plus helped with the sports such as Alpine skiing in which watching all 100 competitors might be a bit much for even the most ardent Olympic fan. Between the two, I think I managed to watch at least part of the finals in all but six events. When you can accomplish that, there isn't much you can gripe about.
  9. Came across this article in a soccer-related forum. http://www.espn.com/soccer/fifa-world-cup/story/3400487/united-states-led-2026-world-cup-bid-in-jeopardy-to-morocco-sources
  10. These Games were a wonderful pick me up after the organizational mess known as Rio. I shouldn't be surprised because the winter games always seem far more enjoyable than their big brother. I think that is because, at least in the case of American athletes, the winter athletes generally are far more likable than the summer games with its fair share of egomaniacs. These Games were impeccably organized and well-staged. As for empty seats, there were many empty seats at Seoul in 1988 as well as many of the World Cup matches staged in Korea in 2002, maybe the tickets were overpriced or maybe Koreans just do not flock to events unless there is a decent shot of Korean success. The Games also looked terrific (well, other than the bare patches of ground, but we saw that in Vancouver and Sochi, and we'll see them in 2022.). The venues were nicely dressed and that made for a festive looking event. The television presentation by OBS was first-rate and the camera work in many cases was beyond expectation. Thirty nations won medals. Belgium, Hungary, New Zealand, Spain, Liechtenstein, nice to see you back on the table after being gone for quite some time. his was the third straight Games that we had no first-timer, and I have to struggle to think who the next one might be. I hope we will not see the numerous changes that we have in recent Games. Great to see the American gold breakthroughs in cross-country and curling. The talent on display at the Games was astounding, It is fascinating to how some of the sports have evolved over the past decade. As usual, it was the athletes who stole the stage and shoved all the extraneous garbage aside. Thanks to the athletes for reminding us what the Games are really about and why we, even if we do not agree with the people who run the show, should give the competitors our rapt attention and support. I've been an Olympic junkie since 1980, and, even after 38 years, it is never easy to see the Games come to an end. There is always a certain emptiness for me when the emotional investment into the Games is gone. I will try something different though as I have saved most of the medal ceremonies on my DVR and I will watch a few each day before work just to get my day off to a positive beginning. It was a very enjoyable few weeks. I am glad that the Games have helped to restore some of our members' enthusiasm for the Games. I've missed a lot of you.
  11. A $2.6 million payment to a ten-year-old. That will buy a lot of Barbie dolls. We have been through this relocation possibility about a hundred times already and I will believe it when I see it.
  12. Speak for yourself Gangwon. I'm American and I love biathlon.
  13. Torino was noted for a lot of empty seats as well.
  14. Torino was noted for a lot of empty seats as well.
  15. I'm liking the time zone as well, for the same reasons mentioned by Quaker. The only difference is that, with my wife and I both being off work this week, we do whatever we have planned until about 3 or 4 pm when I fire up the Roku and watch the on-demand coverage of what I choose. If I'm lucky I get that done by 8 pm for the start of the primetime show, otherwise I set the DVR to record it and I'll pick up with that once I'm done with the streaming coverage. Things get more challenging next week when its back to work and I will not be able to stay up late.
  16. I don't know which is more impressive, your viewing setup or your view out that window.
  17. You are allowed 30 minutes without authentication on your first visit and five minutes on all subsequent visits. I'm pleased to say that I had a flawless streaming experience tonight in contrast to Rio which was pure torture.
  18. It has been very difficult to find any officially licensed PyeongChang merchandise outside of South Korea. The only thing that I have been able to get so far is a flag that I got off of Ali Express two years ago. It's probably a Chinese knock-off, which is interesting that the stuff disappeared from the site once Alibaba became an Olympic sponsor. eBay and Amazon have knockoff T-shirts and some legit stuff like pins and toy mascots, but that's about it. I've checked the online shops for the US, Canada, and GB Olympic teams...nothing. NBC, nothing except for stuff with their logo which means nothing to me.
  19. Maybe the morons will read that article and actually believe the games don't actually start until September 9th. They get there and start asking each other "Hey, where is the stadium???" (assuming it is dismantled by then)
  20. This reminds me that it doesn't look as if PyeongChang will be publishing an official souvenir program, which would make it three Games in a row that I have not been able to find a copy. I was able to collect each one from LA 84 to Athens, but then they became sporadic as only Vancouver and London had published them since. Some have published programs for the Opening and Closing ceremonies, but none for the Games in general. That's too bad because they really are nice mementos from each Games.
  21. I'd be upset too. It's difficult enough fighting for a roster spot amongst your own, let alone being scratched to accommodate somebody who has no plausible reason to be anywhere near the team. Coach Murray is in an impossible position, having to satisfy far more than just the leaders of the Korean hockey federation. They just couldn't be satisfied with North Korea just competing, they had to turn it into something far and beyond just to perpetuate a myth that the two sides might actually get a little cozier.
  22. It's nice to see that the Coliseum has stood the test of time. In this day of stadiums being discarded after 20-30 years, the fact that the Coliseum will be over 100 years old (albeit with several renovations) by the time the 2028 Games get here is really impressive.
  23. I really enjoyed listening to Katie on her previous OC assignments. Glad to hear that she's back.
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