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  1. Well, the female gymnasts would look about the same size as if they were on TV.
  2. Doesn't really matter to me, they don't ship to the US. It's getting to be a common theme, to get an Olympic T-shirt you have to go to the USOC's online store where the selection is pathetic. The Vancouver website is promising a store for US consumers coming soon, which isn't usually anytime soon.
  3. Actually Switzerland did boycott the Melbourne Games, but since they took part in the earlier equestrian events in Stockholm, they do count as having participated in every Games.
  4. I believe that the only way there would be a boycott of the Games would be if China committed some act of aggression against Taiwan or some other ill-advised political manuver.
  5. It's going to be tricky for us with both live and tape-delayed coverage. For instance, there might be something you want to watch live on the internet, but visiting the website at that time may reveal the result of a major tape-delayed event you wish to watch that evening in prime-time.
  6. http://www.nbcumv.com/release_detail.nbc/s...rsalannoun.html This is great news for those of us who put life on hold during the Games.
  7. Recently (2002&2006), the IIHF has released the Olympic schedule once the final qualifying tournaments have been played, usually around a year before the Games.
  8. The American flag bearer is also elected right before the Games. All the team captains will meet and propose candidates and then they will vote with the result announced usually two days before the ceremony.
  9. I, too, am being blocked from starting a topic in the 2007 Pan American Games forum,
  10. I think I'll just wait until 08/08/08 and hope I get the usual email from the IOC with the order of the parade and the list of flag-bearers so I don't get too lost watching the ceremony.
  11. I never attended one, but I do remember them well. It's a shame they discontinued the event.
  12. Maybe the technically-saavy Chinese can create little scoreboard-type devices that flash the name in the different languages. The ladies can wear them on their heads just like the Albertville bubble-girls.
  13. I expect a few countries that have been represented by the one same athlete at multiple games like Bermuda (Patrick Singleton), Kenya (Phillip Boit), and Thailand (Prawat Nagvajara) to fall to the wayside at some point in time. I wouldn't be surprised to see a decrease in the number of participating NOCs in Vancouver.
  14. Here is a link pertaining to the possibility of online coverage. http://www.usatoday.com/sports/columnist/h...9-weekend_N.htm
  15. A sad commentary on a government for whom athletes are only tools to propagate the image of the nation and then left to rot when they can no longer perform to a high competitive level.
  16. A much more detailed schedule is now available on Beijing's official ticketing site.
  17. The NFL game was scheduled for the Workers Stadium (one of the soccer venues), not the Birds Nest. The reason the NFL is giving is that it wants to focus its energies on the Giants-Dolphins regular season game in London. Is that really the reason? I have no idea.
  18. They look nice. However, medals for the Winter Games always look nicer since they have a little more lattitude as far as orginality is concerned
  19. Tuesday (27 March) is the 500 day to go mark.
  20. It's inconsistent, fast at times, aggravatingly slow at others.
  21. That would be an inspiration to those of us who are not even close to 50 yet feel we are past our athletic prime.
  22. I believe light snow fell at both Lillehammer and SLC, in both cases it enhanced the mood as opposed to dampening it.
  23. I realize many of you think the parade is getting a little drawn out, but either all the athletes should have the opportunity to particpate or none of them should. It wouldn't be fair to exclude anyone who earned the right to be there. The parade still has a magical feel to me, it was my first Olympic memory back in Lake Placid and probably stirred my obsession with the Games to where it is today. Hopefully Beijing will follow Torino's lead and use a lot of disco, boy did that ever make me feel like a 13 year-old again.
  24. Isn't it odd that they a starting the year to go celebration with a sport that is not on the Olympic program. Isn't it also odd that NBC is showing the game live at 8:30 am on a Wednesday. We can watch meaningless pre-season football (even if it is my beloved Seahawks) at weird hours, but marquee Olympics events have to be shown on tape long after the outcome is known. Its also a shame it isn't being played at the Birds Nest, that would be awesome, even for a pre-season game.
  25. NBC doesn't deserve any such favors. I find it ironic that they are trying to get the swimming finals switched for their convenience. How many times have you found any swimming competition on NBC since Athens. I don't believe I've seen any. Likewise with track and field, some, but not a great deal of coverage between Games. Yet as we get closer to the Games you see a zillion promos for these athletes who they ignore for four years.
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