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  1. I think about those NBC ratings from 2000 and I debate what really was the cause for the less than expected numbers. Was it the time difference and the virtually complete tape-delayed coverage (save for the mens basketball final)? Was it the fact that the games were in September when the kids are back in school and the sports calendar is very crowded? A combination of both perhaps?

    As for the volleyball final in Athens, I remember watching it late in the afternoon coverage. NBC then showed the bronze medal game prior to the closing ceremony, which felt strange as we are accustomed to seeing the bronze medal game first.

    I like those last day features, the final day of the Games is usually one of the lightest in terms of events and you need some filler material. Especially so this year since the marathon will be shown live Saturday night, thats 2.5 hours you need to fill on Sunday.

  2. Well, what would you have called a more 'objective presentation' when the host nation went on to win 83 gold medals and I don't know how many more of the silvers and the bronzes?

    Was it ABC's fault that the Russians and east Germans didn't come?

    Should ABC NOT have shown Americans competing at their best to American TV audiences? :blink: Keep the American viewers in the dark AND screw the sponsors!! Good idea.

    Gee, based on your sentiments at the time, BT, maybe the IOC shouldn't allow the host countries to automatically field a team in the 'team sports' because it would be too partial to the hosts? :blink:

    It was the first summer games that I was going to be able to follow with any depth. I sat down to watch the Olympic Games as was treated to the National Sports Festival. Predictable, yes, given the absence of the majority of the Soviet-bloc, but the way the ABC announcers carried on they might just have well worn USA team uniforms.

    Some of us do care about all the athletes and all the nations, and not just our own. They are no less Olympian than the much more heralded stars.

  3. My favorite was the Bank of America ads run in 2002 showing employees performing winter Olympic disciplines, I really liked the speed skater who went straight into the wall and over.

    My least favorite, also from 2002, were the Chevrolet ads with the two guys, among other stunts, trying to get Michelle Kwan to end her routine in a way that the Chevy logo gets noticed behind her. i wonder if that inspired that idiot with his Golden Palace ads at venues and then disrupting the closing ceremony at Torino.

  4. As I mentioned in another post, my initial experience was Lake Placid 1980. I mentioned that the OC enlightened me but it really is the international aspect that made me a fan for nearly three decades. There had to be something else to it because I really don't follow the world championships in the individual sports (other than the World Cup and the IAAF Worlds). There is just some kind of magic in the five rings that causes me to set my life aside for two weeks every other year.

  5. Considering that part of the recent Channel 9-Foxtel rights deal in Austeralia involves downloads onto mobiles, I'd say that area is very much in consideration.

    That said, I've never understood why anyobody wopuld get any satisfaction watching anything on such tiny screens.

    Well, the female gymnasts would look about the same size as if they were on TV.

  6. I'll be looking forward to see NBC's broadcast schedule for the Beijing 2008 Olympics telecast. Right now we can only speculate that it will continue with MSNBC, CNBC, USA, Bravo, and Telemundo, but I think it will happen again. One thing I would like to NBC do this time around is allow stuff that either does not get time to be broadcast like say a 11th Place Classification men's water polo game or bumped in favor of like the Greek marathoner doc on primetime placed on online ala ESPN 360 on NBCOlympics.com. There's plenty of time for NBC to negotiate that aspect with the IOC becuase I'm pondering what role will the Internet have towards the Olympics. What if it hooked up with MySpace? (but that's a topic for another discussion)

    Here is a link pertaining to the possibility of online coverage.


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