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  1. I'd have to go through them. It's fair to say there in probably a bit of everything other than the main NBC offeringof track, swimming, and gymnastics since I didn't tape any primetime shows. It's mostly the cable coverage. I know I have every US women's soccer match, but my wife would kill me if I got rid of them since she is a big Mia Hamm fan.

  2. I have the opening ceremonies of every games since Seoul, as well as about 50 hours from Sydney and over 200 hours from Athens, plus a smattering from Salt Lake and Torino, and truth be told, I watch them once (except for the ceremonies) and then they just sit on the shelf, yet I don't want to tape over them for fear I may actually watch them again some day.

    With the advent of the online, on-demand coverage, I will not be using the VCR for the upcoming Games. I may use the DVR to record a few must-see middle of the night events (for example, the men's soccer final) that I'd rather see on the TV as opposed to the computer screen.

  3. About the website beijing2008.com

    I think it is slow. It takes a long time to load. And it is not my connection, I tested several sites.

    Why is the competition schedule not completed with the teams playing. Still you just get the dates and the times, not the teams. And I miss a day-by-day scheldule. Is this information being placed later when all the qualification is been done?

    That is probably what disappoints me most. The only place to find a detailed schedule is on the ticketing website.

  4. I had heard mention of the basketball and soccer channels a few weeks back in an article pertaining to my satellite provider. So I am assuming I will have another viewing option, as if there weren't enough already. Watching these Olympic Games will be a lot like trying to figure out what to get off the buffet at an Italian restaurant, there are going to be some impossible decisions.

  5. I never expected NBC to stream the marquee events prior to their prime-time airing. That's fine, I was planning to use the online coverage to follow the so-called "secondary sports." I wonder how long the coverage will be available for viewing online, will it be taken down immediately after the Games or will it be available for viewing for some time after the Games? If it going to be up for a couple months, then my VCR and my DVR may get a break during these Games.

  6. I'm seeing a conflict on the first day. The OC will be broadcast on NBC on tape delay (of course) at 8pm EDT, which is an hour and a half after the competition day has started Saturday in Beijing (actually Hong Kong, the dressage portion of the equestrian eventing competition starts at 6:30). While I'm not that interested in dressage, there are other sports going on shortly thereafter. The conflict lies in being able to watch the competition online without the website spoiling the details of the ceremony before I have the opportunity to see it for myself. I hope you don't have to go to the main page at NBCOlympics.com to access the online feed.

    By the way, I guess I qualify as a crackhead too. And proud of it.

  7. I need to go over the lists to see how much overlap there is between the five networks in my efforts to make "the complete record" of the Games. I nearly killed myself with Athens and that was with three TVs and FIVE VCRs! Hoping NBC doesn't overlap too much as I'd like to just coast through a games like I did in Atlanta. I know, fat chance, but a guy can dream.

    How did we ever survive on only 160-170 hours of coverage.

  8. Yes, the human-rights issues were always something to be concerned with, but one would have thought China might be a little more careful to make sure they did not become too hot of a topic in the build-up, given the importance of the Games as a national PR project. I never expected them to change and after the Games are over, it will go back to being business as usual. It is a despicable regime. My reflections in this post were a reference to the belief that these Games were to be a strict, totlitarian-run enterprise that would tolerate nothing interfering with their successful organization and staging, unlike Greece where bureaucratic delays hampered the organization on a constant basis.

  9. I have to laugh at some of the posts around the internet relating to the issue, mostly regarding the assigning of the blame for awarding the Games to Beijing and suggestions to solve the problem.

    My favorites:

    1)Some people actually believe the decision to award the Games to Beijing was made by President Bush.

    2)Some people seem to believe we can relocate the Games on 4 months notice. One poster suggested that there are "plenty of Olympic stadiums around the world," as if there is nothing to hosting an Olympics but opening the gates and holding athletic contests.

    I understand not everyone understands the Olympics the way we do here, but some people come off as simple-minded idiots.

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