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  1. The Chronologie 4 plays during the E's (Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, etc) and later on around the P's.
  2. The IOC suspends NOCs (like Kuwait) for governmental interference. Isn't this a form of governmental interference and hence grounds for the Iranian NOCs suspension?
  3. Okay a week has passed since I said I had no enthusiasm for these Games. But checking out the highlights and news from various sources, I find that my interest has returned somewhat (not to the level of the traditional Games, no- where close), but I'm paying more attention than I thought I would. I guess those five circles just have some kind of pull on me.
  4. My bad, I said that I had read that they were not intending to play anthems at medal ceremonies. I did not read any follow-up on that, but I am glad they changed their minds for it is an integral part of the Olympic experience and creates cherished lifetime memories for those privileged to stand atop the podium.
  5. The pictures look nice. I'm sure it was a great ceremony. I believe I read somewhere that they are not playing anthems at the medal ceremonies either to diminish the emphasis on winning. So there will we some differences from the traditional games.
  6. One week to go and I cannot muster any enthusiam for the YOG. A Lack of TV coverage in the US (other than Universal Sports online coverage)doesn't help as does the fact that after the Vancouver Games and the World Cup I think I have a case of big-event burnout. I wish the YOG well and hope they are a big success but I am going to have to sit this one out.
  7. I like the look but I do find myself distracted at times looking for the various things like the airplane and the guy with the umbrella. Reminds me of those pages in the old Highlights childrens magazine where you searched for the hidden pictures within the big picture
  8. This is the truly sickening side of the internet. I can't see how anyone would want to watch the last minutes of a young man's life. I wish to offer my condolences to his family and friends.
  9. I had my reservations about the look at first but it really works. I'm glad a bought a copy of the official program that has it featured promenently throughout. Now i can enjoy for years to come.
  10. I'm sure the security forces have planned for things such as this and if the protesters get out of line, they will be dealt with in the appropriate manner.
  11. I was peeking around NBCOlympics.com last night and I decided to take a short look at the re-play of the US-Canada Gold Medal men hockey game from 2002. That authentication process to prove you subscribe to a provider took about five minutes to get through. I hate to see what it will be like come Games-time. It also raises a point, how can they show that archival footage yet they couldn't keep their Beijing videos online past a certain point?
  12. If that's the official team uniform, I know who I'll be cheering for.
  13. Of course such an article is going to provoke negative reactions from those of us who believe in Olympic values and the worthiness of the institution. People are always going to think what they want to (even if it seems stupid from our own perspective) and there is no point in trying to reason with them, it is usually a waste of time. If anyone in Vancouver actually comes in contact with any of them, just ignore them. Any reaction they get from you will be considered a victory for their compaign of hate. I believe in freedom of speech and assembly, but when groups like this threaten to harm the public good through acts of arson and vandalism, then they must be crushed.
  14. BC Place looks fine. If I remember correctly the Birds Nest in Beijing was only decked out externally around the entrances and that was more than a ceremonial venue.
  15. If I remember correctly, Calgary's were English on front and French on the back. The last significant multisport event in Canada, the 1999 Pan Am Games in Winnipeg, had them in the official languages on signs that looked like giant tennis racquets.
  16. Given that qualifications haven't been finalized in all sports (soon though), They wouldn't know all the flags that need to be displayed yet.
  17. That's good enough for me. I'll update my lists to include Anne as well as the Puerto Rican bobsled team in 2002 which had a similar issue.
  18. With as many channels as NBC Universal now owns, they could almost give each sport a dedicated channel. I can just imagine the promo--Syfy, your Olympic biathlon station.
  19. Just a question for those who keep track of such things. He mentions that 80 nations took part in Torino. I don't include the Virgin Islands because Anne Abernathy (aka Grandma Luge), broke her wrist in practice and withdrew. Does anybody count a nation as competing simply because they were present at the Opening Ceremony?
  20. The list at Wikipedia has gotten way out of hand as it now lists 97 countries. Someone took the names off the CTV website, which even stated that it was the list of competing nations in 2006, and put them on the Wikipedia list for 2010.
  21. Happy New Year everybody. This is one of those years where all the good stuff is jammed into the first half of the year. Keep in mind the CG are all but ignored here in the US and I'm still kind of skeptical about the YOG and how they will be perceived as a sporting event. That is still down the road a bit. It is now Vancouver's time and I am truly excited (and jealous) for all those who live in and near that beautiful city. It will be a memorable time for all involved. Best wishes.
  22. I'm sure NBC will follow its tradition and announce all its plans on January 12th, one month prior to the Games.
  23. I hope this is finally done and over with. These ladies should get out of the legal venue and commit to building the standard of their sport, which I'm sure will be rewarded in 2014.
  24. Didn't they light a flame inside the Carrier Dome when Syracuse hosted the US Olympic Festival many years ago?
  25. I agree that the protests in 2008 had merit because they involved an ongoing issue. These protests about what is being spent on the Games would be better used elsewhere is pointless. The Olympic Games are going to happen, whether they like it or not. Its like shutting the barn door after all the cows have escaped.
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